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  1. I was just thinking about this producer, introduced to me by Mark Ratcliffe a year or two back. Mark brought one of his Cote Roties along to an offline where it was much admired. Apparently a bit of a legend in France, he's still "under the radar" in the UK.

    Any experiences or views from the panel?
  2. I tasted them in Ampuis. Despite the hype, the wines are very beautiful. Perfumed, elegant Burgundian Cote Roties. Even though they are relatively expensive, they had to ration the sales to keep the punters happy.
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  3. I would agree with Jonathan's description. The Sampler was selling them recently: straight St-Joseph 2012, Cote Rotie La Barbarine 2011 and Cote Rotie La Sereine Noire 2010 at £48, £65 and £80 respectively iirc. Not cheap but exquisite wines. The 11s are approachable, but the 10 SN needs laying down. I still have a few bottles of Barbarine which I will keep for quite a few years.
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  4. I prefer the 100% Syrah Cote Rotie La Seriene Noir which is made from 50 year old vines. The La Barbarine has 8% Viognier and is from younger vines
    Do not think they are expensive considering the quality. Much more like Ogier than Guigal
  5. has tended for me to be a richer style, which sometimes works wonderfully and sometimes not. from last summer:

    "2009 Gangloff Condrieu

    Still a little closed in the sniffer---silvery, plenty of poached pear and also some guava perhaps. It is again rich, but I may have tried this too late in the day—it doesn’t match that richness with length or extra interest, almost just sits on the midpalate. I will try again and report back."

    "The Gangloff was actually rather boring this morning (4 days later, but kept in a sealed half)---so different from the last one of these I had from him (I think a 2009) that had so much presence."
  6. Berrys always offered their wines EP up until their virtually non existent offer this year.
  7. Only ever had his Condieu. Although it was a few years ago I still remember how beautiful it was.
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  8. I have wanted to try these for ages but pretty much out of my price range. Can only find a couple of places selling La Sereine but at a whopping £129.

    Any sources selling at a more reasonable rate do you know of, and it would be single bottle only as there is not a chance in hell of buying a case..ever.
  9. Apparently Martinique is the place...

    Although WSP lists a couple of places in France selling it for about £85 all-in

    I did pick up a couple of bottles of 2010 from Lay & Wheeler, I think, about a year ago, for about £80 each. Tricky to know when to try the first one. If I trusted Coravin...
  10. Tasted the 2015 Cote-Roties last year and IMO they were not in the same vein, and not as attractive, as the earlier vintages I've tried. Which makes me wonder whether Gangloff is a producer who shines most in less powerful vintages.
  11. Interesting theory which strikes me as very plausible.
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