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  1. Last night I opened my last bottle of Meursault les Perrieres 2008 Gaunoux... this was the 5th out of 6 (I should say 5.5, ...bee) which was premoxed...

    So today, I bought a blue lobster at the market and prepared Lobster alla premox for lunch, a new recipe for pissed off Burgophile
    - Put the lobster 15 minutes in the freezer in order to get it sleepy and I apply the Bocuse recipe of using a knife at the cross on the head to kill it. Instantaneous death, no stress, did not move. Cut it in the length in 2 halves
    - Collect all the juices and head content and blend with chopped garlic, pink onion, chard, red pepper and tomatoes and a few girolles. mix with Premoxed Meursault Perrieres
    - In a pan, put the lobster halves and cover on vivid fire
    - After 5 minutes, add the mixture of liquid and veggies and the mushrooms and cook another few minutes
    - When taking from the fire, add a dollop of fresh cream (optional)

    In parallel, prepare some pastas alla naturale.

    Optional: most above is optional but this is more optional, you can add a bit of cognac and flambe. it complements well but slightly affects the premoxed taste so did not do it in the name of science.

    I opened a bottle of Vouvray Clos du Bourg sec 2008 from Huet (dry but rich and pristine) a great match with the lobster (I know we normally drink the wine used for the sauce... but no, thank you very much) and an excellent wine in itself.

    ...I know the sauce was much more expensive than the lobster :(... but this was really gorgeous:)
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  2. It also works well, instead of vin jaune, with some morels and a decent chicken or guinea fowl.
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  3. Thats a shame - I had pristine Goutte D'Or '98 from mag on Tuesday - lovely stuff.
  4. Impressive to have a good 98! magnums certainly help.
  5. Actually, I never pour down the sink as it can replace Jura wine as Simon says is great with poultry and fish (wild trout in Jura) but can also be used as replacement in recipes using white wine.

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