Woman who spent £16m in Harrods named... Spent £1800 topping up the wine cellar

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by keith willcock, Oct 11, 2018.

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  2. Could have been one bottle for her Dominoes pizza that night.
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  3. Barely a single case then :p
  4. Sounds like her priorities are somewhat awry...
  5. ... and if money laundering was the game, surely wine is a useful commodity to utilise (not that that should be seen in any way as encouragement)
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  6. Ah, but we don't know what her Hedonism spend is.
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  7. £1800? Pah... I've spent more before 9am on a Monday!
  8. If the percentage of our household income spent on wine were only slightly more in line with hers then my wife would be very happy.
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  9. I believe you meant to write ‘invested in wine’? ;)
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