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  1. A few months ago, in early January, a few friends got together for an impromptu Scotch tasting at someone's home. I was there for that inaugural event. After I left Bangladesh there was second tasting at another home. However, since then it has morphed into the Dhaka Whisky Club, extending the number of attendees to twenty people. I am now back in Dhaka and attended the fifth tasting session, not bad considering the first one was in January. This time the theme was world whiskys in honour of World Whisky Day.

    The tasting has gone all posh and is now held in the newly opened Meredien Hotel. The hotel imported whisky tasting glasses just for our club and also allows us to bring in our own bottles without corkage. The whiskies are all contributed by members who bring back bottles from overseas trips. The format is based on two tasting flights with a cigar break on the rooftop bar.

    Here are the Whiskys we tasted:

    Bushmills, single malt (Ireland)
    Jack Daniels Silver Edition (USA)
    Canadian Club 12 Year Old (Canada)
    Kavalan Single Malt (Taiwan)
    Paul John (Goa, India)
    Hellyers (Tasmania, Australia)
    Svensk (Sweden)

    The whiskies served during the cigar break and as "chasers" afterwards were Glenlivet 12, JW Red, and the Glenfiddich 12.





    Certainly a very eclectic mix of Whiskies and many of them were not in the style that we were used to drinking. At the end of the tasting, when a poll was taken of people's favourites, most named two, and almost everyone included the Bushmill, the least expensive of the seven. I am not a fan of either Canadian Rye or Bourbon and the Kavalan I believe suffers a bit from rapid aging in warm conditions. The Tasmanian and Swedish whiskies were awful, they had a sickly, chemical banana tones and were worse on the palate, in fact I couldn't finish what was in my tasting glass. So my two favourites were the Bushmills and the "cigar break" Glenlivet 12.

    Although I may not be here for them, upcoming themes include Islays, North Americans (my contribution was a Lot 40, supposedly one of the best Canadian Ryes), and Scotches with Glen in their names.


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