Whisky Bargains for Christmas

Discussion in 'The Spirits Forum' started by Alex Lake, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Are there any? Hoping to pick up a bottle for less than £20!
  2. Bulleit bourbon, £19.50 on amazon?
  3. Bourbon, eh? I wonder if that might be a welcome "something different" or might it be "how dare you bring that filth into this house" scenario? ;-)
  4. Alex, today on Amazon deals Auchentoshan American Oak is under £20
  5. Mmm. Good spot. As a complete Whisk[e]y ignoramus, I wonder which of those would be more interesting.... Tempting to get one of those for myself, just to see. But "notes of white peach and smooth vanilla cream" doesn't sound enticing to me!
  6. Bulleit is an excellent Bourbon. Their Rye whiskey is also very good and is fully supported by one Don Reid esq.

    Other bourbons of note include Woodford Reserve and Knob Creek (stop sniggering at the back again Palmer).

    Both Bulleit and Woodford sit somewhere between a highland malt and a cognac in overall profile with a touch more honey and vanilla than either if that helps.
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