Where to sell fine wine?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Denis Davidoff, Mar 25, 2020 at 10:18 PM.

  1. Does any one know where I can sell some of my private collection as I would like to try some other wines and I just don't have the space for the new ones? I prefer to sell these bottles to other wine lovers at a good price rather than sell it to a shop, and allow them to resell it at a higher price.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. The Vinexchange forum on here is what you're looking for, Denis
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  3. Thanks, Colin. I noticed it a couple of days ago, so I've sent an email to wine-pages but I still haven't received an email from them. Therefore I was wondering if there is any other place.
  4. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Apologies Denis. I have not received an email from you and have just found them in a folder on my server called "unwanted" that I didn't even know existed (any techies out there know why/what did that?). I will grant you vinXchange permissions now.
  5. Thank you very much, Tom! I've never seen a folder called "unwanted", is it the same as "spam"? if so, then you can't do anything, just have to let your server know that it's not spam.
  6. Maybe your computer knows Denis is just going to put on some vertical cases of Yellowtail and thought better of it :p
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  7. Tom Cannavan

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    Thanks: googling for it and a lot of people are caught out: it is a sub-folder of 'junk mail', so although I check my junk mail regularly for false positives that slipped in there, I did not even notice this sub-folder existed. (I use Microsoft Outlook running on a Microsoft Exchange server).
  8. I've had a quick look online and it looks like lots of people have the same problem. They also said that Samsung creates this folder and that's why you have it on your PC. In other words, your PC doesn't create it, it's the Samsung phone that does it. Very weird feature. In order to disable it, you have to turn off something in your Samsung's settings.
  9. Possible that your domain's DNS config doesn't have the WP server set as an authorized sender in its SPF record. I say possible, it's almost guaranteed. Denis might be right about that folder but that means it's a samsung device moving the email rather than your exchange mailserver. Easy to test - turn samsung devices off and send a few PMs back and forth and see whether the notifications land in your inbox. If it keeps happening then your SPF record needs updating. Happy to help you do this if you want - getting DNS settings wrong can have some rather nasty consequences, as I think we've experienced before!
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  10. Tom Cannavan

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    Cheers guys. Will look into it and "reach out" to you Julian if need be! Hope you are surviving the lockdown in California.

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