What did Jasper get wrong? (Burgundy)

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  1. I'm only bringing these up because I consult Jasper's authoritative tome so often. P. 251 -- Vignerondes (or Vignes Rondes) does not lie between Bousselots and Murgers, but instead borders Chaignots to the south and the west (as is correctly shown in the map on p.245), Murgers to the north, and Allots to the east (downslope). It is Chaignots (between Bousselots and Vignes Rondes) that is on the northern border of Bousselots.

    Also, Faiveley no longer owns in Vignes Rondes and may not have at the time of the book's appearance.

    Finally, p. 241 under Chaignots, the name of Domaine Georges Mugneret-Gibourg got a bit scrambled.
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  2. Thanks Claude

    As I work my way through I am finding quite a lot more small mistakes than others have brought up. Have not looked at Vosne yet. All offers gratefully received!
  3. Not a mistake by any means I'm sure, but Hudelot Baillet now has a separate bottling of both Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Borniques and a good old Bourgogne rouge not listed.

    Domaine Heresztyn- Mazzini also now bottle a Borniques too along with F. Magnien already mentioned (which were a producer I was drinking at the weekend funnily enough).

    I'm sure just how much has changed through the passage of time is quite remarkable.

    Can't wait for the next edition!
  4. Why not just ask the domaine exactly where they are?
  5. Any news on when then updated book might be released?
  6. In his recent videos Jasper said sometime next year, Spring to fall. Ish.
  7. Yes, I am hoping for Spring but we have not yet had the publishing meeting which lays out the timetable.
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  8. That’s great news, I still refer to the ebooks all the time.
  9. I keep hoping this thread will broaden into explaining to Jasper all the things in his life the forum feels he might have done better. It could be the first in an educational and satisfyingly sanctimonious series.
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  10. Yes indeed, Druin, I open up the thread enthusiastically each time there is a new post

    I am finding lots of mistakes myself but must surely be missing others
  11. Also enjoying Jane Anson's newly released Inside Burgundy...
  12. As Harry Waugh said, "not since lunch."
  13. Mine’s in the post :). Well, the Bordeaux version ;)
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  14. Inside Bordeaux even :rolleyes:
  15. The first time I met him, I thought his glasses were broken - and then realised it was me who had got it wrong.

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