Weekend of 8th June drinking thread

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  1. I'll start us off this week.

    Not so much tasting notes, more impressions of two Immich Batterieberg wines from 2016, the Ellergrub and the Batterieberg. In short, these are the best two 'dry' German Rieslings I've ever tasted. I am pretty sure they both have a little residual sugar, but who cares. They are intensely mineral, mysteriously musky, and at the same time bright, energetic and extremely drinkable. There’s a touch of pear-drop which some might object to, but only by comparison with top trad Kabinet. About 11-11.5% alcohol. Yippee.
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  2. I’ll post here as well since Richard has kicked us off.

    Thorne & Daughters Wild Ferment Rocking Horse 2013

    I’m letting it open up but it made me step back which is good.
    Initially straight from bottle I thought on entry it’s that distinct dry white wine sensation and taste that makes me always think I dislike white wines (3 years ago I’d never drink a white).

    It then as you swallow gives a band of soft caramel - so disticnt. Lemon / citrus rind type smell but then after 10 mins the wine opens up into a softer, rounded more mouth coating waxy feeling. Now persistent caramel on the nose.
    Fascinating and I think about £20 for the bottle so I’m impressed.

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  3. A night off tonight after the 1988 Bordeaux dinner yesterday. Tomorrow, I'll think it will be manzanilla followed by some white St. Joseph Le Clos 2007 from Domaine Florentin.
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  4. Deleting my comments on my own new thread (typed at the same time/'crossed with 'the other' thread.

    For me tonight:-

    Domaine Olivier Merlin 2014 Macon La Roche Vineuse

    Domaine Denis Bachelet 1995 Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes

    The Merlin is dangerously drinkable and, in the 2014 vintage, all the more so. Jasper's M&V 'introduced' me to 'the force' that is the irrepressible Olivier Merlin. A visit years ago with my late father will live long in the memory - OM was brilliant in conversation, notably/hilariously on the French tax system ! His barrel cellar was quite something and his wines even then wonderful. A top, under estimated (?), vigneron.

    The Bachelet has none of the 1995 'issues' and arguably might have been better drunk sooner. Very tasty though, of course, from another vigneron it was a pleasure to visit and taste with. A lovely man.
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  5. God I’d love to try some mid 90s Bachelet again... This was for quite a while one of the Domains that drove my obsession with Burgundy. I remember drinking a 2000 Charmes with my father, now passed away, and being transported.
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  6. Richard, I'd happily drink a mid 90's Bachelet with you - of all folk ! I know exactly what you mean I think, although I've not been lucky enough to drink more than one or two Charmes (courtesy of Peter HPB S). If I were uber critical of tonight's bottle it's maybe a 'bit' stewed (tasted at 16 degrees C), but I was suspicious of the pulled cork colouring which had a thin 'stripe' from bottom to top edge maybe suggesting maybe some lack of ultimate seal (although its definitely not oxidised). I'll hold one of the few 95's left for when I might be in London & we can share. Denis is just a top man in every respect.

    P.S the 2004 Gevrey is/has been an absolute shocker for me with every adverse aspect of the vintage (and some !). I just cannot see it ever coming 'around'.
  7. Well drank half the rocking horse and what great value.

    Then bit of steak and cheese so I opened up a red. Nice enough but few rough edges but good with cheese. Latour Carnet 2003


    Then I thought be nice to try one of the older Auslese wines I have. As part of an order I ended up bidding (and winning ) on a possibly well know French wine auction site. A producer I’ve never really had or heard of before and to be fair wasn’t a cheap half bottle.

    Dr H Thanisch 1989 Auslese. Wasn’t quite as expected. It’s just about the oldest Rieslings I’ve bought as have a few 1990 WS auslese Prum. This is different with a slightly drier apple edge on the finish though still sweet enough. A very nice old Riesling.

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  8. Superb Mugneret Gibourg NSG 1er Vignerondes 2014 tonight. Very young on the fruit... maybe a bit sweet... very much appreciated
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  9. By chance a Merlin Macon la Roche Vineuse les Cras 2012 tonight (too young). Earlier in the week dinner with Denis & Nicolas Bachelet at my neighbour Becky's - Charmes 99 and 02 both outstanding, ditto Cote de Nuits Villages 2014
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  10. Roc'Ambulle Petnat from Negrette tonight. Pink, slightly sweet fizz that smells of petrichor. Goodness this is lovely.
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  11. 717FF288-CE68-4384-A491-761A4C16302B.jpeg This was beautiful tonight, at the moment tasting remarkably like a cross between a plumper style of Chablis with 25% of a light Fino Sherry blended in. Quite unlike a N-N has tasted before.

    Probably going with a Kéké Descombes Morgon 2016 tomorrow, and a Provençal Rosé on Sunday (when I’m hoping the weather forecast is correct for the South Coast).
  12. Mike, that Dr Thanisch (actually the widow of the good doctor) is a very smart wine. One of the Mosel’s great vineyards. A nice auction find.
  13. Great to know. Yes it’s pretty good but had a bit of green apple on edge that was fine but I realised it had some misty sediment in it so letting settle properly and will nail the last big glass tomorrow.
    I paid £54 for the half which probably isn’t too far off and a fair price though I was t too bothered at the time if I won or lost.
    Hadn’t really heard of it before so good to know it’s a recognised good producer. Look forward to tomorrow’s drop.
  14. 2014 Claude Lafond Reuilly Cuvée André as an accompaniment to chicken & mushroom. A modest wine that fully delivered. This was the support act to a white burgundy '16 which must remain anonymous. Mrs C insists our one remaining bottle is insufficient. I am tasked with obtaining more, though UK price is 33% higher.
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  15. Bachelet's Gevrey VV is a wonderful wine but several vintages have quite abruptly fallen off a cliff in my experience. I think on the whole it is probably not for long ageing.
  16. Recently purchased a couple of 2002 as part of tasting I'm putting together, at the end of the year. :eek:
  17. Paolo Scavino Barolo Cannubi 2004. A bit loose and brawny but very enjoyable. Sort of classic but lacking something. Probably needs another 10 years or more.
  18. I think of Thanisch as an under achiever who makes very nice wines from time to time. Not a regular purchase for me.

    However old ones can be magnificent.

    Early days but Schloss Liesers versions seem to be getting the real potential from the vineyard for the first time in years.
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  19. Didn’t realise Lieser was as producing a Doctor. Wasn’t shown as part of Mythos-Mosel. It would certainly merit trying.

    Just seen the prices. Ouch.
  20. F804C0E6-53D4-44AB-B512-46656294CB6C.jpeg D711918E-36AF-45AD-A290-5D32D369F65A.jpeg Some lovely wines north of Etna last night. Gorgeous rosato from Giralamo Russo kicked things off at our hotel then an elegant sufficiency at Cave Ox in Solicchiata, highlights were a magnum of 2005 Terre Nere, a 1996 Benanti and a Vecchio Samperi from de Bartoli.
    Eric, the owner of CdP brought over his wife’s 2016 Qvevri Nerello Mascalese for us which was generous of him and an interesting wine too.
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  21. First in 2016, GG, Auslese and auction Spatlese (IIRC).
  22. Correct. I was quizzing Thomas Haag about this the other day.
  23. I have one of the twelve Magnums of Spatlese :)
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  24. How were the A Puddara and Kaos tasting Jim?
  25. Hazy recollections Mark but the Puddara was a little simple and dull, if well made. The Kaos wasn’t the cuvée that my pal wanted and was ok, quite natural with a blueberry liqueur note and not quite balanced for me.
    Tasting at Masseria del Pino this morning.

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