TN Weekend of 24-26th July: Anyone drinking anything?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Andrew Bajorek, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. For the last of the warm-ish evenings for the foreseeable I think we may crack open a Russo Etna Rosato 2018 - rest of the weekend is open to discussion!

    And you?
  2. BBQ tonite - so finish off the open bottle of Burg with Salmon to start.

    Then onto the Massaya, followed by one from the TWS Italian Reds under a tenner case, the doubly discounted Pinot is a back up.:)


    Oh and GnT’s for our guests to start with this.

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  3. It is my birthday. (Hurrah!) For the first time in my teaching career, my birthday has fallen during term. We still have a week to go before the summer holidays. (Boo!)

    For both these reasons, we are drinking well tonight:

    AJ Adam Spatlese 2011 with scallops and black pudding.
    Penfolds St Henri 2006 with fillet steak (I picked up one of the Warrens OTP whole fillets intended for Paul Ainsworth), chips and salad.
  4. Had this 2001 Haut Brion last night. Unmistakable 1st Growth class , quality on the nose immediately apparent.
    The restaurant’s last bottle. I think I’m addicted. Goodness only knows what the legendary 1989 is like. This was probably a puppy to many claret lovers. image.jpg
  5. upload_2020-7-24_18-49-56.png
    The first ever great Mondeuse I ever had. 16 years old, tannins resolved, mature, lots of cherries, harmonious even refined... (a couple of weeks ago). Unfortunately, producer sold his domaine when he retired. Tasting half way between Jura red (but more intense) and Syrah...

    Back in `La Roque... some delights from Burgundy this Faiveley GC les cazetiers 2010 drunk very well like a mature burg at only 10 years of age (the style has really changed)... The Epoisses has been aged in wine fridge...mmmhh
  6. D90D6B39-00F1-48F7-A9C1-64C9F028F2C0.jpeg

    Its usual dependable self. Pale mid garnet, very fragrant, all sous bois, spice and a touch of orange peel. Cool and elegant on the palate with good line and length. All too drinkable. Puts on weight and sweetness after being open a couple of hours, and feels much more in line with being a 2010.
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  7. Piedra Toro 2018


    Good after a hard four hour bike ride in the hills around town Early today.
  8. Another bottle of JJ Girard Savigny-les-Beaune 1er cru Les Lavieres 2009 here this evening to welcome my wife and son back to the UK. I really like this wine - it has a spicily red-fruited nose and the same on the palate with just the right about of depth and substance. There is good length and line too although you do have to go looking for the soil tones which are still secondary to the fruit. It is ripe admittedly, but in a delicious and modestly hedonistic way - there's no over-ripeness or unwelcome density - ***1/2 definitely. I think it will continue to age well and is a wine that all lovers of Savigny would enjoy.
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  9. Not the grandest name in Savigny but I've never had a duff Girard bottle.
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  10. Surprisingly clement weather on the Fife coast led to TWS’ white Rioja in the garden last night - lovely stuff for the price. Followed it with 2011 Gachot-Monot Bourgogne rouge, first time I’ve tried relatively aged basic Bourgogne. It was quite advanced but in no way on its last legs, and enjoyable in a simple way.
  11. Second dubious Aligoté, for lunch. Gachot-Monot Côte de Nuits Villages Les Chaillots 2015 made up for it this evening.
  12. Splashing out with the societies fino to start this evening, light, quite fresh and a fairly friendly fino, would be great with some steamed clams, maybe even razor clams, and is a bargain at the price, it’s correct, but I think I’m spoiled by sherries with more character and will probably stick with the Sanchez-Romate Fino perdido at a couple of pounds more, of course that’s also about 35% higher as they are both so reasonably priced

    we have a 2012 Terres de Chardons, Chardon-Marie Syrah to follow for a complete change of pace
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  13. True Tom, but if I factor in the very little I paid for this it makes it even better. Not that I bought it because it was cheap mind ;).
  14. If your budget allows the Tio Pepe en rama 2020 bottling is lovely Simon - certainly worth a try.
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  15. Sparkling rendition of Barolo tonight. 2014 is brilliant in Piedmont for my palate. This Burlotto is razor sharp in its delivery. You know when they strip everything out of a road car to make it a race track version (can’t think of an actual example but I’m sure this exists) this is the vinous equivalent! Magical
  16. Sounds lovely. I'm still waiting for mine to be delivered. I did, on the phone, once agree with Ray Walker that there was no particular rush.

    Charles Hiedsieck NV tonight probably followed by another of Kevin's 2019 Riverby Pinot Noir and then the remains of his sweet Riesling. I see no reason not to charge through my remaining bottles of his pinot since not only is it giving great pleasure but I've just ordered another case of it, and one of the chardonnay also. Even if he wasn't a fellow forumite I'd be singing their praises, and it seems reasonable to take some extra joy from the fact that he is. (I've never met Kevin and have no vested interests other than having been very reasonably prejudiced against his whole winemaking operation on the grounds it includes sauvignon blanc.)
  17. I am very pleased you are enjoying the wines Eric. I don't want to try and turn you into a total convert, but if you are ever feeling particularly brave I rate my 2019 sav blanc very highly. It might be the best we have made. So you might even find you like it. I do try to temper my enthusiasm for the 2019 vintage a little as it is going to be followed by 2020 which is also a stunner, so people might get sick of me hyping up two vintages in a row. It might be the first time Marlborough has had two superstar vintages back to back.
  18. More Swiss wine. Incredible lunch today - risotto with crayfish and quite a bit of black truffle, and veal sausage with rosti and onion sauce.


    • 2017 Claudy Clavien (La Cave des Champs) Humagne Rouge - Switzerland, Valais (7/24/2020)
      Fairly light body and soft tannins, Pinotesque perhaps, but darker in flavour - black cherry, violets, a bitterness reminiscent of Sangiovese. Not terrifically deep or complex, but great at the dinner table. (90 pts.)
    • 2017 Les Fils de Charles Favre Marsanne Hurlevent - Switzerland, Valais, Sion (7/24/2020)
      Quite torn on this one - it's tasty, and I do like a Marsanne, but there's a hint of residual sugar that doesn't really work. Mouthfeel is slightly less fat than a typical N Rhone white (this is 13.8%) but there's the same set of rich flavours - almond, brioche, peach. I'd prefer a little bit more freshness or bitterness to round it off. (89 pts.)
  19. My consumption of my holiday wine stash continued tonight with 3 absolute pearlers, shared with friends over some local squid and some spag bol


    One of those nights where each wine was unbelievably good, yet the one which followed seemed even better than the last.

    The Sandhi has a sun-bleached mineral tension. The Dauvissat a briny, oyster shell, citric bite, wrapped in a bubble of restraint. And then the Barbacarlo takes you away to a Middle Eastern tabac filled with exotic spice and dried fruits.

    A night when the stars align and it makes this nonsensical wine chasing, buying and hoarding all seem completely worthwhile....
  20. An incredible bottle this - my last unfortunately - every one has been superlative, a match for many a top white burgundy

  21. I was supposed to be in Queenstown NZ this week skiing for my birthday. Unfortunately a CV spike in Victoria meant the trans Tasman Bubble never eventuated. Nevertheless it seemed appropriate to have a NZ red for dinner along with lamb. From my perspective the Stonyridge Larose is the best Cab Sav in NZ, definitely ahead of Te Mata Coleraine and probably the best in Australasia. Small winery on Waiheke Island twenty minutes from Auckland by ferry with a unique maritime climate. The owner, Steve White, first planted here in the 80s and somewhere last century Hugh Johnson had, I think it was the 87, one vintage as one of his top ten wines of the year.

    Decanted four hours before dinner, by nighttime this wine had opened up and was right on song. Not dissimilar to the 09 Bordeaux’s, lush tannins, great length and a perfect reminder as to why one cellars wine. Will it get better in the years ahead, perhaps but I’d be surprised if I can keep my hands off the balance of the case long enough to find out.

  22. 396677EF-95FB-444D-9D91-624A97A0A47B.jpeg

    From the previous weekend - we are trying to drink less to help lose a few of the kilos we have put on during iso. Consequently we save our indulgence for the weekend. Last week it was one of the beautiful By Farr Pinots. Regularly in the top half dozen of most critics lists for the year, the 2014 is just starting to come into its own. Savoury with a hint of strawberries. The 2015 Burguad was similarly in just the right space. I appreciate you are not supposed to cellar these wines but when they taste as yummy as they do with this little extra amount of time, why not. Finally because it’s winter the Ch Clerc Milon 2005. Again another lovely wine but more in terms of days to come rather than what was in front of me last Saturday. It’s still the velvet glove wrapped around the iron fist. This wine will be incredibly enjoyable one day but right now it’s more the slumbering teenager and needs time in the cellar.
  23. I'm so glad to hear the important news in that post Richard :)
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  24. Happy Birthday Sam!

    Tell me about the 2006 St Henri, it's a bottle I have, screwcap I believe.

    Cheers ................................. Mahmoud.

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