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  1. Eurovision party so it was a random selection of nasty spirits and liquers from various former totalitarian states, plus Surstromming for "desert"

    The hangover the next day was rather spectacular and completely deserved.
  2. Arrgghhh. I picked up one as I’ve never tried this chateau.
  3. Fourrier Gevrey VV 2008... loads of acidity... Hope it will get better tomorrow:(... quite good behind the wall...
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  4. Well done Ben!
  5. Is there confirmation of completion yet?

    On either count.
  6. I had my first Oregon 2014 last night, having just withdrawn my Brick House 2014s from storage. Very similar notes to Nigel's. To me, this is good to go now, but I would expect upside if you are patient!
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  7. Which cuvee?
  8. Yes... I had a mouthful of this wine at the domain a few months back and came to the same conclusion. '09 is yet another chardonnay vintage!
  9. A couple of treats this weekend on a boys weekend away travelling through Norfolk.

    2006 Rene Rostaing Cote Rotie - lovely dark fruits with a real depth of flavour lifted by the Viognier. Absolutely delicious now but plenty in the tank - seemed to disappear a little too quickly, high level of evaporation in East Anglia.

    2006 Alain Voges Vielles Vignes Cornas. Wow, this is cracking and drinking beautifully. A slight white pepper undercurrent beneath some lovely fresh blueberry flavours. Great food accompaniment and drinking well now. It plenty left in the tank.

    2013 Kumeu River Matès Vineyard Chardonnay. Light gold colour with hints of green flashes whilst swirling. A lovely mineral nose but quite rich fruit on the palate. Super tasty and for me quite a step up from the ‘12 which I have found quite reticent on recent tasting.

    Magnificent bargain of the weekend was the £7.00 corkage paid at a rather lovely hotel / restaurant we were staying at. The food was excellent so great to have some lovely wines to go with it.
  10. It was Les Dijonnais. I have had Evelyns shipped over to me as well but not broached that yet.
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  11. A little late, but last weekend:
    20190513_163540.jpg 20190513_163919.jpg 20190513_164050.jpg
    The highlights were the N/V Coutet-Dubreuil Rose; the 2001 St Urbans-hoff Ockfener Bockstein; the 1986 Chateau Canon, St George-St Emilion; the 2001 Patrick Lesec Cornas 'Sarah'; the 2000 Maculan 'Brentino' Merlot; and the Barbeito 10 year old Sercial.

    This weekend comprised of completing a household move, enjoying rugbyfest, and beer.
  12. Thanks Duncan. I’ve had a look at 13 Dijonnais, but 14 and onwards D and E still in storage.
  13. Great selection, right up my rue!
  14. I also bought Marquis Du Terme at the same time and if anything this was worst than the Dauzac. After my experiences with these 2 bottles I cant imagine that I would part with cash for any more Bordeaux '13s. No matter how cheap. Will be interested to hear your thoughts on the Dauzac as and when.
  15. Vinous were positive about the Dauzac, but I’m rather pessimistic. I also have Pape Clement.
    I’d pledged to myself not to buy ‘13s, but couldn’t resist ‘a bargain ‘. :oops:

    Edit for vintage.
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  16. Taittinger NV at the weekend, bought in Nov 2010 from TEE for £16. It was bloody superb, with a lovely vivacity to balance the mature character. Had been lost at the bottom of a pile of stuff in the cellar. A welcome discovery. One left.

    I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if I’d been served it blind and told it was £50.
  17. I tried the Marquis du Terme '13 last week and was also very underwhelmed. But the 2014 is much better, and the 2015 much, much, better.

    is 2013 one of those left bank vintages to avoid at all costs, I wonder?
  18. I liked my first bottle of '13 PC. That said I'm tempted to off-load a few and buy other stuff but mainly as 18 bts of any one wine is quite a lot.
  19. Tonight Ghislaine les bons batons Bourgogne with a tartare of game...
    Great wine, red fruits and very pleasurable ... open for business... for a long time I suppose.
  20. Fourrier Bourgogne Blanc 2015, not as expressive as former vintages, 2014 & 2015 are slightly weakest for this typical overperformer, 2016 seems to be back on track, not bad, decent but not as good as usual
    Leoville Barton 2001 from a half,
    A beautiful maturity approaching Bordeaux, lots of red fruit combined with earth & tobacco Aromas, dark coloured , full bodied, simple & beautiful, a real, real good Bordeaux.
  21. Salvioni Brunello di Montalcino 2006. Not much on the nose but plenty of action on the palate where one finds concentrated dark fruit, iron and blood and guts. The tannic structure is quite something with waves of relentless, no holes barred tannins. This is a full on, powerful Brunello but overall it is really remarkably refined and restrained all things considered.
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  22. We managed to procure a dozed Fine de Claire Verte from the market in Aix-en-Provence and paired them with our final bottle of Heidseick NV (with an 08 base). This was a match made in heaven. Wowzers those oysters were good! With a hunk of rib-eye from a local breed (Camargue) we tucked into a Lafarge Volnay 2010. I forgot to get this out of the fridge so it was served a little chilled, but really opened up with air. Very classy, with lovely delicate perfume, and plenty of red crunchy fruits. Not the best steak pairing, but very good indeed. Tomorrow we adjourn to Lyon, where no doubt the food will the richer and the gut ever more tortured!
  23. PYCM St Aubin La Chatenière 09 is gorgeous from the off, tonight. Pale to mid coloured, but more green than straw; lovely nose with a sense of richness and PYCM luxe which follows through on the palate, tempered by a lime cut and mineral line on the finish. Very smart.
  24. Hi @Gareth Powell , I'd be interested in your views on the Volnay please. Sounds like it is drinking well now but do you think it will improve? I have a few in storage and thought it was too young but sounds like I might be wrong!
  25. After an hours decant it’s lovely. It will certainly improve and no doubt not hit its peak for at least another 5-6 years given the vintage. I guess it depends on how you like your Burgundy.
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