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  1. 7DAF4D07-1498-45CF-9ACB-90D696D34F9F.jpeg My case of this is disappearing rather swiftly. It really is quite lovely.
  2. Enjoy, but no great hurry as it is so well balanced. Interesting to hear what you think when you do broach it.
  3. Just opened Gevrey pallud 1999 by Maume. Just beginning to come together, others from the case to date have been all over the place. It's meaty and tannic still. But a pleasure. Needs food. Nearly took this to WIMPS, glad I didn't as it's hard work.

    Other wines this weekend have included, Ferraton St Joseph, st Joseph 2013 still very primary and not ready. Then Cigare Voltaire 2007 from California, good but slight underwhelming. I'm sure there's plenty of cote du Rhone that's are better and cheaper.
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  4. AEA91ED8-A327-4A79-A649-205DEE96DB5A.jpeg
    La Lagune 1991. First bottle opened from OWC this evening. Top 80% of cork perfect. Bottom of cork was wet but came out in one piece.

    Explosion of red berries bouquet... wife “I can smell that from over here”. Very mellow, full of sweet berries flavour. Very slight dryness in mouth but lovely.

    Dinner is roast pork and crackling (my favourite!).

  5. Look forward later to the commentary as the wine unfurls, Jason.
  6. Good to hear,I am just about to take delivery of some 2016, does it need leaving for a while?
  7. 855B5839-6CC2-44A3-B5DC-710765DD7532.jpeg Fun selection of wines - Pommard 2002 was the highlight, so fresh, vibrant and young. Jasmin: juicy, dark cherries and full, so much left to give.
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  8. I left this a couple of years but I’ve no reason to think it won’t be ready from the off. It’s certainly got the stuffing to develop but it’s a rather elegant wine and at the moment the 14 is signing.
  9. image.jpeg A few nice bottles this weekend:
    1990 Savigny Les Serpentieres from Ecard, perfectly mature, still good fruit, tertiary aromae, medium Body, at peak,
    a very good Burgundy from a sadly Long gone domaine
    2001 Leoville Barton ( half ), beautiful rose & wild flower flavours, Full bodied, some herbs and tobacco aromae as well, quite Young for a half, really good
    2002 Gruaud Larose, surprisingly complete, leather, tobacco, black fruit,
    still on it's the way up, better, much better than expected from this Vintage, a perfect example how well lesser vintages can perform
    2011 Petite Eglise, another fine wine from a small vintage, ripe Merlot as it should be, full bodied, mellow, but a good future ahead, great as a Barbecue wine, good second wine and a treat, sadly it's getting so expensive nowadays
    2010 Fevre Montee de Tonnerre,
    fresh, spicey, Great acidity, chalky and lots of citrus, Young as well, without premox a long way to go, holding well over two days
    All in all a very satisfactory result for a Weekend
  10. I’m not sure if I was being fair with the dry mouth feel as that didn’t return. The wine was very enjoyable. After the berry flavour (possibly strawberry) the most primary flavour was of liquorice. Unfortunately my wife enjoyed this wine too :)

    The crackling was perfect as usual!

    This wine was auditioning for dinner at The Glasshouse with friends next weekend. I was checking it was ok.
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  11. Scarily like a cellar selection Chez Palmer. What’s the third wine though?
  12. Good whack of '90 in there then maybe Jason.

    Sounds lovely, those bottles where the fragrance hits the room always get my
    juices flowing!
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  13. A bottle of 2000 Bernard Morey Chassagne Montrachet Clos Saint Jean 1er Cru with roast poussin for a late lunch today. As old as you'd want to drink this kind of wine I think, it has a distinct forest fruit hard boiled sweet scent that's very present on the palate too. A lot less rustic than I was anticipating - it's a supple, soft and gentle with what feels like no tannin at all. Doesn't have a lot of length, overall quite a simple wine, but appreciated for it.
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  14. I’ve just put one of these in the fridge for next weekend oddly enough!
  15. 47C016BC-A688-42AE-AD88-D5FA713780C2.jpeg
    South African, Mark.
    Great label, lovely wine.
  16. Red, presumably! 2000 was not very good at all sometimes for red cote de beaunes and it is impressive that it's still enjoyable to drink.
  17. Lionel,
    This was the last one, and I don't recall the others seeming so oak heavy.
    Could be that we have been on a fizz n Gin centric diet lately
  18. That could explain it! I've a few in the cellar and intend for them to sleep a lot longer so will be interesting to revisit.
  19. Few nice bottles on Saturday. Highlights were the Eulogio Pomares Carralcoba Albariño 2017 - Concentration, balance, wonderful acidity. A really beautiful wine and easily the best Albariño I’ve ever had. 2013 Savage Red was drinking superbly and a 2011 Vin de Laurence dessert wine from Mas de Daumas Gassac was a proper treat with some cheese.
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  20. Based on my bottle I'd be waiting a year or two Steve, and I like em young. I thought 09 might be approachable, but whilst there's clearly top quality material in there it was dominated by bitter extract. Will be lovely though.
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  21. A 2016 Dom Faiveley Mercurey 1er Cru Clos Des Myglands. Very nice, wish I had a few more but this was a gift, so the only bottle.
  22. IMG_4702.jpeg

    Fiano 2018 - from M&S, lovely fruity and citrus notes
    FP Gran Reserva 1970 - Sadly not drinkable. I've had older examples that have been enjoyable so guessing bad storage.
    LJ Bourgogne 2016 - everything you expect from a young burg.
    I Frati 2017 - My fav (currently) Italian white
    Montes Purple Angel 2013 - Huge, fruit bomb lovely.
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  23. Indeed Tom, red.
  24. 1995 La Conseillante, drinking better than previous bottles, meaty version of this wine, robust and still somewhat tannic, good complexity and length, should continue to evolve.
  25. Ch. Dauzac 2013, bought for £14.99 from Lidl when it looked like they were making their big push into the fine wine market..... A poor wine from a poor vintage. Much better was Mendel Unus 2010.

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