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  1. I would say so. Still on the young side I suppose. I picked up a bottle in the AB sale. Wish I had a case!
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  2. 9D385DE8-77DE-49DA-BACF-60641C0E8949.jpeg
    2017 Jane Eyre Beaune, Cents Vignes this evening. My first impressions are very positive, quite earthy with a nice balance.
  3. Georg Mosbacher 2012 Riesling trocken. So un-fancy. So complex, beguiling and compelling. Shame I won’t be able to report on how it tastes on day 2.
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  4. Pieropan, Ruberpan, 2013. I’ve generally been underwhelmed by this in the past but drinking this tonight it might just be that it needs a little time. Bright, elegant and pure fruited with a sour freshness that gives bags of lift. Lovely zing, touch of bitter cherry with some almond and a tarry spice finish.
  5. A decent week with Leflaive Macon Verzé 10 as good as ever, Arterberry Maresh Dundee Hills 2015 joyful and fab vfm. Morgen Long Sandi Chardonnay 2015 was lovely but just lacking a little something cf previous bottles. The star though, was a half of Jadot Corton Pougets 90 which was fully resolved with lovely fruit, some sous bois complexity and a densely velvety to silky texture and proper grand cru density. Shame it was only a half.
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  6. Tonight Sassicaia 1998. It is tall dark and handsome in the glass and the nose suggests modern leaning Left Bank Bordeaux. On the palate it is powerfully constituted with dark fruit and flavours of currants, soot, liquorice and earth all supported by a retinue of well turned out tannins. The trouble with powerful wines like this is that they can make a favourable first impression but on further acquaintance can easily become monotonous and repetitive. Or perhaps I am missing something and need to pull my socks up.
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  7. Jacques Lardiere always maintained,uniquely I think,that halves take much longer to come around!
    Some sensational bottles tonight, Heidsieck Blanc des Milllenaires 1995 original release, in perfect form, Marc Colin Montrachet 12, tightly squeezed but with astonishing intensity, Mugnier Chambolle 08 of exemplary Chambolle typicity and purity, Faiveley Nuits Porets 85 with a brilliant combination of freshness and grave maturity, Drouhin Musigny 82 which became with air an ideal expression of Musigny and Quintarelli Amabile del Cere 03 of amazing force and expressive brightness. What a treat!
  8. How did J Lardiere back that one up Tom?
  9. Simon, was that a Corton Pougets?
  10. Sorry, yes. I’ll edit.
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  11. By crossing his fingers behind his back as he said it :).
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  12. You all drink well ahead of elections...
    last night we opened Vernay condrieu les terrasses de l’empire 2017... very young and floral
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  13. This is an outstanding wine from Lourens Family Vineyards in South Africa. Flavours of red cherries and raspberries with herb and pepper notes. Deceptively light-bodied yet somehow with great depth as well. Tremendous stuff.
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  14. Which vintage was the Voge Richard?

    By sheer coincidence I had the 2016 of this last night. Now renamed Ongrie, although essentially identical. The wood is noticeable but very well integrated, the texture very rich and unctuous as you might expect and with a touch of tangerine offset by a sort of dry mineral aspect which is itself a little unexpected. This has a certain sort of relationship with young white Hermitage, just a little less complex maybe.
  15. I don't recall this being very oaky? Reductive definitely though.
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  16. It was the 2014, probably my 4th or 5th bottle from a full case. All have been lovely.
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  17. Ridge, Lytton Estate Zinfandel, 2006
    I carried this back from the States after a visit to Ridge at Monte Bello in 2010. This wine goes out under their ATP (Advanced Tasting Programme) label, so only available to list members in the US or at the winery. The background reading on the Ridge website suggests that this wine is comes from the same site as Lytton Springs but is made of the barrels that when tasted were deemed too ripe for the Lytton Springs wine. Really interesting strategy by Ridge, meaning they can keep the core Lytton Springs wine in the style they want. Based on that I was expecting this wine to be a bit of a monster, but it really wasn’t. Yes it’s rich with fruit-cakey fruit but there’s a delicacy to the fruit too with some welcome lift from a rose perfume. The alc at 14.9% is certainly present and I can see why this didn’t make it into Lytton Springs, but the juicy fruit, silky texture and acidity are all nicely balanced. Very enjoyable, and equally interesting!
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  18. Last night, Heida 2014 (Réserve) from Provins in the Swiss Valais. Savagnin, but lighter tasting (still 13.5%) than most Jura, probably due to altitude.

    Tonight will be last bottle of Tillingham PN17 petnat.
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  19. tonight I'll be celebrating surviving my first (and last) half marathon with 09 Guy Charlemagne Mesnillesime, perfect way to rehydrate.
  20. My local merchant has the ‘18. I picked up a bottle, realised how orange it was, lost my nerve & put it back on the shelf.
    Tonight, undecided between Bernard Baudry Chinon Le Clos Guillot ‘12 or Le Rocher des Violettes Montlouis-sur-Loire Touche-Mitaine ‘14. The former a sensible food match but I reckon it’s time to try our first bottle of the latter.
  21. 323AA5DB-2782-4C02-8F9D-D551F971C2F2.jpeg

    The most Burgundian of new world wines. And under screw cap. Brilliant. The 2014 vintage
  22. At our wine enthusiast friends' house to celebrate their new kitchen.
    Bolly LGA 2007 Slated by some on CT and I get that. Intense yellow, big, oxidative, lots of apple and a good seam of acidity. Not one for the cognoscenti but we enjoyed it.
    Chateau Fuisse PF VV 2000. Should have been past it but despite some oxidative notes enough fruit and acidity to partner our garlicky prawns nicely
    Vincent Girardin Volnay Clos de Chenes 1996. Taking its last bow but still some lovely sweet fruit with earthy gamey notes. Very good
    Albert Morot Beaune Teurons 1999. At peak. Lovely balance, silky red fruit. Probably the best tonight for me.
    Gouges NSG Vaucrains 2003. Very Nuits. Chalky tannins snd good acidity with sauvage forest floor notes and dark cherries. Very good but no hurry.
    Chateau Grand Mayne 1998. V good year and this is at peak with lovely sweet tobacco on the nose and very harmonious on the palate with depth and concentration WOTN for the majority.
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  23. It is good to read the GM ‘98 is still going strong.
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  24. Thanks Adrian — time to dig my 99 Morot out...
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  25. upload_2019-5-19_18-38-36.jpeg

    Roulot BB always a conundrum; great BB , or cheap Meursault? Drinking fantastically tonight and worth the price, on this performance.

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