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  1. A rare Friday at home so a chance to compare a couple of New World Chardonnays in a leisurely manner.

    Eileen Hardy 2015 and Kumeu River Hunting Hill 2015 - both around the £30 mark.

    I will be decanting a couple of hours before to let them open up.

    What’s everyone else thinking of drinking??

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  2. Bibi Graetz Cassamata '16

    Quite a nice quaffer. Floral nose, some spice, plump in the middle, some acidic freshness but with a grainy and perhaps a little monotone finish.
  3. Not sure as last night has been a very intense night at a housewarming:
    2008 LdH Rosado - excellent and saline
    2016 Tempier Bandol Rose Magnum - very good and attractive
    1994 Niellon Maltroie - good and light. Not premoxed!
    NV Lahertes Freres Brut Nature Magnum Deg. 2014 - very good, would be excellent with 3/4 more grams of sugar
    1996 Roagna Barolo La Rocca e la Pira Magnum - excellent when Roagna was still old school. As many 1996 throughout Western Europe not the most friendly
    2012 Vatan Neore - Corked!
    2016 Cortefusia Franciacorta Extra Brut - good and showing some progress in the region (still not quite there in vs Champagne if you factor in price)
    and many others but I left early by Italian standards, 2325!
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  4. 2015 Ghislaine Barthod Bourgogne, drinking well now and should last for years, long and dense for an entry level wine. Fine and spicy tannins with mouth-watering acidity to counter the ripe fruits.
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  5. Interested to see what you think of those two.

    Never tried the EH but it’s on my radar, I’m a HH fan but the 2015 left me a little cold when I had it late last year. Although I do prefer KR single vineyard wines with a bit more age usually.
  6. Dinner at Sorella tonight to be accompanied by Pol Roger Extra Brut NV (a gift, have never had it...) and the first of six Castello Monsanto Chianti Classico Riserva 2015 after a good long slow ox to coax it out of what I suspect will be a pretty tight shell.
  7. 762F0674-A639-4FCB-B1E9-64409D6FB11C.jpeg A new producer (to me) from Valtellina last night. Barbacan. Has anyone else tried these wines before? The Rosso is really impressive. I think I might prefer it to the Ar Pe Pe Rosso. I’ll crack one of the Superiore bottles at a later date
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  8. 0-02-06-3ec3f698912dde4f2a970a2e154e105376d881172c7705b15aeab5627986ba81_6e6f0470.jpg

    California themed dinner:

    Quartet, Anderson Valley Brut Roederer Estates NV
    Yellow fruit, sweet and ripe on the palate, strong balancing acid without the mineral cut of good champagne, a bit cloying in the end. OK for a few glasses, but I wouldn't drink anymore on it's own

    Mary Edwards, Sauvignon Blanc 2014
    Powerful pineapple, grapefruit and creamy oak, balancing mineral and acid depth, well integrated without undue bitterness on the finish. Suspect a good dose of RS here. Bordeaux inspired but dialed up a few notches, still manages to mantain balance and is very enjoyable, but not for fans of a classic style.

    Chateau Montalena Chardonnay 2016
    This wine starts with some elegance, cool apple, with a good touch of mineral and oak, not unlike a very ripe St. Aubin., but ends abruptly with harsh unintegrated acid. Very disappointing
    Mount Eden Chardonnay 2016
    Starts with vanilla, nuts and butter. Very powerful and round. Long finish. Quite impressive, but not the watchword on elegance.

    Darioush Cabernet Sauvignon 2016
    Extremely primary, this wine is obviously too young for me. Waves of powerful black fruit and vanilla. Not much in terms of grip and I feel the wine is a little short. A heavy viscous mouth feel. No alcohol stated, but I would bet this is high. Not sure how to rate this one, given positive experiences with Darioush in the past.

    Silver Oak Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2006
    Good black fruit, a dose of capsicum and mushroom on the nose. Palate is spicy with some tobacco notes. Tannin quite resolved and approachable today. I'd say this is drinking well in the window and is elegant in comparison to it's flight mates.

    Harlan Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 (private label)
    Impenetrable purple black, massive power of black fruit, concentrated on the palate with tar, spice and coffee and waves of black fruit. Shows great concentration and layers, but far from ready. I would like a bit more lift in this wine as the texture is a bit too much in my opinion. Could be great in 10 years, and very impressive but not lovable today.

    Sea Smoke Sea Spray Blanc de Noir 2012
    Gives a very dry and elegant impression. Strawberry fruit in a quite rich body. Vibrant and quite persistent.

    And a bonus wine over cigar:
    Chateau d'Yquem 1997
    Apricot, dried fruits, burnt sugar, lifted with great energy, very long and satisfying.
    Colour was quite dark on this one, served from a 375. Not sure if the dried fruit showed a hint of oxidation.
  9. Don't know those but did stumble across the 2012 Alberto Marsetti Valtellina Superiore "Le Prudenze" in Bormio in 2017 and it was cracking... Might have one or two left...
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  10. Was very impressed with the Eileen Hardy last summer when I drank three bottles in as many months, arguably the best Chardonnay I tasted last year (but it wasn’t a stellar year),

    I’m sipping them at the moment.

    The EH has a lovely “old-school” nose of full, slightly farmyardy ripe fruit with some smoky buttered toast, on the palate it’s not quite so expressive though more air and warming it up will help. Good chewy fruit, a little oak on the finish, tangy,reasonably complex, a bit of bread and very good fruit. Both the nose and palate remind me very much of Colin-Delegers Chassagnes of fifteen years ago. I wouldn’t necessarily pick this as New World.

    The HH is more limey but not overtly so, there’s a bit of pepper on it, chewy too, lemon/lime, more green fruited but ripe green, it’s a little lacking oomph compared to the EH despite being 14% to the EH 13.5%, it’s decent but I could believe there are better HHS, it’s early days - I’ll post an update later my plan is to sip through half a bottle or so of each tonight. My initial thought is that the 15 Coddington has a bit more about it than this HH.

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  11. Today is our constitution day and a national holiday, with some of the best weather so far this year, so we're taking it easy and discussing whether we should have five or six or seven dishes, all the while indulging in some enjoyabe white stuff:
    Henri Bourgeois Grande Réserve 2018
    André Clouet Un Jour de 1911
    Selbach-Oster Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese 2004
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  12. A CVNE Rioja Reserva Imperial 2001 tonight. This is a seriously lovely wine - mulberry fruit with balsamic notes and just a hint of cedar on the nose, and then long, medium to full bodied on the palate with top-drawer length. There's a lovely texture to this wine and the fruit fans out broadly on the finish as a sign of impressive quality. Still just about old school in style - and just 13% alcohol. Very fine. This is drinking well now but has time in hand. Clear ****

    Edited to add that the tannins feel fully resolved here. Has anyone had the Gran Reserva 2001 recently? Mine are still in storage, but I'm wondering whether it's time to start on them.
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  13. Arrived home to diced venison under a suet crust. Went searching for red burgundy. Decided against 1er cru as looking for a certain robustness. Grabbed Gachot-Monot Chambolle-Musigny ‘14. Whilst not quite up to a recent ‘15, considering I just pulled the cork & poured, it was rather good.
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  14. Domaine Courbis Syrah 2016. There’s a simplicity to this and a sense of wildness that is sometimes missing from this estates grander wines. Full of crunchy black fruit, violets, iron and a pepper rich finish. It’s a little raw with some tannic chew and a zesty raspberry like acid cut. Thrilling in a simple and no nonsense fashion.
  15. Nottingham Brewery Trent Bridge Ale from the Trent Bridge Inn at Trent Bridge. There was also a game of cricket.
  16. And a damn fine game too !
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  17. Jean-Paul Versino’s CdP 99 tonight. Proper, old school CdP. It must frustrate producers like Versino that the appellation has been given a bad name and is consequently deeply unfashionable. This wine has less alcohol than most 2018 Bordeaux and is vigorous, complex and thrillingly correct. Seems to have years left in it.
  18. Quite a high bar, from what I read!
  19. 2013 Drouhin-Vaudon Chablis 1er Cru Sécher for me, Bob - completely as you'd expect (citrus, minerality, salinity, a touch of cream), and that's not a bad thing.
  20. Last night we kicked off with a surprisingly excellent Laurent Perrier 2006, followed by these 3:

    Both whites were wonderful - fresh, succulent stone fruits, low acidity, great texture. The Vignelaure was a bit soupy - it tasted very New World actually, though was nice enough with some lamb.
  21. 8CD15073-B200-48CB-A577-4016073573E2.jpeg ....And then there was oak, and did I mention oak?, and some citrus, oh and then oak.
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  22. An Oregon 2014 Pinot Noir from Winderlea Vineyard last night. Just gorgeous - full bodied, savoury and spicy with strawberry notes, long, very balanced and extremely drinkable. Really excellent.
  23. Ageing potential? Just wondering about withdrawing from storage...
  24. Two reliable, and equally delicious, very drinkable, Burgundies:-

    Domaine Hubert Lamy 2007 Saint-Aubin 1er cru 'Clos de la Chateniere'

    Domaine David Clark 2009 Cote de Nuits-Villages
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  25. Worryingly brown on opening, but smartened up quickly with air.
    Not a producer I'm familiar with but good showing.
    Tannins mostly resolved, leaving slightly musty cherry fruit, some hawthorn and good refreshing acidity, very good length. Not for keeping and perhaps a little past peak.

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