Weekend drinking thread 17 July 2020

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Raymond Tilney, Jul 17, 2020.

  1. Just fancied some Burgundy and have had the Raveneau for a while now and you're never sure about a white Burg that is more than a few years old so had to open it sometime.
    I would say that both the reds were in a drinking window, but also had years ahead of them. With red Burg its usually only disappointing if you have caught them in a closed down phase (unless it just basically a poorly made wine). 2015 is more 'giving' with a lot more fruit but I've only opened 3 or 4 wines from that vintage. E.g. Prunier's A-D 1er Cru Clos du Val from 2015 needs more time. In general 2013 is not as highly rated as 2015 but producer should usually be the first place to look rather than vintage (unless its a real stinker, which doesn't seem to happen these days). It will be interesting to see how the 2013's turn out in the longer term though.
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  2. Friends came over for lunch in the garden yesterday. We enjoyed another aged magnum of Pol NV, followed by a magnum of Caronne St Gemme 2004 which was in a really good spot, and a Jurancon sweetie (producer forgotten I'm afraid) and then a cheeky bottle of Comte 2004, which was fabulous, they really excelled in the vintage. They departed at 6.30pm, again I think the very definition of a good lunch is that it ends at about dinner time. Coffee did not really help and I feel asleep on the sofa and woke up at 11pm! Here's to finer days like this more often.
  3. It’s lovely Ray, and I’m delighted to have best part of a full case remaining — it’s really hit it’s stride since a sighter three years ago. I’ve also very much enjoyed 97, 98 and 02, and 00 is right up there with them.
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  4. ‘66 Beychevelle - Whoever invented Durand is a bloody genius, simple device yet work flawlessly every single time for old bottle like this. PnP. Smidgen of brett on the nose but not too bothersome. Lightly floral and earthy notes. Still some tannins around surprisingly for a 54 years old. Decent length and complexity. Heavy burnt tobacco finish. Drinking well now and will last for a while.

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    Mixed fortunes this weekend. A social distanced gathering at a friends on Friday and a surprise birthday garden party on Saturday, both quantity not quality events, meant only had wine in the house on Sunday. The DM was weeping and had a mid shoulder level so was risky. Went to use my Durand and at first touch the cork fell in. Dreadful on first taste, a little better an hour later an hour after that drinkable but not a great pleasure. It died half an our later. The Simone blanc was disappointing as it just didn't have much flavour. Or wrong food pairing (Scallops with black pudding and pea puree). The Chassagne was I am very please to say lovely. ;)
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  6. Very lovely Trimbach CFE 1990 tonight. A point. Another recent bottle from the same case was a touch more advanced, so this is not immortal stuff, although CFE 1990 was always more balanced that the ever unpredictable CSH 1990 (mainly because the 1990 CSH was the result of fully fermenting what should have been a VT and regular bottling together - CSH 1990 is 14%, CFE 1990 is 12.5%).
  7. A Duvel beer tonight. Wrong forum I know but it's years since I had it and it's an awfully good drink with a real physicality to it.
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  8. Me too. I always have a few in the fridge.
  9. 2.30 am is my record. Dinner is, I always feel, rather a compromise.
  10. That's great Eric. It is very drinkable. I believe there are a few bottles still in the UK and I am sending some more over which should arrive early Sept.
  11. Monday is the new Friday so i think a couple of bottles of Barolo is OK?

    Given that these are both from hot vintages and weigh in at 14.5% alcohol the elegance and restraint is admirable. I was a bit disappointed and felt they were both a little closed and too restrained but things changed with food (smoked shoulder of hogged from Heritage Meats) and the wines became supple with the classic nebbiolo roses starting to show and the fruit a little plusher. Will be leaving the 2011 another few years before revisiting .

    20200720_232014.jpg 20200719_202649.jpg
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    • 2017 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin Vieille Vigne - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Gevrey-Chambertin (20/07/2020)
      Deep ruby, a little cherry towards the core. Bright and red fruited, led by strawberry. Sweet, beguiling and very attractive. The fruit nicely balanced by good acidity leaving this sweet and fresh and moreish. This is currently in a lovely place, though perhaps a tiny bit darker than a bottle a couple of months ago. Significantly redder fruited and lighter framed than the en Echezeaux currently. Holds well over four hours. Lovely. **** (92 pts.)
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  13. upload_2020-7-21_10-51-0.jpeg

    A new discovery last night. I am on holiday so a spritz is allowed on a Monday. Bought this from Astrum and it’s delicious. Much more refined than aperol and a lot less sweet. It’s a keeper!
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  14. Agreed...also, do try a Duvel Tripel Hop if you have the chance...it may not be to your taste but it certainly puts most American craft IPAs to shame IMO!
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  15. Fullish colour, but nothing to worry about — nicely mature Chablis, at the richer end of the spectrum this would take classically sauced sole or equivalent in its stride.


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