Weekend drinking thread 17 July 2020

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  1. Ch D’Aussieres 2013

    Trademark brambly fruit of Corbieres but with a smoothness that I don’t often associate with Languedoc reds.

    For those in the northwest, I picked this us yesterday from the wine shop at Huntleys at Samlesbury. They have some interesting stuff, including lots of Italian wines.
  2. [​IMG]

    Down for a week away in Devon and have brought a few bottles down to enjoy. Had this with some homemade pizza overlooking South Sands bay near Salcombe

    La Spinetta - Barbaresco Valeirano 2006
    Nose: classic tar, dried cherry, a savoury balsamic note. Could smell this all day!
    Palate: candied cherry (made me think of cherry pez dispenser sweets!), chocolate, long finish with fine but teeth coating tannins Lovely stuff

  3. I like that squat style of decanter Chris - is it a specific brand?
  4. It's a Zalto Adam, the angles match the tilt of the earth's axis or something.
  5. @Peter Radford - what kind of Zalto are you using in your pic? I thought universal, but then the shape of the glass appears vertically straight. It may just be the pic of course...
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  6. it’s a universal. I think the wide angle on the iPhone may be playing some tricks.
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  7. Sorry @Peter Radford - I was looking at the wrong photo - the one posted by Chris Davis.
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  8. A bottle of Bregeon's Muscadet 'original' 2017 this evening. A wine of quiet but sensational purity and depth.
  9. You were right Richard, Bordeaux Zalto glass. :)
  10. A white Marsannay Les Vignes Marie 2017 from Domaine du Vieux College. Lovely and spicy, fairly long, and reasonable VFM. The real reason for posting is that it was my first experience of an ardea seal. What an odd looking thing. Seems like it is a combination of pink plastic with a clear plastic coating at the wine end with a grey plastic seal. I thought the top end was wax when I removed the foil but it is plastic too. Also narrower at the top becoming more bulbous towards the wine. It came out easily with the corkscrew I used which isn't always the case with man made stoppers.
  11. Friday...

    Another 2015 Roberto Garbarino Alta Langa Extra Brut - This is a very refreshing ultra dry wine which is very well balanced with lovely acidity. No actual notes taken, from memory it had a lovely mousse, green apple, brioche, maybe some pear [I will be more observant next time!]. Anyway long story short is that we love this wine and will definitely make it a regular cellar staple. I would love to put it into a blind tasting with either premium marque or grower champagnes.

    Also had 2012 Poderi Colla Dardi Le Rose Bussia - I drank this in family barbecue scenario out of a relatively poor wine glass so the first impression was a bit - meh. I found that the wine was very much into its drinking window and came across as quite delicate and light for a Barolo (espec. Bussia) but was nevertheless delicious (confirmed later from better glassware) but it was not anything more than an enjoyable wine. Apologies no descriptive note taken nor is it firmly etched in my memory.


    An unknown dry sherry from a first visit to a local Spanish restaurant - sold by the glass for £4.50! Actually pretty decent - I will find out what it was next time - I suspect Tio Pepe.
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  12. 0F07A343-5595-4FC1-B79C-958ED9C5017F.jpeg

    Among others this is worth the uplift from the bog standard
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  13. upload_2020-7-19_22-28-7.jpeg

    Settling into the holiday and really enjoyed this with some olives before dinner. Really gluggable stuff, great value.

    then moved into this with the local butchers’ steak pie...


    Beautiful floral, violet nose. Then crunchy red berry fruit with leafy herbs and that bloody, iodine Syrah flavour. Bags of peppery, spicy energy on the finish too. Delicious.
  14. Lanson Noble Cuvée 2000 was lovely tonight. Understated power and mid palate depth, but above all, supremely elegant and refined from start to finish.
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  15. I have only had the 2092 of this cuvée but my experiences align pretty well with your note. It’s quite an under the radar wine in terms of its quality.
  16. Testing a 2017 JM Fourrier Chambolle 1er Aux Echanges tonight, silky smooth on the palate, the fruit was a little darker than I expected and began to tighten up and show more tannin after a couple of hours, should be lovely in time
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  17. Back to the future....
  18. You were certainly drinking with style this weekend Paul ! The Raveneau sounds fantastic.

    I am still not familiar enough with burgundy vintages (on reds) - were they both ready for drinking ?
  19. DABA7D24-9F5E-4F89-8C9C-4AF93D9AD70E.jpeg 32C96324-7B36-4B00-86B7-7A745131531C.jpeg
    Les Rieux and the man himself among the vines, last year. His house is visible in the first picture. Beautifully evocative note, Simon.
    • 1996 Louis Jadot Clos de la Roche - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Clos de la Roche Grand Cru (19/07/2020)
      1/2, very good cork.
      Medium garnet core, touch of mahogany, wide pale garnet/mahogany rim. Nose shows pure, noble red fruit, game, soil. Touch of mushroom. Palate is medium bodied, sweetly savoury, underlying pure red fruit, spice quite gamey, fully resolved tannins, fresh/vibrant acidity carrying a very good length harmonious finish. This is delicious and drinking really well. (94 pts.)
    Posted from CellarTracker
  20. I really liked it, Kevin - so thank you. It improved over the subsequent two days, as you'd said. I finished the last of it yesterday and, following the Blachian dictum, immediately opened another.
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  21. 6D997F26-7508-4151-B159-821F8E238993.JPG
    Went off my usual beaten track this weekend and tried this South African 2014 Tim Martin Wines Chad Chenin Blanc. Really enjoyable. Saved the second half of the bottle for tonight to see how it evolves.
  22. Simon,
    It does seem as if the slightly sunny friendly nature of 2000 worked together with the Lanson non malo regime to deliver a real stunner, every time I have this it reminds me it turned out to be one of the best.
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