Weekend drinking thread 17 July 2020

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  1. I've drunk five of those so far-they might as well have been five different wines, which is both good and bad.
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  2. @Nick Amis - how was it taking the kids to the Michelin star? Was there a nice atmosphere. Cuisine shown in the pic looks lovely.
  3. This was an absolutely outstanding Chateauneuf-du-Pape courtesy of Ben Coffman. Gloriously old-school with deep savoury fruit, moderate alcohol and surprising intensity on the finish. In great shape for its age too, at its peak with not the slightest hint of senility. Probably the best Chateauneuf I’ve drunk in a decade. Clear ****.
  4. Yesterday a mature - but in a good sense - bottle Bourgogne Blanc 2005 from Domaine Leflaive, not poxed, medium golden colour, good fruit, light pineapple, lemon, hints of sweet bread, medium bodied and going well our melon & ham. Afterwards Petite Eglise 2011, young, but maturing, decanted after tasting the first sips and gaining complexity from minute to minute, dark ruby colour, good acidity for a 100 % Merlot wine, a real winner for a vintage like 2011.
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  5. Scholtes 2018 Neumagener Feinherb and Jonas Dostert 2018 Elbling.
  6. It was bib gourmand rather than *, and outside, so less formal. My daughter (4) was a PITA about the food and didn't eat that much, but that's not unusual. My son (8) was loving it! We make them eat out a lot though.
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  7. Can someone enlighten me? I thought that UK was imposing a 14-day quarantine on people coming from France, and as a result, France was imposing a reciprocal quarantine on people coming from UK.
  8. Finished, Claude. At least I think so. Most of us, particularly our Prime Minister, now have rather a shaky grasp of the currently applying regulations.
  9. Yes, finished.
  10. D4B2AFCF-5890-4D71-918D-05410F34D32F.jpeg

    2013 François Carillon P-M Les Combettes. Not too shabby for the much maligned 2013 vintage for white burgundy. Possibly at its peak for my tastes, the searing acidity has mellowed but it retains great freshness alongside the development of some more nuanced secondary characteristics.
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  11. That's brilliant Eric. I am pleased you liked it, and Leon above also. You are the first two to open your selection. It might have taken a while to get to some of the others. It is quite nerve-racking having my wines sampled by all of the experts on here, so it is a relief to hear of people enjoying them.

    Interesting comparison with the Mate's. Our vineyard was planted a couple of years before theirs and we both use the Mendoza clone of Chardonnay. Our vines are ungrafted, I'm not sure about theirs. And the barrel treatment is very similar. The only significant difference is price and of course they are about 800 kilometres further north.
  12. First of a baker’s dozen, and unsurprisingly, punching above what the AC might suggest.

    • 2005 Domaine Denis Bachelet Côte de Nuits Villages - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Nuits Villages (18/07/2020)
      Quite deep in colour, dense too. Lovely maturing Gevrey-like nose of meaty dark fruit with an earthiness and a sense of maturing development. Surprisingly dense and textured. Nicely open, tightening a little after a couple of hours. Impressive. ***1/2 (90 pts.)
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  13. Tonight, we started with a glass of Bourgogne Blanc 2017, Vaudoisey, which is simply lovely ATM. Balance of fruit, oak and acidicity spot on. Picked up from the domaine last autumn.
    Then with burgers, Garon Cote Rotie Le Triote 2009, deep crimson, savoury, dark fruited, touch of meat and spice, complex. We are blessed.
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  14. Yum yum, thanks to all for some lovely wines!
    4117DF28-CE17-40E4-BB8A-DFAAD34B0DFD.jpeg 3C3181E9-E314-4E5E-AEDE-C6986ECCEE1E.jpeg
  15. Tonight after a 9 hour drive with a 9yo and 7yo and the dog we arrived in Fife and headed to the chippy. I had fish she had sausage so from my holiday stash I opened a roulot BB 16 for the fish and a Tempier rouge 14 the sausage. Only had a couple of small glasses of the Roulot which was good, probably not as good as the last bottle I had a month or two ago which was really delicious. Will revisit tomorrow.

    The bandol however was lovely. Really deep, dark fruit, with a big herbal rinse. Lingering flavours of liquorice followed the fruit and then a cool minty freshness on the finish. Seriously good.

  16. Some Savoyard sausages tonight with the first of my mixed case of Ultravino rosatos. Good times.

    • NV Azienda Agricola Rivella Silvia Svicc Rosato Vino da Tavola - Italy, Piedmont, Vino da Tavola (7/18/2020)
      Crimson coloured - no wussy pink here. Lovely wine - lots of zip to the tangfastic blood orange fruit, and there are interesting little herbal notes dotted throughout too. Very hard not to drink it all before our dinner was ready... (90 pts.)

  17. Thanks, Thom. So UK has dropped the requirement or France has dropped reciprocity?
  18. UK dropped the requirement for many countries, including France
  19. Friends for dinner last night:

  20. 2001 Dry River Pinot Noir. Previous bottles have been dominated by oak, graphite and almost Syrah-like aromatics. This however was stunning. Pure red fruits, a slight hint of tobacco and forest floor and none of the green edges I often find with kiwi Pinot. Even knowing what it was, there was nothing that said anything but Côte d’Or.

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  21. interesting wine, I bought a bunch of ‘98 and ‘99, all gone now.
  22. I have been drinking quite a bit of red Bordeaux of late - so thought I would cross reference with one my favourite NZ producers. This is a more overtly fruity wine - with the merlot very evident this year. Tannins not as polished or evident as a hypothetical Bordeaux counterpart - but it is a very good wine and an utter bargain in the context of Bordeaux prices. Buy!
  23. A few nice bottles over the weekend. Siro Pacenti Rosso di Montalcino 2014 and Sesti Brunello 2014 first up. The Sesti noticeably paler than the Rosso. All fragrance and elegance. The Rosso from Siro Pacenti was darker and richer. My wife preferred the Rosso, I preferred the Brunello, so that worked out well. On Friday we had a bottle of the 2011 Frederic Emile Riesling from Trimbach. On opening it was quite stern but in the glass it blossomed beautifully. Decent weight without being heavy. Then last night with my brother in law over, we had a 2014 Maison Tastelune Grand Cru Blanchots Chablis with some nice Monkfish kebabs on the BBQ. This was a bargain bottle from M&S last year. Bloody lovely. All the precision and balance of the 2014 vintage, with decent Grand Cru texture. Not mind blowing but a really good drink. The 2014 Hands of Time Cabernet blend from Stags Leap wasn’t really needed, but it rounded off a good few days of drinking. Again a very good bottle, lots of classic Cabernet fruit, but decent acidity and certain leafiness keeping things fresh. Impressive
  24. Finished of the remainder of the Chablis 1er Cru Forêt 1999, Raveneau opened on Friday evening. Pretty much the same note with the exception that there was a big of an unpleasant vegetal pong on the nose. It blew off with a few swirls and the palate very similar to the previous evening.
    As I said, the two Burgundies on Friday evening put me in the mood for more Burgundy so opened and decanted this Morey-Saint-Denis 1er cru Les Sorbets 2013 from Albert Bichot.

    More Saint Denis 1er cru les Sorbets 2013 Albert Bichot Web.jpg

    Very dark red colour with a nose of red cherry and raspberries with a hint of oak in the background. Quite thin and sharp on the palate with sour cherry flavours and a bit of spice. Also (and I don't know if the label triggered this) a dollop of raspberry sorbet. Bit of spice on the finish with some slightly course tannins. Interesting wine but not as satisfying as the Auxey-Duresses 1er cru from Friday.
    It just got me wondering a bit as MSD is probably the more famous vineyard but is it better terroir? Or was it just the difference between the vintages? I just felt that the A-D was much more in the style of red Burgundy that I love, having body, balance and complexity. While, it was a decent enough wine, the MSD just seemed a bit weedy and characterless in comparison.
    Perhaps its an issue with a domaine that has far too many wines in its portfolio and is too big to give each apellation their full attention? I don't know, but I do know I'd rather be drinking Michel Prunier's wines over Albert Bichot's.
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  25. No one commented on the ketchup - come on guys - up your game!

    We had a camping weekend. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER expect anything good to come from a night where the person in charge of booze (not me) said "I got a load of cubiboxes of red on the cheap - they'll be fine"

    An absolute beast of a hangover Saturday morning - restored via a 10 mile walk with exhausted children literally being dragged to the car on Saturday

    Today? A rather bloody lovely Vincent Girardin Volnay VV 2014 - best Burg I've had in months..... wonderful, light yet deep - excellent stuff.

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