Weekend Drinking 9th Nov

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  1. Re-acquainted myself with Henri Bourgeois Le Petit Clos this weekend. It was very tasty ('16) , but I didn't buy as the asking price was £16.50, after discount.
    Thread drift alert: one of my favourite cellar door venues - quirky to say the least.

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  2. I hate bizarre pricing too! :D

    What an expensive wine!
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  3. Trouble is, now I can't do a sneaky edit, in order to hide my embarrassment. :oops:
  4. Are you sure? :p
  5. Meeting of the Oxford Chapter this month was themed "Hygge" wines. Inevitably, big reds and sweet wines abound:

    2001 Reichsgraf Von Kesselstatt Graacher Domprobst Spatlese Reisling (lovely, but probably drink up if you've got any)
    2015 Vega Norte X Listan Prieto (hid its 15% well!)
    2015 Luigi Bosca Los Miradores Malbec
    2012 Frogs Leap Rutherford Cab Sauv (in a very good place)
    2014 Pulenta Gran Corte Malbec
    NV Victoria Opitz Goldamsel Beerenauslese White (high sugar went well with Cherry pie)
    2011 Anthemis Samos White Muscat (still one of the best value wines from Greece IMO)
  6. Got through all 12 of mine already! A lovely wine and a bargain.
  7. Opened some local 2005’s over Sunday lunch, all showing very well:-

    Philippe Foreau, Brut Reserve, Vouvray - perhaps the best sparkling wine I have drunk this year. Delicious, slipped down a treat.

    Huet, Clos du Bourg sec, Vouvray - very fine, and still youthful.

    Max Cognard, Les Malgagnes, St.Nicolas de Bourgueil - more developped than the next two, may drink up my remaining bottles sooner than planned (but keep my magnums!)

    Yannick Amirault, Les Quartiers, Bourgueil - lovely ruby colour still, polished, very good, certainly no hurry to drink these.

    Bernard Baudry, Le Clos Guillot, Chinon - the finest of these three reds, lovely fruit, bags of life remaining

    A little further afield, a half bottle of 2005 Chateau La Tour Blanche, Sauternes - rather delicious after a good helping of apple crumble.
  8. Bernard Remy Millesime 2012 - a decent if a bit uninspring champagne. I think the underlying vintage is carrying it. Had guests in so 2 bottles were opened and there was a distinct difference despite bottle codes indicating the same batch. First bottle was much softer, the second having a bit of an astringent finish. Strange.

    Dirty and Rowdy Unfamiliar Mourvedre 2017 - As ever, totally reliable. Starting to develop a bit of wildness on the nose which is very attractive. Violets, dried plums. Very smooth. So quaffable.

    Dirty and Rowdy Shake Ridge Ranch Mourvedre 2016 - I expected a quite a bit more from this given it should be a distinct step up from the Unfamiliar - a very very fine sediment so the wine is full on cloudy. Barnyardy and a bit stewed. Rebottled and refrigerated to see if it comes round later today. DR wines seem almost impervious to air so I'm optimistic, but this may actually be flawed.

    Wind Gap Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir 2015 - Pax Mahle has moved on from Wind Gap and a lot of the wines he made are appearing on the local market at knock down prices. This was $17 which feels like daylight robbery. A very serious Pinot, great structure with a good backbone of tannin that is just screaming for some age. Air makes it tighten up significantly so the first half hour with the bottle is the most thrilling. Fortunately it's an easy wine to drink so that's no problem right now.

    Evesham Wood Mahonia Vineyard Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2015 - No thank you. Cola on the finish, disappointingly sweet and pales in comparison to the Wind Gap. I'm glad this is the last wine of the night as I'd struggle to drink this with a less tired palate.
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  9. Tonight Beaune Les Epenottes 1993, Pierre Bouree, with a wine society label. I remember the last bottle some 15 years ago being a feeble mess but this is rather ravishing, full of sous bois and certainly mature but still with piercing Beaune plums and redcurrants and impressive evenness through the registers, a taste of another time in a way that Bourée can do so well. Or so disastrously. Time seems to sort them out but one never knows what is and is not bottle variation, I'd love to know what Toby Morhall thinks if he happens to read this. Perfect with a very bourgeois bifteck haché a la moutarde and cauliflower gratin.
  10. Hi Ian , how was the Orin Swift. One of their lesser wines of course and I’m sure in a richer Californian style.Any merit ?
    Sorry to dig up an old thread.

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