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  1. No thread up so thought I would kick off as I’ve been looking forward to a few new wines and a sneak peak of my December WIMPS offering.

    Kick off with these. Not to everyone’s taste I’d imagine but heron lies the beauty and range of the subject matter and people.

  2. Two contrasting wines. Last night, Domaine L’Octavin Betty Rosay. It’s direct pressed orangey-pink Gamay which Alice bought in from Southern Bojo. A Vin de France. Generously fruity and light (12%). Neckable.

    Tonight Domaine Ilarria Irouléguy 2009, which has been sleeping in the cellar. Mainly Tannat, it’s still youthful, but having tasted it I think it should do the trick on a night like this...spicy sausage stew with mashed potatoes and roasted cauliflower. Just heading off to eat and drink it.

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  3. The 2001 Auslese is about as expected - lovely and a great start.

    Bodegas Aleanna Gran Enemigo 2012 blend (not the single vineyard Gualtallary, that’s for a later date as have both) was a recent tasting and very enjoyable so have bought a case of each and some of the newer vintage for the future.
    40% Malbec, 40% Cab sav and rest Cab Franc. Sure not to the taste of those who prefer the more austere, dry, tannic type wines and very new world Malbec nose. Some silky opulence and sweetness with a slight limestone finish.
    It’s very easy to drink and enjoy with a real line of acidity that surprised me a touch.
    I like this as an different style to much of my drinking stock.

    Edit - after time in glass seems to pick up some steel core and bite. Really surprising. Still very enjoyable but a reversal to how you would expect as a wine “opens”. This seems to have tightened itself up and not in a bad way.
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  4. Yesterday Pietradolce Etna Rosso Archineri 2011 - lovely lightish wine with beautiful smoky aromatics that put on some decent weight after an hour or two. Great to find a good Etna Rosso - most disappoint me. This one definitely not, and it did remind me why some people refer to these wines as "Burgundian". And Verdicchio di Matelica Cambrugiano Riserva 2013 from Belisario - classy, richly-fruited and creamy wine from Italy (and maybe the world's?) best-value grape (which, incidentally, rarely disappoints). Both wines in a great place right now - could go further, but no need.
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  5. Mark what’s the mid And finish like on the Etna Rosso. Only had one and was lovely until this super austere / dry finish and tartness.
  6. Didn't notice anything like that, Mike. I'd say its strongest suit was the nose, but it was a nice wine all round, for me at least. I probably like a bit of tartness, but reckon it was in a good moment, though.
  7. Interesting Mark. I've always found that the Archineri lacks a bit of mid palate weight for me so pleased to hear that this was not the case with this 2011; fantastic vintage though is 2011. Did you feel that the 2011 was good to go now or would it benefit from further cellaring?
  8. Schlumberger Pinot Gris Grand Cru Spiegel 2010 tonight. Second time with this wine and it really is rather good. There’s a fair dollop of RS but with the right food (gammon and savoy cabbage were the main ingredients) it works splendidly.

    I’ve never been totally convinced by Schlumbeger but this is not all that far behind my Alsatian favourites.

    Shame it was a single bottle in some ways - hidden in amongst a load of mature Boxler that I bought last year.
  9. With a mushroom risotto opened a Mac Forbes EB30 Nebbiolo 2016. This is from a vineyard called Still Waters in the Yarra Glen area of Yarra Valley. 12.5%. Sensational nose. Really jumps out of the glass. Exotic spice overlaying the classic Nebbiolo fragrance. No excess weight. Really fine. There’s a rumble of tannins that creep up but are huggable rather than rasping. Just a really beautiful bottle of one of my favourite grapes
  10. I’m preparation for a December Lunch I had a PX delivered. Since I’ve not so,far fallen in love with a sherry variation I thought this may be worth trying and going straight for the extreme. Well it’s got a fancy case and a marketing wooden label to try and bolster the antiquity angle.
    1946 Bodegas Toro Albala Don PX

    Comes with a tiny test tube (really could do with more) and with some cheese I thought I’d try it.
    This is just stunning. I don’t know where to start and need a full glass to make a proper decision but the power and lightness is ethereal. I might even say slightly cough medicine but it’s in a good way like the stuff you had as a kid and A whole lot of other stuff but it was two little sips. A big long finish. This is very unusual.

    It seems I like sherry :)
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  11. Bertrand-Bergé, Fitou La Bouliere 2013. Mainly Mourvèdre with some Grenache and Carignan. Rugged and leathery with sharp and slightly coarse red and black fruit and enough guts to stand up to some good herby sausage served with lashings of mustard. It’s proper Fitou which is sadly rare.
  12. 2016 VP tasting tonight with Roy Hersh so stand by forumites. Might be the only commoner there!
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  13. Looking forward to your report.
  14. If you’ve not tried it, worth seeking out Luke Lambert’s Neb.
  15. Reinhold Haart? We had an impressive visit with them in the middle of the year.
  16. Yes I think the Reinhold Haart stuff is very good indeed. A traditional richer style so works well with age. This 2001 still fresh with nice balance and many years ahead. I do have a fair bit of older Haart stuff as well as several other producers and styles.
  17. Love that wine. The Mac Forbes version is similar in style
  18. I have read many notes on Musar and never given it much thought. I had tried one once (can’t remember the vintage but know it was very young) and didn’t get it- I do now!

    Last night I had Musar 2000. Lovely, soft, mature red fruit and superb to drink.
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  19. The finest Makgeolli Seoul has to offer! 20181110_195004.jpg
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  20. There is no headache to match a makgeolli headache(a new spelling for me!)
  21. On opening a 2011 Berbera d'Alba Prunotto Pian Romualdo was screeching acid. However after a little while, still very tart, it went perfectly with my birthday dinner of Lancashire hot pot stuffed with black pudding. That said, have been farting all night.
  22. Domaine David Clark Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2010. This is so good at the moment.
  23. 1. Gosset Grande Reserve, 2. Jean-Paul Brun Grille Midi Fleurie 2013, 3. Nathalie & Gilles Fevre, Chablis 2015

    1.Bright clean Champagne with some breadth as well as depth. A personal VFM wine and usually so even in top London restaurants.
    2. A sadly corked Beaujolais from one of my favourite Burgundian style producers. The last bottle of this purchase and one of the few corked wines of more recent years. The previous bottles were deep and satisfying with good acidity
    3. One of N&G Fevre basic Chablis and one of Susan's favourites. Nathalie persuaded us to try it [we were there for their 1er Cru Vaulorent and GC Preuses] and it was a real hit which she described as one of her own favourites. Superb VFM

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  24. Bonfire party. Mulled cider with wood fired pizza. Oak-aged oatmeal stout to follow (home brewed). There’s a few bottles of TWS Montepulciano on the side, as usual.
  25. Really enjoyed Claire Naudine’s Le Clou 34 Aligote 2014 at St Leonard’s last night (superb food as well). It was steely, limey and saline and was a brilliant match for the mainly fishy food we ordered with it. Seemed to grow in complexity as the night progressed. At £50 on the list I thought it was good value. Enjoyed it so much I ordered a couple of bottles for home this morning. Sign of a good wine, I think...

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