Weekend Drinking 7th September.

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Mike Humphreys, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. So autumn is here and with a lunch planned tomorrow I thought a few glasses were in order.

    The 2012 Beaucastel Blanc VV is drinking well and may be in the verge of going away but is fine right now.

    Then an unusual one from my Cognac visit. A literally fantastic Pineau. A real step up on what I’d had before and delicious , balanced with a lovely nose that’s not just pure cognac and grape but almost a caramel cognac. Lovely.

    Gaston Rivière Pineau Francois 1er White Pineau.

    For me this is a revelation in Pineau and more towards a good Riesling but with that cognac base.
    Very nice indeed and fairly priced.
    Where can I buy more though I do have a bottle of special extra age stuff by them so that will be a treat,
  2. Quick search on winesearcher and there is a uk retailer stocking it.
    £12 all in per half which is ok. I paid 8 euros in cognac and they have the reserve at £34 as well.

    If I can I might take some on the party train to lunch tomorrow for one or two to try,
  3. Had a great bottle of ‘98 Jamet Côte Rotie for lunch on Wednesday. Great nose and mouth-watering acidity. Tannins were mostly resolved with impeccable balance. Paired perfectly with Roasted Fatty Pork Belly and Wagyu Beef, acidity cutting through those fats.
  4. Glad you like the Pineau, a favourite of ours.

    A birthday in our house so maybe something nice but that’s somewhat incompatible with early mornings to dodge the heat for cycling, running etc.
  5. Slightly disappointing Vollenweider Wolfer Goldgrube Spätlese Goldkapsel ‘08 & Pierre Gonon St. Joseph Blanc Les Oliviers ‘11, yesterday evening. Expected more in view of previous experience. The latter would have benefited from a decant.
  6. Lovely bottle of Giacossa Barbaresco 1995 last night. Huge Nebiollo nose, with everything but fruit going on. High acidity, rich mouthfeel, lots of furry tannin and a thick deposit in the bottle. Despite this not tiring at all, rather compellingly drinkable. Rustic exquisite.
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  7. Yes you mentioned Francois 1er which led me to do search and see this Gaston was well regarded.
    By utter chance found some in a Cognac Chocolate shop on last day, recognised the name I had searched and somebody’s comment in my thread so grabbed 2 bottles.
    Have the reserve as well which is well aged.

    So thanks for the reference. It’s a real obvious step up on the other pineau I’ve tried
    They do a 40 year aged one as well !!!
    We can buy in UK as well so I’ll be cracking open the reserve to taste now I know I can replenish.
  8. Had Peter Lehman Stonewall 2005, it was drinking well. Not over sweet, but complex and resolving, with a coolness to the finish which invited another sip. Maybe I'm ready to revisit Barosa shiraz.

    The red sticker on the side says £12.99 from Waitrose. Happy Thursday.
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  9. Last glass out of a bottle of Kumeu Hunting Hill 2015, consumed, surprisingly for me, over 3 days. Just replaced screw cap in between and last glass the best. First bottle about a year ago was a real mess, now, really come together with focussed, lemony but austere fruit with lovely stoney acidity.
    Thai BYO tonight so some Alsace could be in order!
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  10. They used to serve Francois 1er at Gordon Ramsay RHR....
  11. I have a single Rockford Badket Press Shiraz 2002 which has been rattling around the cellar for years. Might drink it outside by the fire pit. No idea what to expect.
  12. 2010 Fourrier Morey Cos Solon for us tonight - just lovely with outstanding purity of fruit, lovely aromatics and fine, elegant palate.
  13. A couple of 2014 Brut Natures from Dirler-Cade followed by a rather lovely 2012 Riesling Spiegel from the same. Glossed over a terribly average Thai.
  14. Really into a nice Chardonnay from S France, Lafage Novellum.
  15. In the end Colombier Hermitage 2004. Pleasant if unspectacular. Hints of game rather than the rush of blood one expects. Rather fruit forward with not quite enough grip to hold it together. I suspect time will bring more interest to the wine but it didn’t feel like it had the stuffing to improve much.
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  16. Before the wonderful Harrows event outside the town I was drinking Roederer rose 2012 and Vilmart Grand Cellier NV 2013 base (?). Roederer rose was very light in colour, didnt really have much "rose" taste, and actually tasted a bit green. Very good acidity for a 2012, not super approachable but should I say its a good thing compared to other 2012 vintage around? My friend was not overly enjoying. Opened up after 15 min in glass but decided to close the bottle and opened Vilmart instead. It’s much more easy going with good amount of fruit. At the beginning nose a bit funny but soon back to normal. 2013 base chardonnay brings solid acidity to the wine. Still think it’s a good value NV bottles (there are better NV in magnum form, but well) if you gets from Waitrose sale.

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  17. That pretty much mirrored my experience with their Coddington 15 a couple of months back Jim.
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  18. A wonderful Jura dinner last night at Solent Cellar. Drank a lot but the two highlights for me were Overnoy/Houillon Ploussard ‘15 (a joy) and Puffeney Vin Jaune 1995 (sounding profound bass notes of such depth).

    We drank a sous voille Savagnin from Daniel Dugois with the “poulet” (which really was aux Vin Jaune et aux morilles).

    This lunchtime a glass of Philippe Bornard petnat Ça va Bien from magnum with Comté tart.

    Tonight my penultimate bottle of Foradori Lézer, their light red (Teroldego, I think).

    Also feeling chuffed having come away with three different new Tillingham wines, some new Ganevat, some Wieninger Bisamberg and a Rosé de Garde from La Selve.
  19. Shame to have missed this event.
    I suspect the Puffeney VJ would’ve been worth the trip by itself.
    A lunchtime bottle of N.V. Jacquart Brut Mosaïque Rosé - maybe the deeper pink rosé champers we’ve drunk. It’s quite good - plenty of red summer fruits.
    Tonight it will be Petaluma Coonawarra ‘04.
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  20. Sipping a ‘10 Rene Rostaing La Landonne at the moment, despite relatively young age, smooth on palate due to its fine tannins. Plenty of oaks yet to be integrated. Not exceptionally long with warmth at finish. Excellent wine but I do prefer the ‘98 Rostaing La Landonne opened earlier this week which has improved tremendously over the years.
  21. E83F0325-D644-4C05-AB6A-DFD5AFD4BA6B.jpeg
    A perennial favourite last night, the Terlaner Classico 2017. Salty, slightly herbal, grapefruit juice. Not quite as weighty as some previous vintages but great acidity and mineral bite.
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  22. You’d have had to put up with me talking but the Puff was only £12.50 a glass, for the ‘95, totally mental. The other VJ’s showed well too, even the Berthet-Bondet 2009 Château-Châlon, which was young but very good indeed.
  23. another visit to the reliably excellent Chez Bruce last night produced a light weight but supremely elegant Roulot Meursault 2011 and a slow to unfurl Sottimano Barbaresco Pajoré 2004 which started slightly ponderously but freshened up in the end
  24. Good to hear, David. I'm happy complacently assuming that the latter will last longer than I will, but I'd be interested in your thoughts on the longevity of the former, or perhaps more accurately on the best time to open it.

    Dujac Chambolle 2011 last night opened with an entrancing florality and from the first sip one knew this was one of those weightlessly perfumed bottles of Burgundy that good fortune conspired to have you open at precisely the right time. On second sip, it started tightening and vanishing from view. The most irritating thing about this Burgundian behaviour is that such failure leaves you even more besotted with the idea of opening another. I suppose at least it's an exceedingly wholesome habit compared to some other comparable experiences.
  25. Opened a Leflaive 09 Clavoillon, but whilst not fully shot it had that poxy sickly sweet nose and palate indicating it’s halfway down the cliff. Replaced with a Fevre 05 Bougros, the domaine version, which is lovely. Proper bite and salinity, a touch of honey initially, hinting at the vintage but then dispersing. Not quite the drive and length of the best, but very good.
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