Weekend drinking 31/7/2020-

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  1. Cant see a thread yet.

    Been working v hard so time for a belated birthday celebration.

    Time for some caviar this afternoon whilst watching Glorious Goodwood. :)


    The Ruinart had had a few extra years ageing in the cellar and was just delicious with cream, toast a touch of autolysis but still a fresh acid spine.
    Thought the Muscadet and the Chardonnay were ok - bog standard nothing to get excited about, but rather liked the Italian one.

    Its been a long time since I've had the proper stuff - it was ok the Tradition was very mushy and the texture of the Oscietra and Sevruga was also softer than i remembered. I suspect the last real Caviar I tasted was from Caviar House back when it still came from the Caspian.
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  2. Jacquesson 738 with fish and chips tonight. My last of a six pack bought in 2015.
  3. Holiday begins in 5 hours. Going caving tonight so inevitable beer afterwards. Tomorrow there's a magnum of Louis Roederer 2008 for lunch (we have guests) followed by pizza (and beer). Sunday flame-roasted rib of beef with Giscours 83.
  4. Westwell Amphora Ortega tonight.
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  5. A 2017 Moniot-Nie Savigny 1er blanc last night (remainder tonight). Nicely chalky. No overt oak. Very decent and a notable step up from the Ladoix blanc.
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  6. Going with some friends to Sager+Wilde on Sunday to open up a 85 Sassicaia and some others. Be good to catch up in the Sun
  7. Good to hear it’s a step up Ben as the Ladoix blanc was definitely a little ripe and unkempt around the edges (although enjoyable enough and a very fair price).
  8. What exactly does flame-roasted rib of beef involve? It sounds delicious.
  9. This weekend I’ll be making inroads into a few cases that were lying in bond that I had sent up to my folks for our “summer holiday” in Scotland. It’s currently about 17c here compared to 34c in London. Bit of a family gathering this weekend so should be opening a few bottles.

    Wines to be opened are;

    - Barbera d'Alba, Cerreto, Roberto Voerzio, 2016 - actually Road-tested one last night and drinking really well for me, love the relatively light weight and floral notes in this wine

    - Falanghina, Cantina del Taburno, 2018 - again had some of this on Wednesday night with a curry takeaway and it was delicious

    And still to be opened;
    - Vin de France, Bretonnière, de la Taille aux Loups, 2014,
    - Rosso di Montalcino, Cerbaiona, 2013
    - Oestricher Lenchen Rosengarten, Grosses Gewächs, Spreitzer, 2013

    hopefully should be a nice mix
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  10. Very nice, and belated Birthday wishes.
    Mind we won’t be getting rich as the “BAT” screams in at Goodwood.
  11. Ssshhh going to watch it on catch-up at 4 ;)
  12. Secrets safe it has not gone to post yet.
  13. 440127CD-4894-468B-A622-3F6DFC4C29FB.jpeg All this talk of Rosé and Gosset has influenced tonights selection.
  14. 2001 Domaine Denis Bachelet Gevrey-Chambertin Vieilles Vignes - Took the best part of 7 hours to open up but pretty much at peak now. Very muted at first on both the nose and palate with a strong bitterness. A Vosne-like spice emerged with a little sweet kirsch-y finish, before evolving into a more Gevrey-like rusticity of sous bois and mushroom. Interesting that the wine opened up not only in terms of the volume of flavour, but also texture which became a lot more sensuous. Good concentration from old vines, impeccable balance by a good producer. Wines like these are the reason why people fall into the rabbit hole of Burgs. Lovely.

  15. Lovely wine-2001 is a vintage in which only the best producers made village wines that have gone the distance, it has seemed to me.
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  16. In the Wood-fired oven, hot from the previous day’s pizza, I use a combination of oven heat and direct flame to get that crispy, caramelised exterior and keep the beef very rare. I posted a photo a while back. Also gives the option for charred or roasted veg. Very popular amongst the brood.
  17. [​IMG]

    Jaboulet Hermitage “La Chapelle” 1999
    Fancied opening this before actually thinking what to have for dinner. Down to a few bottles left of this vintage. Forgive the structured notes as just taken my WSET 2!

    Colour: medium ruby
    Nose: pronounced smoky meat, pepper, blackcurrant, blueberry
    Palate: medium acid, medium body, med tannin flavours delivers on the nose meaty, black fruit, some oolong tea even. Long finish.

    I understand this wasn’t a great vintage for Jaboulet, they were in a bit of a funk at the time, but very nice wine none the less
  18. Too hot and muggy to drink or cook anything remotely serious. I got as far as making feta and carrot salad and tossing some avocados and tomatoes when I decided I couldn’t stand it a moment longer and that will have to do. Drinking vinho verde right now which is rising to the occasion by tasting of nothing but cold, fizzy acidity. Will probably try a somewhat hip-looking muscadet later called “Abstraction #1” by Vignoble Guérin, if I haven’t melted by then.
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  19. A perfectly serviceable Macon from the Coop with a very poor meal at Brasserie Georges in Lyon.
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  20. On my recent BC trip saw locked gates at Blue Mountain but did mange to visit Wild Goose and picked up some Pinot Gris, always top drawer imo.
    Floral, citrus and green apple on the nose..pourer said `honey`` but not for me.Some sweetness, acidity ok, really enjoyable. Overall a wonderful fragrant wine with good balance. The citrus pith on the finish did not deter my pleasure.
  21. A sensationally good 08 Chablisienne Vaulorent was interrupted after the first glass last night, when my last mouthful of accompanying brill harpooned my throat. The fifteen hour two hospital extravaganza that followed saw the wine oxidise slightly by the time I was home for morning coffee, and while still good tonight it has broadened with some crab apple, and lost the piercingly saline mineral cut that defined it yesterday. One of the best and most typical Chablis I’ve had in a while. Fingers crossed for its next outing delivering on that promise without any collateral damage.

    Feeling a bone-in serloin gave one better odds in the bone spotting stakes (steaks?), Arnot-Roberts 16 Sonoma Syrah was as advertised by Robbie and others here a few weeks back. Light, peppery, some citrus zing and freshness, but also a slight sense of pettilant spritz and a slightly natural twang to the finish that could become cidery. Fun rather than fine wine, but none the worse for that.
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  22. Life ain't so bad.....

  23. 2009 Brauneberger Juffer Riesling Kabinett 2009 (Schloss Lieser). Lightish yellow colour, with pronounced spritz; apple, pineapple, off-dry, with balanced acidity (lemon, apple) and a mineral edge, finish long and balanced. Don't think I need to rush to finish the rest of the case, but already a joy to drink.
  24. Some Piedmont rosato tonight, it being too warm for the red wine our BBQ really demanded. Made from Pinot Noir.

    NV Roberto Garbarino Rosè Grisù Vino da Tavola - Italy, Piedmont, Vino da Tavola (7/31/2020)
    This is decent, but surprisingly acidic and drinks more like a white than an average rose. Pretty powder pink, plenty of fruit, juicy but a tad simple. (88 pts.)


    Much preferred another wine recently from the same mixed case

    NV Azienda Agricola Rivella Silvia Svicc Rosato Vino da Tavola - Italy, Piedmont, Vino da Tavola (7/18/2020)
    Crimson coloured - no wussy pink here. Lovely wine - lots of zip to the tangfastic blood orange fruit, and there are interesting little herbal notes dotted throughout too. Very hard not to drink it all before our dinner was ready... (90 pts.)
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  25. This evening Rodez BldB NV good but I prefer BdN. Then our final Benjamin Passot Juliénas Vayolette ‘17 as delicious as ever. His lesser cuvée, yet the most enjoyable. A potential star.

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