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  1. No thread yet so what interesting bottles do we have ?

    Ahead of the site admins festival I nearly opened a 1984 Peter Lauer Sekt which fascinates me but went with.
    Paul Jaboulet Chevalier Sterimberg Blanc Hermitage 2003.

    It’s aged just fine but there is this slightly stinging, ethanol / alchohol finish which just ruins what could have been a lovely drop.
  2. Obviously we are all abstaining before the big event tomorrow...

    I had lunch with a long time WIMP this afternoon at 67PM (rather beats the office on a Friday afternoon). Nothing too fancy but good food and wine.

    A couple of glasses of Pierre Peters NV hit the spot with half a dozen oysters. A carafe of Chave Selection Circa St Jo Blanc 2016 was delightful with crab on toast, but only really opened up towards the end (air needed!).

    LRA Ardanza 2008 was just the ticket with 100 day aged Cote de Beouf, still very primary but the quality of the fruit and winemaking shining through. I believe this was the first year they used their own vineyard for the garnacha. This wine always appears to be delicious (and good value) at any age, which means I often end up drinking it too early! I am further convinced the quality of this wine is not far from 904 and I really should buy more of this.

    Finished with a lovely cigar (Bolivar Belicosos Finos) with Dalmore whisky at the Bulgari. A fine way to spend an afternoon and much thanks to my luncheon companion.

    Now I intend to be a good boy and drink water for the rest of the day to ensure I am on form for the inaugural naughty boys breakfast pre LFOW tomorrow...
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  3. Last night I opened two contrasting burgundies, 2007 Vosne Romanée Clos de Réas, Michel Gros and a 1995 Nuits-St-Georges Les Saint Georges, Dominique Laurent.
    The 07 was certainly open for business, headily perfumed, noticeable acidity and great great purity. The 95 NSG was much more earthy, with savoury, meaty tones and quite tannic. Both gave pleasure but a degree of palate recalibration was required switching between the two.
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  4. Very good Oliver. A 67PM lunch sounds great so following your advise I’ve opened a
    J J Prum Graacher Himelreich Kabinett 2016

    A recent arrival from a German Emporium I cyber visit. Having a curry shortly so thought a light low alcohol young and fruity number would be ideal.
    Must admit it’s not quite as fruity as I’d imagine but then this is the GH over my normal preferred WS. Lovely and light though with almost tropical florals based around the lemon and citrus side of things, sharp zinging acidity with a deft lightness.

    I think this will excel in a few years but has a real light sharp charm now. Spritzy.
  5. To start the weekend in style we opened a Buisson-Charles 2010 Meursault Gouttes d'Or. Very lovely indeed, fragrant, fine-boned and a long minerally finish. But, compared with previous bottles the colour is deeper and there is just a hint of apple on the nose. Time to drink up the last few bottles ...
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  6. A lovely South African tonight, 2011 JH Meyer Signature Pinot. Would pass as a smart village or even respectable 1er cru burg.
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  7. Peter, do you think that this is indicative of the vintage generally? I ask as I’ve had one or two 2010 WB which have shown signs of tiredness.
  8. Burlotto Verduno Pelaverga 2016 tonight. What a beautiful wine. The most ridiculous bargain at £12.50 from TWS, but I realise there wasn’t nearly enough to go around so I won’t go on about it.
    Opened a L’Aurage 2009 as well. This is so young. Awful lot of good stuff lurking under the oak, but it is very much ‘cl’oaked at the moment. 10 years I reckon
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  9. Did the steak benefit from its 100 days, Oliver?
  11. 2016 Wild Goose Vineyards Autumn Gold VQA Okanagan Valley.

    Think I paid close to $28 Cdn, ouch. Pale yellow in color, blend of Gewurtz, Riesling and Pinot Blanc.
    Some nice floral aspects on the nose, spice for sure with apples and hint of tropical fruits. Nice minerality, peach, pineapple, off-dry. Very easy drinking for the patio in summer but think I prefer other whites from this winery...P Gris for sure.

    Oh, nice note above on the Burlotto Robbie, readily here in AB.
  12. I fear so Ed, though haven't enough recent samples to be definitive. A real shame if the case, as it was such an exciting vintage when young but now I am preferring the more classically styled 2011s. So am planning to crack on quickly with my remaining 2010s. And certainly if you have 2010s as yet untried then they should be checked in on !

    Honourable exceptions would include Coche (BB & MS) and Boillot's Clos de la Mouchere which have been marvellous, still young and tight.
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  13. Whilst it was a very good steak, I wouldn’t say it seemed any better than one aged 28 or 35 days. It did have good flavour and remained succulent and tender, but I am not convinced it was particularly better for the ageing. I suppose one would have to try side by side to find out (but then there would still be many variables at play).
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  14. You have Lidl in Canada? :)
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  15. image.jpeg

    One third the way through a 91 bottle retrospective of 1988 Champagne. A very fine dinner last night at Les Crayeres, wines served blind in flights of four and five. Super service and organisation.

    A surprise winner for this first session (for me) was a fresh complex Legras & Haas BdB 1988 disgorged c. 2008.
    An RL Legras St Vincent was probably the same wine but disgorged earlier and also showed v well. (I've just ordered 6 bottles of St V from Lea and Sandeman this morning!)

    Also impressive was a Pierre Peters Chetillons Served from a Family Reserve magnum ... the finest Peters I have ever had. Taittinger Millesime en magnum directly ex cellars showed superbly (just as it and the 1989 did in magnum a couple of years ago in London at a tasting attended by some other forumites). Some enjoyed the Bollinger GA and RD both from magnum, but I probably preferred the reduction and freshness of the Moet Grand Vintage again from magnum. We finished with a rich and engaging Selosse vintage.

    What struck me was the general excellent condition of wines ... it will be interesting to taste a further 60+ wines today over lunch and dinner at L'Assiette Champenoise starting now at 11:30. I skipped breakfast!
  16. Had a superb bottle of 2001 Chateau Beaucastel yesterday, was in an absolutely perfect spot along its ageing curve. Tonight time for some Alsatian from Louis Sipp, cooking Partridge and depending on what route we take with the bird it will either be the 2009 Grossberg Pinot Noir or 2004 Osterberg Riesling.
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  17. The food on the menu looks absolutely delicious!
  18. PYCM Saint Aubin La Pucelle 2014 with local Dover Sole last night. Sulphur and acidity sums it up for me. Struck match? A whole box of those long ones maybe.
  19. Envy you being at GB Burlotto, Nigel - one of my very favourite visits when in the region.
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  20. It was a remarkable 3 day visit to Italy Andy that started at Quintarelli in the hills north of Verona and finished at GB Burlotto in Verduno in Barolo. Both very special visits as were one or two others in Piedmont in between.
  21. Sounds and looks splendid. Was Les Crayeres head sommelier Philippe Jamesse involved in the Champagne service and were the glasses he designed, made by the French company Lehmann, used? I assume they would have been but which ones: machine or handblown and which size?
    I assume you will similarly be using Chef A Lallement's Lehman produced glasses [5 different size glasses apparently for different types of Champagne] at L'Assiette Champenoise and it would be good to hear whether you had a preference and how both brands of glass performed.
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  22. Fantastic! I’d love to hear more, esp about Quintarelli - one of the very few producers on my bucket-list.
  23. Just watched royal wedding lowlights with Babycham and oysters.
    Did you lot have to pay for all of that?
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  24. I think we did it to impress the commonwealth!
  25. Yep, the locals and all the immigrants who pay our taxes got together and shelled out.
    2 million for security alone. Well worth it I'd say.

    Anyway, back on theme.
    2004 Charvin for me. Recovering from flu (so tn taken with a pinch of salt) this is singing.
    Very red fruited with some lift but mostly a refreshing non alcoholic grenache profile. The colour is more beaujolais than C9.
    Really nice wine, hitting it's stride and the spot right now.
    Phil Wilkins is not alone!

    Right, back to the Royal Wedding highlights.....
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