Weekend 28 May - 1st June

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  1. That's cos its liquid honey :)
  2. Good to read your words on the Tondonia Richard. I have a solitary bottle and thought to have it this summer with similar food style.
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  3. IMG_6739.jpeg

    Two good clarets this weekend. Both lovely to drink, although the Cissac has lots of life ahead. Decanted the magnum had a taste, not much going on. 3 hours later opened up beautifully. The Cissac had a similar decant. Proper Cru Bourgeois claret.
  4. Hi Mark - sourced in Oz.
  5. The only place I’ve seen it. There’s one bottle lurking hereabouts.
  6. A couple of days ago we drank Miani Friulano Colli Orientali del Friuli 2014. I’ve never really enjoyed Friulano but I’ve read that Miani is the best white winemaker in Italy, so I thought I would try this to help me to decide whether to give up on Friulano once and for all. Was it the best Italian white wine I’ve had? No, not by a long chalk. Was it the best Friulano I’ve had? Yes, by miles. Did I enjoy it? Yes: very much. Was it worth the money (about £43 IIRC)? No. It was full and rounded, herbal and ripe, with good acidity. It would have been a decent buy at half the price. I’m glad I tried it but that’s it for me with Friulano unless someone has a recommendation.
  7. 2014 was a dreadful vintage there Colin, it rained all year. Try Borgo del Tiglio Ronco della Chiesa
  8. Thanks, Tom. I knew that 2014 was sub-optimal in most of Central and Northern Italy but not the specifics.

    I’ve enjoyed most of the Borgo del Tiglio wines I’ve had (which is only a handful - and all from vintages earlier than 2014) but I recall there was one that I positively disliked although I didn’t note whether it was a Friulano.
  9. Just an update on my oxidised wine above. The Director of Colombier Wines, Jehu Attias, called me today to apologise. Lovely gentleman, explained about the delicacy of aged Burgundy versus the relative robustness of Claret (Pinot v Cabernet etc) and obviously offered to recompense.

    It’s heartening when a merchant is so personal and honourable.
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  10. Good for him-though a 96 Echezeaux from Lamarche should be very vigorous and indeed is unlikely to be ready and something must have gone wrong with these bottles rather than their failure being predictable in the normal course of things.
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  11. Good to see you got this treatment. I’m afraid many well known merchants would say: sorry, 24 year old wine is a risk and that’s reflected in the price...
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  12. I felt like this about Friulano too until I visited the region. Had a couple of Friulanos there that I liked a lot, Polencic and another that I sadly can't remember, as well as a couple in Slovenia (Zanut?). I don't think I'd pay that much for one, but the wines I tried were all a lot of wine for 10 euros or so.
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