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  1. Off to Alto Piedmont last night with this Fara “Ciada” 2010 from Valley Roncanti. On opening this seemed quite tired, but freshened up a bit in the glass. A bit of beeswax on the nose only woth some more classic nebbiolo floral notes and something a bit spiky (from the vespolina?) Palate has some lovely dark cherries, lively acidity and slightly dusty fine tannins still evident. This was enjoyable but a bit more evolved than I would expect. Frustratingly I have experienced quite a bit of bottle variation with these so far, out of 6 drank: one has been corked, two a bit tired (including this one) and three really good. Two bottles left to go so shall see whether this continues to be variable...
    C586D62B-C3E6-48CE-83E8-7F2249A61819.jpeg 13E5E01A-587E-457B-B788-3D51B1213904.jpeg
  2. As far as the ones I have (two premier crus and a 2016 Bougogne Blanc) are concerned, the 2016 BB has a much lighter bottle than the 2015 and 2017 1er cru, I ended up with, and the cork didn't seem a problem. Can't speak about the corks in the 1ers, as the only bottles opened so far have been at Trompette and 67PM and hence I wasn't doing the opening.
  3. Unusual and interesting to see a village-only tasting(with the Beaune as interloper). It is easy to underestimate the extent to which village wines can give almost the full burgundy experience though it is certainly the area where producers can most clearly demonstrate their prowess, or lack of it.
  4. Very true Tom, but over the years I’ve avoided Beaune village wine which is frequently very underwhelming, whereas the 1er crus often punch above their weight.
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  5. Beaune 1er crus always used to be great value - don't know whether that's the case nowadays
  6. There are very few that I am aware of-ones that spring to mind immediately are a wonderful one that Marc Morey used to make, Paul Pernot's Clos De Dessus des Marconnets, some bottles of which could be lovely(and others very much not) and Drouhin's Cote De Beaune(stretching a definition very slightly, the vineyard overlooks Beaune and its grapes are mixed with offcuts from Clos Des Mouches and other PCs).
  7. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Zoom Tasting last night.
    EBBC3011-BDBB-4A60-9E31-6EB80F32BE51.jpeg C0A01A0A-AB94-4DC8-A5CA-06B1C30BD016.jpeg

    Julienas-Chaintre Macon Cuvée Quatre 2018
    Pale gold, pineapple on the nose. Ripe, a bit of oak, zesty tingly finish. Nice wine not cloying like a lot of cheap Macon. A bit one dimensional but what do you expect.

    Mystery Wine
    Diam 10 closure. Fresh nose apricot, a touch of honey but also I got a whiff of salinity and seashell behind the fruit.
    A very interesting palate - lemons, smoke, honey, apricot again, a lot of fruit weight but also some coolness and cut on the finish.
    Not dissimilar to a recent Kumeu River Coddington.
    Clever me said classy new world trying to be Burgundian but the Diam means it isn’t new world so it’s like a Grand Cru Chablis of old - but because of warming it’ll be a 1er Cru Chablis, probably a 15 or 16.
    It was Bernard Defaix Chablis 1er Cote de Lechet 2016

    We were joined by the winemaker KateMcIntyre from Mooroduc Estate (4am in the morning in Victoria). Two of her wines were in the tasting.

    Mooroduc Estate Chardonnay 2016
    A lot of talk obviously from Kate about the vineyard and how special the sites and winemaking were etc. etc.
    This was full on the nose with apricot and oak.
    Lighter on the palate, with a little oak, apricot, but for me too sweet. I hate sweetness in Chardonnay.
    Most raved about this - we kept diplomatically quiet. Even Gill said to me “it’s a bit sweet”.

    Domaine Raquillet Bourgogne Rouge 2018
    A new name to me from the Challenois.
    Fruity primary nose.
    A wine of its vintage - ripe but balanced, full black cherry fruit, (others said red currant or red cherry), a mineral gravelly element, discrete tannin. Only 13% - I would say this is one of the few positives of global warming - to get this concentration and balance a few years back would have needed a site in Beaune or Gevrey for instance.
    I championed this - others were a bit averse to the tannins (which I thought were mellow).

    Mooroduc Robinson Vineyard Pinot Noir 2017
    Black cherry, ripe nose.
    I liked this more than the Chardonnay. Thought this was a ripe plush wine - I wouldn’t want it any fuller. Gobs of fruit. Nice but one dimensional - to me didn’t have the interest of the Bourgogne.
    Others raved about this - calling it elegant and silky and restrained. Palates differ!
    Gill marginally preferred it to the first one.

    Blind Wine.
    Cork branded with Bouchard Finlayson.
    When guessing someone went in quick with South Africa - to which I interjected very quickly with “so you read the cork as well” :p Much merriment followed the denial.
    Wine was Bouchard Finlayson Galpin Peak 2017
    This was definitely darker fruited, quite strong tannins - seemingly more serious, a lot of fruit, I though tending towards black fruitedness albeit with some cherry notes too, got a hint of liquorice. I rather liked it but it’s not really Pinot as I know it.

    A fun evening - interesting because the others were all known to the host most being local to the shop and had done a Zoom or two before - and we were definitely the first timers - Kate did also speak quite a lot which also I thought reduced the interaction between the participants. But fun nevertheless and I’m going to do another one in a couple of weeks.

    Not a lot of red left for the big BBQ tonight though.
  8. I pricked up a 6x ‘14 Lafarge Beaune 1er Cru recently for £245, pretty good value I thought, last vintage of old vines, 1/4 replanted after ‘14.
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  9. As a Piedmont head, O, what glass are you using there?
  10. Chiu Lin - have you tried any? By normal Lafarge pricing that does sound good
  11. Not yet, they are in warehouse in London.
  12. It’s a Riedel burgundy glass, from a set of two I have had for over a decade. They used to show up in T K Maxx sporadically when I was at Uni. Not the same as the top quality Riedel ones as the stem is far too thick (and has a seam, assume these are machined).

    In general I use a Burgundy glass or a Zalto Bordeaux.
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  13. I think you mean machine made Oliver! Machining glass is quite tricky....
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  14. We had some green asparagus wrapped in Parma ham , seared in a pan with olive oil & butter and topped up before serving with grated Parmigiano cheese, Quite delicious with a nice bottle of Dönnhoffs 2017 Grauburgunder trocken. Afterwards a little bit Grueyere with a delicious half bottle of 1996 Clos du Marquis. Beautifully fresh, lots of red berry fruit, still some - but not too much - tannins left. Medium bodied, getting more tasty in the glass adding tobacco & forestal aromae. Not decanted, but in this shape only approaching peak and no hurry to drink. I'm always impressed how well these wines age. An unexpected highlight.
  15. Indeed! Although I’m sure Mr. Agar would have a crack with his old drill!
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  16. The weather today is more Provence than Pudsey, so this pair today/tonight for us with a goat's cheese and onion tart and then lamb chops with various veggies:

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  17. After my first local support takeaway yesterday and a nice treat to have lobster delivered as I never cook it, today I was delighted to see one of my good friends restaurant doing a “pop up”. She runs an Italian restaurant in Teddington and fresh home made pasta, a few take home dishes, pasta sauce, cheese and an actually quite impressive and well priced wine list. (Cevaro, sassicia etc).
    That’s for another day though I do like supporting all the local businesses at the moment. (A quick divert to the cheese shop ensued).

    Today it was the chance to finish up almost the final steaks from on the pass. Couple of Ledbury ribs left as well which I stripped and cooked in oven which worked ok without 4-6 hrs. Steaks flashed on the BBQ and finished in butter and garlic in the pan.

    Back on topic.....Wine.
    Started a Van Loggerenberg Kameraderie 2017. More open than Trust the gut and maybe not as good but enjoyable though plenty of years left.
    With the steak a Sena 2011. This has got into a reasonable place though is ageing slowly. Quite a bit of oak still and loads of blackcurrant, blackberry, pepper and green pepper. Still quite grippy and tannic though with good acidic freshness. A very good wine and last bit finished off with a chunk of Parmesan from said Italian restaurant in Teddington.

    I think I’ll have a bottle of that Cevaro from them next week.

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  18. How do you find the Triennes. I’ve got a magnum and a few bottles of the 18. Had the 17 with Dianna Snowden (seysses) at an event and thought it was ok if not my usual style. It’s pretty cheap though
  19. Cycled the 36km to Gasthof Floh on the Danube, where I met up with the Mrs and we shared a half of Pöckl Admiral 2015 to accompany Saddle of Venison for lunch today. The meat was served with a mushrooms and candied orange, the latter of which I also picked out in the wine. By the time the main course had arrived it had opened nicely.
    As much as I am sure they only started growing CS and Merlot in Burgenland to cater for the trend veering towards an international palate, when blended with Zweigelt it produces an elegant wine.
    Then threw the bike in the back of the car and allowed the wife to drive me home.
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  20. Always a fun summer drink.

    Serol Turbullent

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  21. This is the 19. It's very clean and pure tasting, with a slight spritz on the finish. It's a pretty good wine but no better than that I think.
  22. We’ve drank half of our case of 12 already (2019)... it’s quite moorish. Our first impression is that it does transport you back to an outside restaurant/bistro in the Mediterranean somewhere in this fantastic weather. Quite dry but a lovely layer of fruit. Beautiful colour. At £12 DP it is very good QPR. It’s not special but it’s pretty enjoyable!
  23. Yes that’s fair enough but at £10 Odd a bottle I don’t expect a huge a amount. Nice crowd pleaser is all that’s needed.
  24. Yep, Jason and Mike I agree with both of you - perfectly decent and punches its weight, though not above it, and very much evocative of our holiday in Provence last summer.
  25. The 2015 Rimauresq Rouge however is absolutely foul - hot, alcoholic, stewed fruit and searing acidity. Honestly it tastes like the glass has been rinsed out with vodka and then baked.

    So that has been furloughed, and replaced with this - the first from a case and is absolutely sensational right off the bat:


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