Watch the World Cup at Mikkeller San Diego!

Discussion in 'The Beer Forum' started by Ian Robinson, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. F0E5A4CB-EEF3-4203-99D1-5ABB7120DC4F.jpeg ...well, not quite. Even though their sign states “We open when the game starts”, when I cheekily asked if they’d be opening at 5.00am for England’s game on Sunday, they looked at me as if I was completely off my trolley.

    So not EVERY game will they be opening their doors for!

    Right now, Mikkeller San Diego has an obsession with the hazy North East-style IPAs, which we’re getting a bit tired of. The whole country has gone out-of-control with this style of IPA, which has now become a category at the Great American Beer Festival. That said, I did have a delicious Belgian-style Strong Ale (8.6%), followed by an equally delicious bourbon barrel-aged Stout w/Coconut (11.3%) at Mikkeller last night.

    Nice touch to have the Danish flag flying over the counter.
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  2. I haven't actually tried that type of IPA yet, though I suspect some (watered down) form of it will soon seep into supermarkets. Actually I did see pack of 'hazy' (it said so on the can) IPA (or pale ale) in Morrisons a few weeks ago, so it must be beginning to happen. I actually had some of Brewdog's Mr President not long ago (their double IPA, what was Hardcore), and really enjoyed it actually. I hadn't had it for a long time (and it must be a long way from the new IPAs).
  3. Look out for Cloudwater beers - quite exceptional examples of this style.
  4. Was recommended Cloudwater by one of the staff in Brindisa (Borough Market), so picked up a can to give it a go. Not yet opened it.
  5. How much did you pay for it, Ian (if you don't mind me asking)? I'm out of touch with prices nowadays. I hope it was under £5.00.
  6. Thanks, Julian. I've been reading about Cloudwater for a long time, but have yet to try them. Since my nearest beer shop closed, I tend to get mine from supermarkets, so the choice is limited. I'll try their beer one day!
  7. They are expensive, admittedly. Around 5-8 pounds depending on type. I would advise ordering directly from Cloudwater and getting a selection. Freshness is hugely important with their beers and every week makes a difference, so I'd be hesitant if it's been on the shelf for a while.
  8. Hi David
    I can't recall but it was from the beer shop at Borough Market and I don't recall it being prohibitive - maybe a fiver or less for a single can.
  9. Hi David
    I opened that can this evening - Cloudwater Baltic Porter and the price label said 5.35 quid. I have to say it's a fair price for how much I enjoyed it, slightly different style but I think it ranks up there with Schneider's TapX Mein Porter they made 3-4 years ago for porter, but with more complexity than the sometimes leaden-footed porters of old.
  10. So not a hazy IPA, then....
    Interesting to hear their porter is good, I've only ever had IPAs and agree that they are an excellent brewery.
  11. Ah, I haven't paid that much for a beer for years (though I hear that's a normal price nowadays). I have paid much more.....Wasn't it about 2012 when the Goose Island Bourbon County Stout appeared briefly in this country? I think I paid £10.00 or £11.00 for it, which was on the cheaper side. Anyway, I never tried the Schneider porter, though I think I did see it in a shop (I think it was pricey). I would always go for the Aventinus, which has always been one of my favourite beers. Anyway, it sounds great.

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