Waitrose 25% off 6+ 31 Oct-6 Nov

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Paul Benny, Oct 30, 2018.

  1. As this is popular with some readers, I thought it worth a separate thread.

    To save others the effort, I've added the usual comments below.
    * the interesting wines go out of stock before the promotion
    * the range is really dull these days
    * the vintage information is unreliable
    * not in Scotland

    If ordering from the grocery site, your delivery should be within the promotional period. If viewing today (30th) you may see some other promotions. These end on today and won't stack with the 25% off. Allow substitutes (and reject on delivery) to prevent the quantity falling below the minimum of 6 bottles. Correction - fortifieds are included. (Similar promotions at Tesco and Sainsbury exclude fortifieds)
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  2. I thought this might be coming as Ocado are showing 25% off 6+ but including fortified wine.
  3. Fortifieds not included, nor is my custom then.:confused:
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  4. I wouldn't fret. In all likelihood, they'd even manage to cock-up the vintage for NV port/madeira.
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  5. If anyone is buying in London please add me for a Roederer NV magnum :D
  6. No Camel Valley :(
  7. Oh good, I need to replenish my stocks of 250ml 5 putts Royal Tokaji
  8. Offer is live, and includes fortifieds.
  9. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Hello and welcome. The forum does require you to display a full first and last name, so I have PM'd you separately on this.
  10. Managed to make my customary purchases of Fevre Vaillons and Foscarino Soave.

    Every year; every bloody year.
  11. Stocking up on South Africans - some Boekenhoutskloof Syrah and David Sadie Chenin Blanc for me...
  12. No problem, it’s Adam.
  13. The downside of this offer is that there are very few, if any, single bottle price offers during the event so my usual approach of picking up a mid week bottle of something reasonably priced “on offer” at the same time as buying some bread and milk doesn’t work! :).. I.e.. everything is full priced for obvious reasons.
  14. Anyone have any inkling what the Musar vintages (75 and 37.5) might be?
  15. Hi Mark. Two weeks ago it was 2003 for the half bottle.
  16. Received 2003s today
  17. Also bizarre my local Waitrose seem to have reduced the shelf space for wine by about 40% in the last week.

    Most strange I wonder if it’s seasonally related but they haven’t before at Christmas.

    Or have they taken stacks of wine off the shelves so it isn’t in the offer - utterly curious, whatever.o_O
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  18. I grabbed six Armand de Brignac.
  19. As in grabbed and ran out without paying I presume, you gangsta.:cool:
  20. You’ve rumbled me!:D
  21. Anyone bought the Margaux 2010?!
  22. Wandered in to a store, as I had a voucher. Utterly uninspiring, so heading to a proper wine merchant.
    Edit. Not open 15 mins after declared time.
    Will have to make do with a visit to M3 depot.
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  23. Yes as I said upthread they seem to have decimated the range very recently.

    I had a £7 off £70 I was toying with using but no chance.

    I suspect if previous years are anything to go by, as good if not deeper discounts on selected fortifieds and fizz will appear there before Christmas anyway.

    Slight thread drift - but what I’m especially keeping my eye out for (anywhere) is sub £30 20yo Tawny, £20 Bolly or Tatty and £15 or so Piper and single Quinta ports.

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