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  1. No wine for me tonight after a social do last night, but tomorrow it will be a 1998 Clerc-Milon among other things. What else is on the block?
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  2. A Fichet 2012 Meursault Miex sous le Chateau was very decent over the past couple of nights. A Rhys Alesia Alder Springs Chardonnay 2013 tonight, to be followed by some as yet to be determined red burgundy tomorrow night.
  3. Got invited to someone's home and depite that I said I have very limited white burg, the host insists his starter dish match better for white burg and he will prepare spare bottle. So, I will try my luck on my only Leflaive Les Pucelles 2007....
  4. Good luck Po!

    At my Brother’s house this weekend so the only thing that is assurred is Bolly NV. Taking a cheeky half of EN ‘I Think’ as he also likes manzanilla.
  5. After a Prager Achleiten Gruner Veltliner Smaragd 2008 last night (which was splendid), we're having a Prager Achleiten Riesling Smaragd 2006 tonight.
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  6. Beyerskloof Diesel Pinotage 2007 tonight was a stonking bottle - absolute belter of a wine and great for a very relaxed Friday evening. With very little planned for the weekend (ahead of a week that includes Christmas WIMPS) I will probably not domanyth8mg too flash maybe some SA Chenin? Just got the Scions of Sinai from BBR so might kick it off.
  7. 1997 Givry 1er from Amelin (new one for me too) is hitting the spot. A nose of ripe figs, old walnuts and wood blewits sets up a surprisingly vibrant mouthful of soured fruit (rhubarb sounds daft but that mixed with overripe red currant is what I get). There’s a Pommard like back bone of tannins and a lick of acidity that seems almost unnaturally lively. 1997 has alway been good to me in CdB and I have loved watching thin, acidic wines blossom.
  8. 1999 Bachelet Gevrey VV, dungy, earthy but at the same time aromatic. Now showing rich, meaty dark fruit on the palate, with lovely contrasting vibrant acids, this bottle perhaps just a touch attenuated in the finish but very enjoyable nonetheless.
  9. 1970 CVNE Rioja Vina Real GR is a great thing this evening, quintessential mature Rioja. From a Wine Society parcel a few years ago, every bottle of which has been excellent.
  10. A couple of glasses of 1995 Maury from a semi opened bottle from last weekend. Just the thing with Cherry Bakewell. Rest of W/E likely to be dry as have a shed load of work to do between now and Thursday AM!
  11. I have very fond memories of this wine, a kind gift by the late Hank Gillespie who opened one of the first private wine stores in Edmonton.
  12. And here it is, after a thorough dusting:

  13. I will have Barolo 1982 from Bruno Giacosa. Don't laugh. With crispy duck, pancakes, etc!
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  14. Any general thoughts on the ageing curve on these - i happen to have untouched 07/08/09.
  15. Last night I went to Taste of Italy - a big James Suckling promotion vehicle with lots of video screens, red carpet and 'cool DJ' alongside the wines.

    This has been a really well run event before (Grand Hyatt) with excellent food, plenty of water stations spittoons and lots of space. Last night less so and it felt busy and a scrum like less well run events can be - I didn't particularly enjoy it and i also felt lots of producers were a bit grumpy and disinterested perhaps coming at the end of an Asia tour.

    I did enjoy some wines - Aldo Conterno as ever, Pio Cesare were so aromatic, Marchesi di Barolo, Cogno, Boscarelli and a super Chianti gran reserva from Cecchi.

    I found lots of the top cuvees just too big styled for me, although most vintages were obviously too young and in need of proper food, often preferring something lighter on its feet. Lot's of '13's and very structured '14's on show.

    I feel like some Bourgogne Rouge tonight.
  16. C72B0251-3F35-44B3-A823-A41751D92148.jpeg This is such a lovely wine. Obviously still very young but it is delightful now( 2017 vintage ) Samantha O’Keefe is a brilliant winemaker and you won’t go wrong with any of the Lismore wines .
  17. Surely the 2007 is worth having a look at now Alex? I'm going to try a 2006 soon...
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  18. Yes I think you are right.

    I also have full cases of CdeN Villages '06/07 too having polished a case of each off already.
  19. Damn you Prothero!
    Future pics against a plain white cardboard please...;)

    Clos du Marquis 2000 for me.
    (in the cold and rain)
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  20. It’s a good question Alex. I’m not too sure - this is the oldest one I’ve had. Am 2/3 of the way through this case and this one was the first one where I questioned its longevity slightly. Having said that plenty of evidence on CT of older vintages still being consumed, so I’m not too worried about them.

    The 07 is drinking well and I just pulled my 6 pack of 06 out of storage to make a start on that too.
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  21. I don't know about more recent ones but vintages from the 80s and 90s seemed less good at fifteen than at ten years old. I would be tempted to try each of those three vintages because each might be in its prime though if they are full cases IB you might be surprised by for how much you could flog them.
  22. I know Tom.

    I had half composed a post on the other thread lamenting not just the price of top drawer burgundy, of which I'm lucky enough to have some modest allocations, but the mid tier stuff of which I have a lot and is now having a lot asked of it to produce a drinking experience in line with its notional value.

    I can merrily drink the CdeN for which I paid less than 15 a bottle in a sale (and was on TWS for ages at about a fair 22) but the Gevrey VV is now worth far more it seems.
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  23. 2F33F2F1-8253-48AD-801A-265CC7A2F77D.jpeg 2015 Kutch Chardonnay tonight.
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  24. Off to Wasps v Toulouse this evening. Driving so nothing at the match but have stood up Talbot 2000 and HLC 1999 to give options afterwards.
  25. 9648E8FF-1305-4F69-8903-C558D0D0C25A.jpeg B4BE68D7-FE4B-433C-9177-4E9BC4AA7B33.jpeg

    It’s Croatian and white that’s all I know about it.

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