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  1. Hi everyone

    I haven’t posted on here for some time but was hoping you might be able to help me.

    I am visiting Beaune for a couple of days at the end of August with my family (children 9 and 6) and was hoping you could recommend some producers / negociant to visit.

    I have only been there once before about 20 years ago and struggled. I ended up in Patriarche but understand there may be better places to visit.

    Also - is it possible to visit somewhere like Domaine de la Romanee-Conti as a member of the public and would I have to arrange this in advance?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. 1. It's a really complex issue. How long is a piece string? Most recent producers are not interested 8n wine tourism. The easier it is to visit, the worse the wines. Try Jadot about 2 miles from Beaune centre.
    2. No. DRC is a definite no!
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  3. Gerard - Your mileage may vary with the 'négoce tours' - it might end up that Patriarche is the best place to visit :)
    Drouhin and Champy make bike tours and vineyard visits - also visits to their cellars too, of-course - but certainly Drouhin won't entertain youngsters (I'm not sure of the cut-off age) - presumably there are safety policies involved. Jadot and Bouchard Père have worthwhile visits, but you would have to book ahead and that would be the appropriate time to check their policies on accompanied children...
    For visiting domaines, you should note whether you have children accompanying (and their ages) - normally it's not a problem (though they won't get to taste!) - at this scale, there are rarely any written H&S Policies :) - is your friend for getting (almost any) domaine's contact info - the quality of replies will vary!
  4. PS I just realised that you mentioned the end of August. Given that timing, probably the négoce will still be your best option as they have dedicated tourist 'offers' - the white domaines will probably be harvesting and the red domaines, preparing for harvesting - so tricky...
  5. Gerard, I'll just flag up something (of keen interest to Bill and myself) which might well, if not almost certainly, be relevant to visiting any domaines around Beaune (if not the whole Cote) at the end of August - the vendange. And apologies if you've considered this.

    I believe (seen Roulot for one mentioned overnight) Cote de Beaune vignerons might be starting, or very close to, their harvesting. As such they are very unlikely to welcome, or have time, for the visiting public. Am not sure about the big maisons - they will I guess be open for business as usual re their public facade, sales operations etc. I was initially minded to mention a couple of family domaines for visiting, both just out of Beaune, but given the above I have held back as I can only see disappointment. You might get lucky but I fear not. As Bill says, with the smaller producer (and you may know this hence not wishing to teach to suck eggs !), 'half the battle' can be getting a reply to any email or phone message. The CdN domaine I've worked at for 8 years can be shocking to get a response from notwithstanding my 'status' ! At the moment many vignerons are en vacance also.

    Ooops - was composing & considering my post whilst Bill added his addition :)
  6. Gerard,

    You might be more successful in your efforts to visit domaines in the Cote Challonaise or the Macon... I would always arrange in advance. Depending on which producers you enjoy/drink regularly, I would recommend reaching out to them directly or via the merchant/importer that you purchase through. Again, timing is going to be the major concern. As others have mentioned the larger negocients are better set up for visits, or you could try an experience like table d'olivier leflaive.

    Even if you can't visit the domaines you would like, you can still get great pleasure from the local restaurants, winebars (if you visit the bars in the villages, you'll never know who you might meet) and wine shops, as well as just wandering through the beautiful vineyards.
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  7. Try Louis Jadot, edge of Beaune. I’m taking a couple of relative, who are first time visitors to Burgundy, there this weekend. Best pre-booked. Advertised at €20, but not been charged on 3 previous occasions.
    Then we’re heading to an ‘artisan’ producer at the other end of the scale.
  8. Very helpful replies, thank you! It sounds like Jadot and similar is our best bet.
  9. At Jadot, today. We had the bonus of seeing the main elements of the wine making process in full swing.
    Jadot are picking later than most, though harvesting almost complete.

    Clos de Vougeot being sorted prior to destemming/ crushing. The fruit is very clean.


    Corton Pougets
    The CdV grapes markedly riper.

  10. If you go to see Andrew I’m told there’s a tiny bit of “Skin” in Beaune. Give Emma and Phoebe a hug from me (if P is there still). The Skin Aligoté is (as they say) A...May...Zing!
  11. We were tight for time & I considered they would be too busy to entertain visitors. Otherwise I’d have picked some for you & some Côte de Brouilly for me.
  12. Andrew is always happy to see a Winepager, and he has a few cellar rats (and ratesses) to do the hard work whilst he tests the beers ;). Wish I was there.
  13. Concur with DC Mark; Chez Le Grappin always happy to see wine pagers and if you are thirsty there is always beer on tap in the cuverie :D Wish I wish still there to be honest although very happy to be around for the Gote day; fruit is better quality this year so I think both the 2018 Skin and the Direct press will be wines to look out for once released.
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  14. The 17 goté Skindred was so good that a six pack of 18 is on my must have list however good the Coat Door wines are.

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