TN Vina Ardanza Rioja Reserva 2004 in magnum

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  1. Opened as a back-up to an unfortunately tired wine (even from magnum), this is a really cracking wine. It has a pleasantly translucent garnet colour showing substantial evolution. Nicely secondary on the nose with hints of cedar, tobacco, and dusty church vestry - I honestly can't detect any fruit on the nose. This has a lovely weight on the palate and we're past the fruit phase here too with cedary, tobacco-y flavors and a hint of orange stem at the finish. The typical acidity is there. There are still just a few late-arriving tannins, but they are soft and almost fully resolved. There is beautiful persistence on the finish. Such a lovely wine and surprisingly evolved for the magnum format. I have no idea whether this bottle is typical of the vintage as it's a one-off. This will hold for a decent period but I'm not sure it's a wine for the very long haul as some Ardanzas have been. ****

    Postscript: over the course of the evening and with air the wine seemed to gain slightly in weight, but I still felt that this was in a really lovely place for drinking now.
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  2. The 2004 is a favourite of mine reinforced by its great vfm - including the 2001 and 2005. All very good currently but the 2005 is, I think, drinking the most ‘sweetly’.
    Almost all my Rioja Alta wines (mainly Ardanza with some 904s) are in standard bottles but I see I have a magnum of the 2004 which I now look forward to with added interest.
  3. Surprised about that level of evolution, particularly in magnum.
    Sounds yummy though!
  4. Thanks for the note; I have a case of bottles and hadn't thought of trying one for a few years, but now I think I will pull one out to try in the next couple of weeks.
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  5. It's only secondary Ray, definitely not tertiary, and it probably has more legs and aging potential than I'm giving it credit for as well - nevertheless I still expected it to be a bit tighter and to have some 'fruitier' character on the nose and palate given the magnum format. I've enjoyed the 2001 recently and although I only have one bottle of the 2005, after Nigel's comment above, I am tempted to try that too. I have to say that I have never had an Ardanza that I haven't enjoyed and they do seem to be approachable before some of the other top riojas. I think it is also fair to characterize me as someone who can enjoy rioja younger than some others prefer.
  6. It's the pick of their range for me.
  7. On the subject of 2004 Rioja, in magnum: I have a bottle of Contino Gran Reserva (04, magnum) in the cellar. (I think it was only released in magnums). I drank its twin a couple of years ago; it was a tad underwhelming. Anybody tried one of these recently?
  8. Nick,
    I'd give that a lot more time.
    The winemaker who introduced that wine only released it in magnums as it was intended for an extended slumber in cellars.
  9. Thanks Ray - I'll stick it away and forget it for a while

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