"Vin méthode nature" now officially recognized

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Claude Kolm, Mar 25, 2020 at 6:08 PM.

  1. Just as a benchmark, does anyone know if Olivier Cousin in the Loire has signed up to this?

    Not that I can imagine him signing up to anything really. The ultimate Groucho-ist.
  2. Claude
    I discovered 'in another place' that what I hadn't read the piece very carefully. I read the compound in this sentence
    When it comes to the presence of sulfites, up to 30 mg/l of total H2SO4 is allowed in all types of wine.
    as just sulphur, rather than sulphuric acid which is rather frightening and reminded me of the rhyme I learnt in school:

    Poor Old Stinky's dead and gone
    His face you'll see no more
    What he thought was H2O
    was H2SO4
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  3. I had read it that way, too, Jasper, but just assumed it was a typo or a reporter who did not understand the consequences of what was written and so did not check.
  4. I have seen the French decree since and it is in that as well

    perhaps it means 30mg of sulphur (expressed as sulphuric acid) - is that possible?

    or has somebody just made a boob?
  5. Bill Nanson should be able to answer, given his training and work as a chemist.
  6. Personally, and I imagine most will not agree with me, I just see it as another way for officialdom to tell winemakers what they cannot do. Just as these people were excluded from AOP so they made VdT or VdF.

    i am told 80 French producers signed up to this, and it may be that it is popular. But I’d love to see a list of who those 80 are.

    Other writers have said elsewhere that there are larger commercial producers who see this as a way to jump on the bandwagon. As Jamie Goode said, natural wine is not a “category” (rather just people who express their individuality and creativity in a different way to the majority, so why would they need definitions and rules...my observation).
  7. I should add that my view is simple. They make a product and they have found a market. That bit is simple. We need them to conform to food safety so that they don’t make us ill but beyond that people should be free to choose. Like they can choose a McDonald’s beef burger or a quality steak, cheese string or AOP Comté, Barefoot or Clape Cornas.
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