Upcoming 2020 Burgundy vintage

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  1. I have dropped in on a few vignerons over the last few days. Many are about to take a short break now as the work in the vineyards is finished, the grapes are starting to change colour, and vintage is on the horizon.
    A typical view on the Cote de Beaune, eg from Alexandre Bachelet (Bachelet-Monnot) and Dominique Lafon today, is that they are expecting to start around 25th August, but will be ready to go from 20th. Chablis wont be far behind!
    Exceptionally healthy vines and grapes, somewhere between a correct crop and a slightly generous one, depending on flowering, and so far no heat spikes. For most of the season there has been enough rainfall, but it feels a bit dry now, though unlikely to be an issue except for young vines in particularly dry spots.
  2. Thank you for the update Jasper!
  3. Very regular (and current) updates also from Monsieur Nanson on his website which will doubtless continue through his hands on activity during the vendange.
  4. Are there any problems getting workers, both in the vineyard and winery? With the next NZ vintage still being 8 months away people are already anticipating having to reply totally on local workers, whereas normally lots would come from overseas.
  5. The three producers I visited yesterday have their usual teams organised & the dates ‘locked-in’.
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  6. Kevin,
    many producers were worried earlier on, but all those I have talked to recently report, as per Mark, that they have managed to get their usual numbers.
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  7. Hi Kevin
    All tell me that, for the moment, the signing up of pickers and cellar hands, has run reasonably well versus the difficulties of the last two vintages. But at the same time, all the producers also say that, the number that have signed up and the number that will turn up, could be two very different things! The situation remains very fluid - France decreeing from this week that masks should be worn in public indoor spaces. All the domaines are planning increased distances at tables for lunch, and doing what they can to separate lodgers - but it will be difficult, for sure.
    As an aside, the people who rent out harvesting machines have already been fully booked for a month!
    Thanks for the plug, Mark
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  8. Just seen pictures of hail in NSG, as it started to pour down in London - apparently going to cause a fair bit of damage :(
  9. Yikes
    storms last night but I hadnt heard of damage - feeling very stormy now again and maybe has already precipitated in Nuits.
  10. Just now seen the video tweet by the local paper, le Bien Public. Hailstorms are very local and with luck it was confined to the town centre. probably not
  11. Gregory Gouges is reporting that Vaucrains and Chênes Carteaux affected up to 80%, which could mean a loss of 30% plus possibility of rot. Southern part of Nuits and Prémeaux seem to be what got hit.
  12. Same area as 2018 then, unfortunately.
    Thibault Liger Belair is less pessimistic though:
    "Tonight in Nuits-Saint-Georges. 10 min of hail with a lot of water. Only in Nuits. Very local storm. For now we can expect 15% damages. Never be safe before the last day of harvest. More details in 2 days..."

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