Unico - overhyped or actually rather good?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alex Lake, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. I was offered some 2009 the other day as a chance of a lifetime. I’ve had it a couple of times and not been impressed, but that was a while ago. Any fans here?
  2. I think it's wonderful wine myself, one of my favourite ever offlines was an Unico dinner.
  3. It's very good indeed once it has been given sufficient time to age. Sufficient time is a very long time. it's now far too expensive for me to even consider it. IIRC the last one I had was a 1986 2 years ago which was in a good place, a 1994 which was just completely unapproachable and a 1976 which was a bit tired (bottle issue rather than wine issue).
  4. Great after about 50 years. A bit like Barolo :)
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  5. Sadly, both overhyped and very good.
  6. My memories of a Vega Sicilia dinner held at Alyn Williams at the Westbury by Bordeaux Index in 2013 were of maybe 3-4 x Unicos and the current Especial, plus the Pintia, Valbuena and the Oremus tokaji and current vintage then was 2002. Very enjoyable though the experience was detracted somewhat by being sat next to some Investment Banker who was lougly proclaining that Unico was his house wine for midweek drinking. I must have enjoyed the potential of the 202 as I bought a 3-pack which has risen in value by 67% since then so maybe I should have bought a few more.
  7. Chris and Keith are correct - the dinner I went to started with '82 and went back from there to the 40's.

    It's a '1st growth' wine for sure.
  8. I recall having it at Linden's Vintage Pairs tasting and finding it a bit too much like hard work...
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  9. On the two occasions I have drunk Unico both were 'as good as it gets' wine experiences.
    I have a couple tucked away, including my year of birth. Am I able to justify the money spent? Probably not.
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  10. I seem to recall Jasper of this parish hosting a VS dinner with a cigar theme many moons ago, possibly in a club on Sloane street?
  11. One of my great wine experiences was the Unico 1970, drunk around three years ago so around 45 years old. Opening it some time before the meal I was a bit worried I should have left it for some years more but it actually developed beautifully by the time we came to serve it.
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  13. Vega has been a pretty consistent wine and is still a benchmark. What is quite fascinating is despite a much praised wine with some Cabernet component it is balanced wine and a prominent feature is the acidity it shows. Historically, bottlings happened over many years, wines sometimes in barrel for a very long time. In the early 1990's there were some issues with TCA that prompted a recall of the Valbuena 1994 in 1999. Like top Bordeaux, it really needs aging: a 2008, a lighter vintage, was broachable and good but still a bit tight this Summer.1962 is perhaps the greatest vintage I know, and pretty consistent from good storage. But there are plenty of surprises like the very successful 1974. Overall, it's a wine that admire, and have enjoyed, but have only bought the odd bottle.
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  14. I have been fortunate enough to drink the 1970 on two occasions. Both were truely outstanding. My case of 1990 has in the main been very good but one bottle taken to the Square for an offline was sadly corked.

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