TWS Burgundy recommendations?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Jason Michelle, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Any recommendations for red burgundy from TWS at the moment? Bottles ready to open and try? Price range up to ~£60 ish.
  2. Fourrier 17/16 Gevrey? The 17 being the pick if you want to open one now.
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  3. Thanks Simon. I’ve actually already got the 12, 14, 15, 16, 17 of the GC VV but not opened any yet... which of these would you suggest would be most approachable? Maybe I’ll give the 17 a go in the next week or so!
  4. I’ve enjoyed the 16 and 17 recently, the former a darker and denser rendition, the latter redder fruited and brighter, more fun presently, but perhaps starting to tighten a little. I’ve not tried 12/14/15 yet, but would guess 12/14 might be fun. The 09 and 11 are both in a nice place though very different stylistically.

    I couldn’t see much else sub 60 that I thought sufficiently mature/interesting to try now. The 17 Ch Du Marsannay might be worth a punt for youthful fruit — I enjoyed one of their 17 1er Crus last summer. Bellene 10 Chaignots possibly?
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  5. For a few quid more the Grivot Clos Vougeot '04 might just deliver.

    Chevillon NSG 1er Roncieres '14 might be an option.

    Slightly more wallet friendly I might be curious to tey Chauvenet NSG Cuvee Reserve '12 (never heard of that)

    The Fourrier remains the relative deal on the list at present.
  6. I wondered on the Chauvenet NSG reserve as well. The tasting note is similar to the standard NSG on their en premier offer, and mentions the same vineyard sources, but drink dates are different. So maybe the standard NSG with a bit more barrel aging? I heard somewhere that this producer lets TWS pick a different blend for the village to others.
    Also at a lower level there's some Pataille Marsannay and Bellene Cote de Nuit Villages, which I might try.
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  7. Chauvenet has a huge amount of village NSG which has seemed to me in the past rather chunky in the way that the appellation can, in contrast to his 1er crus which remain greatly underrated, if no longer inexpensive. If the WS bottling is a step up it may be very interesting.
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  8. I have some Chauvenet 1er Cru '05/'06 which were brutal when tried. They have been stuck in the very long ageing bunker.
  9. Jason - I just went into the website and landed some De Montille Volnay Champans 2010 at £69 pb - not bad given the pedigree of this wine and vintage - and, as per Simon’s recommendation, some Fourrier Gevrey Chambertin VV 2016 at £55 pb.
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