Tuscan Wimps - a virtual takeover?

Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Alistair Scott, Mar 24, 2020 at 3:42 PM.

  1. Tuscany Wimps was meant to take place on Friday. Many of us have a bottle set aside for the occasion (though sadly some, like Don, have already left their bottle at La T). If you had to drop out or couldn't make it, you could also join now.
    So, why not open the bottle on Friday or over the weekend, perhaps with your own attempt at a La Trompette menu (or in my case, a simple pasta), and post notes about the wine, the food, the quality of service, the company, the bread (for George).
    In homage to our leader, a number of tables could be available, of course for once no limit on bottles per head, and you can choose your table from the following, no limit on numbers:
    Cosa Nostra
    La Stidda
    Mafia Capitale
  2. Sadly my bottle is already at La Trompette, and a couple of others I had thought of are in London while I'm not...
    I shall have to see whether I have anything else available!
  3. Well I'm up for this. Have tried to get some interest on another thread, but the thread seems to have the forum virus and heading towards burgundy.
    My Tuscan bottle is siting wait 10 feet from me now.
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  4. Oooh, looks like I'll be able to make it to Tuscan WIMPS after all! I'm sure I can find a suitable bottle or 2, though I'm not sure the food here will be up to Phil Weston's standard!
  5. Sounds a good idea to me !
  6. I’m interested in this. As well as Burgundy. But there is one bottle I mustn’t open. Under any circumstances. This year.
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  7. So pleased your cooking Alistair. I'll bring a mixed Tuscan case from the cellar, plonk myself on your doorstep (social distancing and all that) and your well trained hounds can act as temporary waiters for the evening "fetching and bringing" as we share a fine feast together! :D
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  8. Well, very sadly, I'm now all on my own for the duration, because Julia died in January. As it has turned out, mercifully for her (being immuno-suppressed, and freshly condemned to thrice weekly dialysis in London), before this ghastly virus showed up.

    So I think that opening a magnum of Vino Nobile Poliziano Vigna Asinone 2001, and a bottle of Sassicaia 1995, just for little me, would be slightly excessive. And the bottles I was bringing are already nestling with Donald at La T.

    But I have another Sassicaia up here, and will open it on Friday, and report back.
  9. Mark, that plan sounds like making the best use of a Friday I can foresee. Small mercies, and many condolences.
  10. Mine also. I am very sorry to hear that, Mark.
  11. I'm so sorry to hear that, Mark.
  12. Me too, Mark. I feel for you.
  13. Condolences from Vicki and myself, Mark.
  14. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I'm so very, very sorry to hear this Mark. If it's any consolation I sometimes think of what I would want my Jodie to drink or take to share with my friends if I happened to kick the bucket. I'm sure your Julie would likewise want you to carry on the best you can.

    My sincerest condolences ................. Mahmoud.
  15. My sincere condolences, Mark. My thoughts are with you.
  16. Thanks so much, everyone.

    Over the last few days I have been sampling various interesting burgs. Denis Mortet's 2005 Gevrey Mes Cinq Terroirs was the winner, over Ponsot's 1994 Gevrey 1er La Fauvette (declassified Grand Cru in a rainy year) and Gerard Mugneret's 2009 Vosne villages.

    But it would have been much more fun to have been able to share them!

    I must confess that I curse this enforced isolation, and the gloom and complete suppression of natural joyousness and exuberance which the media currently convey. I do of course understand why we are in this pickle, but I am surprised by the lack of humour and inspiration which disasters and privation may normally be expected to generate.

    And I, and many of my friends, am/are deeply disappointed by the poor quality of the coverage by the conventional media. There was no ambiguity in what the PM said on Monday evening, but for two days the media, having failed properly and fairly to listen to what was said, invented and then exploited a confusion which was entirely of their creation.

    As I write, Emily Maitlis is on the TV in the background grossly abusing the power of the media to harangue government ministers over the imperfections of teams of civil servants doing their very best to deal with an unprecedented crisis of gathering gravity. There is nothing constructive or informative in this style of interview, and it is extraordinarily arrogant and smug. Our media, and the BBC in particular, are losing public support, and are leaving swathes of people impoverished and uninformed, with nothing more than social media to fall back on.
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  17. Hi Mark,

    Glad you're okay. I did send a Direct Message on the 15th and hadn't heard anything back, I was beginning to worry.

    Stay well.
  18. Was good to see you at the last Wimps Mark. Sorry we can’t do this one. Last one was great fun and hope you are doing ok.
    We shall aim for the next Wimps whenever that may be.
    Most of my Tuscans aren’t ready, are in bond or sitting at the restaurant. Those two halves of Vin Santos I was desperate to try and aren’t overly mainstream in the market.

    I have a 2010 Isole collection something or other but maybe Alistair I’ll join just to see people who aren’t my wife, 7yos or the dog.

    do we have a “zoom room” / link setup yet. I won’t be knocking up any fine food.
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  19. I've just remembered that this is a virtual Tuscany thread so I've deleted my response re the BBC. Sometimes wine must win.
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  20. Hi Mike,
    Haven't set anything up yet I'm afraid. Just pondering logistics, we have got ourselves tied up during the day tomorrow, I wonder rather than getting us all in an online session, we open our bottles at leisure and raise a glass or two and report back with notes and thoughts - I am conscious with my cooking that the chances of food arriving on time might be optimistic. BUT if folk think a glass to shared on a link works best then delighted to do that, would be fun, if unpredictable.
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  21. Yes I’ve no chance of a daytime thing anyway. Trying to work from home and homeschooling in background.
    I slightly got the wrong end of the stick.
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  22. Homeschoolers have all my sympathy. Luckily my two student daughters are happy to fulfill the student cliche and spend most of the day in bed or on the phone.
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  23. Not sure if I can justify all of this, even with an Australian wife. Maybe Brunello and bubbles... 20200327_102018.jpg
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  24. We had to turn off the news the other evening with Matt Frei just wanting to keep pounding away rather than listen to the answers; no nuance or recognition that life and logistics chains are complicated.
  25. Well, Italian lamb with peas and a splendid bottle. A warm up of Bolly rose kept the war department calm. Uccellaria 07 in very good shape, some fine tannins, lots of dark fruit, a bit dry on the end.
    Plates with Italian design courtesy of a wonderful potter on the west coast of South Island NZ.
    Bread porn courtesy of Gail's for gorgeous George. 20200327_190535.jpg 20200327_190535.jpg

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