TN: The Peat Monster

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  1. NV The Peat Monster - Compass Box

    This was a Christmas gift to me from someone who knows that I do adore a well made peaty Scottish whisky. I was told that it contined three peaty whiskies and was pushed the name them. After nosing my glass for a few seconds, I reckoned that there was definitely Cool Ila in it, which I was told was correct. Plenty of saline and some light peat and it reminded me of the smells inside the distillery on my last visit to Caol Ila. The other two remind me of island whiskies, but I was not exactly sure which ones. One was a young Laphroaig and the other was a young Ledaig. They were all probably aged in bourbon barrel as the colour is light and I could not detect any sherry influence on the nose or palate. The mouthfeel is peaty, full salinity and a sabre strike of alcohol which I find a tad too rough. A decently made coastal whisky with some peat, but I would love to have seen this around 10 years old and aged in sherry cask.

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  2. I tasted the Compass Box range of whiskeys some years ago at a local Whiskey Festival and though they were nice they seemed to lack the excitement I was expecting given what I had read about them. I will say though that the Peat Monster was pehaps the most characterful of the lot.

  3. I've always struggled with the name "peat monster" - I was expecting a mouthful of ash, but it's much more subtle than that (same with octomore). I'm going to seek this out early at my next festival and see if I can get on better with it

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