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  1. Mike,
    You seem to be adding weight to my suggestion over the last decade that your best chance with Bollinger has been with a pinkie.
    They have however changed just about everything including bottle shape and in my mind I approach stuff released to market since the livery change with more confidence.(noting that some of those releases were in LGA traditional bottles)
    Not that the bottle shape will have magically solved the issues, but it is an easy marker to follow of the post changes production.
    I am not sure yet what the relationship is like between Bolly and Tom Stevenson for it was Tom that first called them out on their problems.
  2. I totally agree with Steve's worries about Bollinger: but I think VVF was always an unusual wine, and it seems to compound the difficulties. But even so I would rate the GA Rose as a better wine per se in 1999 and 2004, with 2002 being a question of preference and extreme luck on the VVF, an option that may be passed now on most bottles.

    I agree with Ray that if you want to try VVF, go for it young hopefully from a vintage that at least starts fresh. To some extent the exciting shock of young VVF has diminished - compared to 20 years ago, say - in that there are now some very fine powerful grower and GM options variations on the PN theme, although some these are expensive (Krug, Selosse, Billecart, ...).

    Fwiw, here's Essi Avellan's take on VVF 2002:

    "The 2002 is as big and bold as one can expect from the vintage. Plenty of sweet dried fruit on the nose with botrytised aromas coming through. It has the hallmark apples and spices aroma to it but it also comes with a spirity feel and an oxidative character. There is quite a contrast between the ripe fruity, lightly bruised, maturing, sweet nose and the beautifully acid-lined palate. If only one could fade the premox character this would be fabulous. 91-94. Last tasted 9/2014."

    Cf Essi's notes on GA Rose 2002:

    "Beautiful onionskin colour. Powerful, enchanting, fresh, spicy-earthy nose bursting with layers of dark fruit, dark cherry and pastry. Wide and vinous, tingling yet caressingly smooth-textured. Oily richness but also so much freshness and energy. Excellent already now but this will become a majestic La Grande Année Rosé. A glass full of character. Why don't they make an R.D. of this?. 94-97. Last tasted 5/2016."
  3. Pinkies are often the most stable wine in a given producer's range (or rather, they are less variable than their blanc equivalents). It is an interesting phenomenon I intend to explore further at some point.
  4. Excellent Bolly info guys, thanks. I’ve had such a restricted and small sample set as well as little knowledge relatively it’s hard to know if impressions are correct. Great news on the pinkies as the 04LGA Rose has become a regular favourite here and the prices were reasonable.

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