TN: Laphroaig: An Cuan Mor

Discussion in 'The Spirits Forum' started by Nicos Neocleous, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. TN: Laphroaig: An Cuan Mor

    Thanks to my cousin for opening this bottle. Fresh bottle, used a granite chilled cube as we were in Cyprus on a summer evening so warm outside. Light gold, the nose is peaty with a tropical fruit element. The palate is also peaty and a tad alcoholic, long length, smooths out.

  2. Literally 'on the rocks' then :)

    I must admit to being in the school of adding a little water for cask strength whisky (48% I suppose is a bit in-between).
  3. Ha ha! :)

    I also sometimes add mineral water to cask strength whisky, but as you say this is in-between.
  4. I see where the label states that it is a "Travel Retail Exclusive" so I guess that means it is only available in airport duty free shops. I guess that this means that they are better able to conceal overcharging for a product. By the way, the Quarter Cask is also 48% abv. Just saying.


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