TN: Johnnie Walker: Blue label: The Casks edition 55.8%

Discussion in 'The Spirits Forum' started by Nicos Neocleous, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. TN: Johnnie Walker: Blue label: The Casks edition 55.8%

    Big thanks to my whisky loving cousin for opening this bottle for me. Bottle number TR21095, I have never seen a bottle of Blue Label at this strength. Extremely complex nose, so much going on: spices, hints of barrel, dried fruits. The super smooth mouthfeel is a whirlpool of blended flavours. Nothing stands out but this is a compliment. The best blended whisky of my life. A superb whisky and one which I doubt I will ever try again.

  2. I've tried blue label standard and always found it lacking oomph, but I think a cask strength version would be fantastic to try. Sadly I doubt I'll get a chance
  3. I also found the Blue Label wanting, suffering considerable in comparison to the 15 year-old Green Label which is in fact a vatted malt. A cask strength Blue Label would surely be better. Like Tom, I'm not likely to ever taste it.


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