TN: Bruichladdich - Octomore Edition 07.2

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  1. TN: Bruichladdich - Octomore Edition 07.2

    5 years old, 208 PPM peat, 58.5%. This is the full throttle peaty legendary monster. Made from Scottish barley, this is the 07.2 edition. Deep yellow, the nose is a massive black home of peat and ash. The mouthfeel is powerfully peaty and alcoholic but finishes smooth. Wow!

  2. Sounds good for a 5 year-old. Nicos, do you think the peat and apparent cask strength accounts for it, since one would think a Scotch so young would taste harsh.

  3. Mahmoud, the casks must be good ones to be able to partly tame this beast. Love the peat as well.
  4. It's an impressively built whisky but most of the Octomore bottlings I have tried have really tested my tolerance. I wish I could like them but they're simply too much for me.
  5. Ulliam, perhaps Bruichladdich's 'Peat Project' which they say is "heavily peated" rather than the Octomore being "super heavily peated" might be a better bet. I have a bottle of the Peat Project but haven't tasted it yet.

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  6. The one I have, I'll have to check the year-dating, but 58.5% sounds about right. I like my smokeys, but Ardbeg and Port Ellen are usually too much. This pushes just at my tolerance level too, but is an exciting dram with that very smooth finish that Nicos comments on. Glad to have it in my collection. There's a trace of sweetness in mine but still dominated by the peat and smoke.
  7. Yup, that's my version/release #

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