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  1. ". . . by Burgundy standards." The devil is in the details, isn't it, Jasper;)? Presumably, you tasted the CSJ only from the top part of the vineyard that Rousseau made in 2015 as an experiment? I thought it was different from the overall blend. The following year, I was told that at bottling, that wine had been blended back in with the rest, although I'd be surprised if the family didn't bottle some separately just to see how things evolve. Based on that experience, I thought the wisdom of dividing the vineyard in vertical, rather than horizontal, strips was proved. Also, I've always wondered if there wasn't some difference in wind exposition between the strips.
  2. Of course as Jasper pointed out there are more than five CSJ labels currently appearing, but at least six entirely separate wines if the Centennaire from Fourrier is included. Presumably that is not from a whole strip. Also is the Laurent identical to the Esmonin or does it get some special finish?
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  3. Paul, Sylvie certainly makes the wine though Dominique bottles it. One difference for sure is that his is a specific barrel (maybe two barrels) while hers will be the blend.

    Claude, I would not have expected the wind to make a significant difference. I did not in fact taste the 2015 special cuvee but I did discuss it with Eric and I certainly formed the opinion that he was not in favour of it and would not do it again,.
  4. I didn’t manage the D Laurent 2010 but I have a bottle of both DL and SE in more recent vintage here so will test in the future. I remember a conversation with DL who relished the compétition so sourced them.
    Is there not a geologic/soil difference between top and bottom ?
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  5. Correct. Jasper detailed this in the Zoom thingy. It's available via replay & is well worth viewing.
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  6. Sylvie Esmonin CSJ 2007 (Vinotopia)


    Proeverij: Euryanthe - Bourgogne wit 2010 (theme but this is red)
    Zicht: intens. Intens aroma. [Nota Guy] Complexe neus met nuances van rood en blauw fruit. Prachtige balans en mooi op dronk. Pinot op zijn best. 94/100
    (DRC Echezeaux 2007 gt 95 points in same tasting)

    While I have no doubt Rousseau CSJ is excellent (I only had the 2007), Sylvie Esmonin also makes excellent CSJ maybe not every year and/or not very young. Pinot at its best says the report
    Of course, it does not sell for the same price... but this is rather good news (still 100€ a bottle)

    I note Brun Clair. Jadot and Esmonin used to sell for roughly the price when I bought the 2010s (while Fourrier and Rosseau are very expensive)... not sure now...
  7. Nice notes. I own single bottles of the Rousseau 96 and Fourrier 11, I’ll have to think of occasions to drink them. The Rousseau was bought from Byrne’s in about 2001 for £50 which I thought expensive at the time...
  8. Those were the days, Kevin: when you could buy Rousseau, de Vogue etc from Byrne’s by the single bottle at market prices. I have Rousseau’s Clos de Beze ‘95, which cost about £50.

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