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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Rod Smith, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Just watched the last episode of Westworld 3, so having a Pink Floyd afternoon. (No spoilers, but a PF track is the end credits track)
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  2. The Triffids - The Early Singles and EP’s.

    I have nearly all of these on vinyl, but now conveniently gathered in one place. What an amazing songwriter Dave McComb was. A great loss.
  3. Loads of Stranglers stuff - currently on the Black and White album.
  4. One of my formative childhood traumas was this contribution from Dave Greenfield on Top of the Pops. RIP.

  5. I saw them in London supporting The Bad Seeds (I think) a couple of times in the 80's. They were great live.
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  6. Yeah, there’s a big link.

    There were a few Australian bands in London at that time all looking after each other as much as they could. Typically they were bands who had not so much outgrown Australia (in fact most of them are still considered fairly obscure in Australia) but whose music seemed more likely to do well here.

    The pioneers were probably The Saints. Thereafter followed Nick Cave, The Go Betweens, The Triffids, The Laughing Clowns (Ed Kuepper of The Saints fame) and not long after that The Scientists. With the exception of the latter you will see lots of bills where one of these is supporting another, or two of them are supporting someone bigger. The Triffids famously supported Echo and The Bunnymen on a big UK tour. The bass player of The Triffids, Martin Casey moved on to Nick Cave (where he remains to this day) after The Triffids folded. Ed Kuepper guested for a summer with Nick Cave about ten years ago.

    I think all of these bands came from a place where they couldn’t get anywhere if they couldn’t play live, but having seen them many times before they left for London I was amazed at how much they had improved when I saw them at The Tivoli in Sydney when they returned after only a year overseas. They were tighter still, but somehow they really owned it which was something I’d never seen.
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  7. Another one bites the dust. RIP
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  8. I was sad to hear this. If you are only going to be remembered for only one thing, let it be as good as MBL.
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  9. The Saints, wow, a real blast from the past. Obvo a massive Cave worshipper but not heard any Saints for too long!
  10. Great band. Never saw them first time round but fortunately saw them play in an obscure little venue (Stereo) in Glasgow in 2015. Chris Bailey was still with them.
  11. A couple of months ago I heard Stranded being played on 6 Music at 8:00 in the morning. Now that’s a way to start your day!
  12. Almost as good as...........

  13. Mozart’s Requiem. The Deccan anniversary recording. It’s very good. Ideally with Figeac ‘82.
  14. Or better still....

    Or for the obscurists only (singer looks familiar)...

  15. Did the drummer steal Captain Sensible's outfit?
  16. It could have been the other way around of course....
  17. A tremendous combination!
  18. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    Oi! that's were the postponed Restricted Code EP launch was set to take place! Obscure little venue - cheeky b*****d
  19. Here we have the chicken and egg scenario - what came first? The Damned or The Saints? However very early footage of The Damned seems to suggest the Captain had a preference for sailor's and nurses outfits then.
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  20. Or they could have both been fans of Robert Lindsay as Citizen Smith....

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