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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Rod Smith, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. This afternoon my eclectic mix has been Todd Rundgren (Utopia), Mdou Mostar (Ilana The Creator) and Charles Mingus (Ah Um). Now off to cook to the iPod on shuffle.
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  2. The Bulgarian State Television Female Choir.

    (Brought to my attention by Billy Bragg).

  3. Sam Hunt - Montevallo
  4. Too much trance. C'est la vie!
  5. This morning I'm listening to Xmal Deutchland. Not sure why its been a while.
  6. I really wish I’d seen these guys live before the global ban on live music.
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  7. They were in London last Autumn. One of my music friends suggested I look them up and offered to take me along. It’s not really my sort of thing, but he reckoned they were completely sold out and tickets were as rare as hen’s teeth. He’d seen them before and reckoned they were a great live act.
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  8. Led Zeppelin 3, gosh it has been a long time.

  9. Not bad for a 78 year old, two 76 year olds and a 72 year old
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  10. Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" album, for the first time since about 1987. Even better than I remembered.
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  11. Some Furtwangler Wagner yesterday; Tannhauser and Die Meistersinger overtures. A slightly guilty pleasure.
  12. David,
    Is it the original vinyl with the wheel of disclosure sleeve ?
    IIRC it sort of moved round to show different things in the windows.
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  13. Do you know Glenn Gould's Wagner album?
  14. No Charles - is it something I should download? I do have a fondness for Wagner's overtures even though they are a bit sickly sweet as it were.
  15. Sickly sweet???? In what way?
  16. On Radio 3 last night, a splendid performance of Richard Strauss' Ariadne auf Naxos, recorded at Covent Garden.
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  17. It's hard to put into words David, but there is a slightly over-ripe fragrance attached to the cod-nationalism, conscious Germanic myth-making, and the subsequent use of Wagner's music to accompany the sound of jackboots on cobblestones.

  18. Something I've never heard before either.
  19. An excellent recommendation - thank you Charles.
  20. Sadly no, it’s a cd. I did have that vinyl but it went along with most of my record collection circa 1978. All to Record and Tape Exchange has n Notting Hill IIRC, and for almost nothing.
  21. Definitely no saccharin in sight!
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  22. One of the best EDM releases of 2019: Winter - Cold Blue (Tobias Schuh, Mainz near Frankfurt)

  23. Oh well,
    At least you still have the single with sleeve for Can’t buy me love which was the first record I ever bought.
    2/6d at McKenzies music in N’pton which sold mostly sheet music.
    I had dropped some of my money under a counter in Littlewoods and could not recover it so my Nan made up the shortfall by advancing my weekly shilling.
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