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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Rod Smith, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Watched the BBC 6 Music Festival set from Idles on iPlayer. Shockingly good (shocking being the word). For me, far better than the Sex Pustules, but there you go.

    The Beatles documentary about their origins on Merseyside, taking in their early years in The Quarrymen and up to just after Pete Best’s sacking was also very good. Shown last night, but I see that is also on iPlayer.
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  2. Saw Mike & The Mechanics live on Saturday. Not a huge fan, but my wife is. Curious concert, Band played two sets, first half was a bit slow and lethargic, second half much better. Started at 19:30 and was finished just before 22:00! Just shows that as we get older maybe we all need an early(er) night. Mike Rutherford is 68 after all! Enjoyable evening and the first (successful) outing for my earplugs, which my wife and I have decided to wear because of Tinnitus, which worked really well.
  3. I think I've mentioned the Hedvig Mollestad Trio before, but I'm listening to "Smells Funny", their latest album right now, and it is so pretty damned good I'm going to plug it again. Only available on vinyl, although you get a free cd inside rather than a download. Typical jazz rock in some ways, but it has nice shades from mellow to rocking out. Hedvig plays looser and freer guitar on this latest release. For lovers of gorgeous blond female guitarists and Scandi electric jazz that rocks (quite hard in some cases).
  4. David Sylvian - Gone To Earth tonight preceded by Rufus - Rufusized and Minnie Ripperton - Come To My Garden. All on lovely vinyl
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  5. Picked up Larkin Poe’s latest, today. I’ll n first listen it’s rather good.
  6. After recently hearing Sus from Peel Sessions, which blows away the studio version, on the radio, decided I needed the CD version of The Ruts three sessions. 14 storming tracks. Strange Fruit did the music world a great service by releasing a multitude of Peel Sessions. It might be time to delve further into E-bay.
  7. I think it was at a Ruts gig that I was punched by a skinhead for the first and only time (thankfully I dodged the main impact and exited quickly just as they were lobbing the fire extinguishers off the balcony above into the crowd).

    This afternoon has been very retro...three Little Feat albums followed by two Brand X.
  8. Are we allowed to ask what you had done/said (if anything !) to 'deserve' that (the punch) ;) ?

    Chapeau re Little Feat - makes me contemplate getting in our loft & searching out the vinyls.
  9. The cause? Whilst no justification, I wonder if DC was wearing a King Crimson’s t-shirt? :)
  10. Did nowt. It was just that it all kicked off and although by then my hair was short (Mr C!!!), I did not sport a number 2, which doubtless singled me out among many. The gig was in Mile End IIRC.

    I got my vinyl out about two years ago, Mark, also from the loft of course. I now play it as much as I can, trawling secondhand shops and even in the past twelve months buying the occasional (moving to not so occasional) new one.

    FWIW Mark C, I have never owned a King Crimson tee. All my band tees have been post-punk and Ska, though if someone were to buy me a KC tee now I'd wear it with pride. Wish I'd seen them, though I did go along to a guitar workshop being done by Fripp in Leicester, which was amazing.
  11. Doors - Absolutely Live. Must have been awesome to experience Jim Morrison in his pomp. The vinyl almost caught fire during petition the Lord with prayer!
  12. An absolute staple of my musical youth. At the time I completely fell in love with Krieger’s guitar treatment of Bo Diddley’s Who Do You Love and pretty much the whole of When The Music’s Over. For me the fact that the whole “concert” is a complete fiction doesn’t take anything away from it. I think I actually like the overplaying of the melodramatic elements relative to actual Door’s concerts that I’ve seen footage of. Somehow seems more in keeping with what they were reputedly trying to achieve.
  13. The Hollies - Long Cool Woman

  14. Great pianist, great tune.
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  15. My wife has a significant birthday this year and we are celebrating with a weekend in Italy with friends. I have been instructed to put together a playlist for her for the weekend that reflects her favourite music over the last XX years. I said OK, but only one track from each artist. This has proved very difficult, but rewarding. I have not yet finished but we are already approaching the five hour mark for the playlist. Boy there has been some great music produced in the last 50-60 years!
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  16. One of the most absorbing things I remember from my teenage years was doing "mix-tapes" for girlfriends, or indeed prospective ones...perhaps the mix-tape was a bit like the courtship dance of the Bird of Paradise, requiring a lot of application and skill to get a reward. But in those days one had so much less music available to go on. Putting together a playlist of the kind you are attempting would be hellishly difficult for anyone with your knowledge and appreciation of music, as I know you have.

    Have a great celebration and trip when it comes, Andrew. You'll be okay for wine, but don't forget to pack a few beers ;).
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  17. Bob Dylan and Tom Petty - Knocking on Heavens Door

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  18. Best interpreter of the Great American Songboook I’ve ever heard. Will never forget seeing the Trio at the RFH In 2011 with dinner at RSJ afterwards.
  19. The Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    The Marmalade – Reflections of My Life

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  20. Rudi,
    Great songs
    I bought both of these as singles, pretty sure they were 1970 chart successes, Marmalade were on Decca and I think the Hollies were Columbia or Parlaphone.
    Trying to resist getting Google to fill in the gaps from my memory.
    For some reason Early in the morning, by Vanity Fair comes to mind and a song called Friends by Arrival.
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  21. I can’t get enough of this man’s music at the moment.
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  22. Today I shall be mainly listening to Nick Cave in preparation for watching Distant Sky this evening.
  23. I have just stumbled upon some ancient Lutoslawski vinyl which I had long presumed lost. I'll probably have a good listen at an appropriately loud volume before braving the climate protests and heading out for 18 of Endo's finest at the Rotunda.

    Should be pretty intense.
  24. A rare day listening to “music”. Segovia playing Bach, Yessongs, Beatles Live Songs and Renaissance Scheherazade. Not ones for the achingly fashionable so I shall await a searing comment.

    Last night I went to see my son’s band, Paramnesiac, playThe Green Door Store. Great gig but smallest audience so far (30-40). The weather kept people away more than the crushing punk-metal, I’m sure.
  25. I’ve been listening to the new Chemical Brothers album.

    I am fifty years old.

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