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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Rod Smith, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Eurythmics – I Saved the World Today

  2. 7DC1913B-F9E5-4C78-8679-710E5DFAA609.jpeg So, this morning a dental checkup and a trip to the sorting office to collect a parcel, which is coincidentally close to my local indie store. So what could I do.

    Finally I have Tom’s track, though at just under £40 (my choice not to go with the big A) it’s just as well there are one or two other decent tracks ;):D.

    Rema Rema has just been released. I have the original vinyl 12” and we used to play the song of the same name as an encore sometimes. A crowd pleaser of its type. A significant lost band, though I’ve not played the cd yet.

    The vinyl is an EP Kamasi Washington did between the two LPs.
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  3. Listening to Rema Rema, the “Roses” disc is surprisingly well remastered and very good. The second disc of demos is rougher, but nice for fans.
  4. The Cinematic Orchestra - Wait For Now/Leave The World (featuring Tawiah)

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  5. Tomorrow evening I will be mainly listening to Stiff Little Fingers (supported by Eddie and the Hot Rods) at Glesga's Barrowlands. SLFs' traditional St Patrick's Day Barrowlands gig (about 30 years in a row now) has been extended to 2 days (both sold out rather quickly too).
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  6. As we are close to SPD I watched Irish Rock at the BBC. Although I seem to have missed Thin Lizzy (??) some interesting stuff along with some crap. Nice to see SLF, Pogues and Undertones.

    Then watched a fascinating documentary on Irish Show Bands, a genre I knew nothing about. Sad ending though.
  7. Ooh, Restricted Code has just come on...:D
  8. Bizarrely - listening to Nigel Blackwell from HMHB being interviewed in Welsh on Radio Cymru. Apparently his accent was thought to be Flintshire by a Caernafon resident, as opposed to other side of the Dee.
  9. Bailero from the Chants d'Auvergne - wistful and beautiful - the words are too.
  10. Victoria de Los Angeles?
  11. Yes, Jim.
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  12. The Kiri Ti Kanewa version is perhaps even better...
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  13. Alphaville - Forever Young

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  14. Okay, Rudi, i’ll see your “Forever Young” and raise you Alphaville by the Monochrome Set.
  15. Tom Cannavan

    Tom Cannavan Administrator

    3 minutes of utter gorgeousness.
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  16. The extraordinary and brilliant 'On the Corner' plus 'Someday My Price Will Come' both by Miles Davis this afternoon and a bit of Kendrick Lamar this evening.
  17. Bunch of Kunst: A Film About Sleaford Mods on Sky Arts tonight at 21:00.
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  18. Sucker for psych...
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  19. An offline in central Manchester was a good excuse the visit Vinyl Exchange and other music shops near Piccadilly. War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding and Hookworms- Hum were acquired and now providing an enjoyable Sunday soundtrack.
  20. My 12 year old daughter played me Kaleo - Way down we go. Fantastic song that prompted me to listen to their album, A/B. Best new album I’ve heard in a long time. Classic rock/blues band produced by the Kings of Leon producer. Very strongly recommend.
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  21. Absolutely love this even though not my usual type of listening.
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