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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by Rod Smith, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. Managed to see George a couple of times -in Chicago about 12 years ago and maybe 5 or so years back when he was in Manchester at the Apollo. Superb
  2. Sooooo jealous!!!! May need to drink alone...
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  3. Listened to quite a bit of Space Ritual this morning. Forgotten what it was like seeing Hawkwind as a young teenager for the first time, but playing this after not hearing it for an age kind of gave me a hint.

    Been toying with getting more Hawkwind. Any recommendations? I used to enjoy “Hall of the Mountain Grill” and “Warrior on the Edge of Time” IIR. Been so long though.
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  4. I've only just discovered Voces8 - you can find them on youtube or vimeo. Whatever type of music you like, they sing it beautifully.

    From Byrd, Gabrieli, Purcell, via Bruckner, Faure, Elgar, to Enya and this
  5. OK, this has to be treated as 2nd hand opinion, for the sake of credibility.
    I know someone whose first LP purchased was Hawkwind’s first album (sic) - gatefold sleeve.
    Space Ritual is their finest happening, maaan.
    Next best: anything pre-punk. Either of the aforementioned have merit. They’re all worth buying, even the weak Doremi.
    My late brother-in-law was a fanatic & always reckoned The Chronicle of the Black Sword was excellent.
    Rumour has it (ahem) they’re still worth going to see live, if at a nearby venue.
    Thread drift. Bob Calvert’s Captain Lockheed & the Starfighters is worth seeking out. The finest concept album (sic), which punk destroyed for ever more, thankfully.
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  6. Caught them last summer at Citadel in London. Small stage, crowd even older than me, some young members of the band but looked like at least three or four could be originals. Having never seen them before I really enjoyed their set, even if they didn't play Silver Machine :D
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  7. I have been listening to the 50th Anniversary White Album 6 disc box set. I hate when people say it should have been a single album; it's perfect, I love the rawness of it. I have always said give me more, not less! Well 6 discs is still not enough.

    I have also been listening to some early Rush albums; Fly By Night, Caress Of Steel, and 2112.
  8. I enjoyed the Esher recordings and they certainly add a lot to the evolution of the album.
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  9. Champion Jack Dupree - Alberta


  10. Should visit Okinawa soon. :D
  11. Richard Ashcroft, of Verve fame, has a new album out called Natural Rebel that isn't half bad. However, I still think Human Conditions is his best. Lots of songs about the psychological issues we all struggle with.
  12. That was Neat Neat Neat, David. Stab Your Back was accompanied by Singalongascabies on the B side. The B side of New Rose was a cover of Help - miles better than The Beatles version as far as I'm concerned :cool:
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  13. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build a Home

  14. Elliot Smith - Either/Or - something that inexplicably passed me by when it was released. What a superb album. Also lots of Sparklehorse which also passed me by back in the day.
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  15. Well, I bought Daughters and really like it. Quite experimental but not as experimental as Low’s Double Negative.

    Even more impressed with the new one from Hedvig Mollestad Trio. Like jazz rock meets King Crimson, no vocals. Only available as a package with vinyl and CD (presumably rather than a download). It really rocks, as they say.
  16. Black Sabbath - Iron Man

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  17. Very good evening with HMHB in York accompanied with some excellent locally brewed Porter. NB responding to the banter with plenty of wit as usual. The new material stacks up well on the set list with the classics.
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  18. Very good evening with HMHB in York accompanied with some excellent locally brewed Porter. NB responding to the banter with plenty of wit as usual. The new material stacks up well on the set list with the classics.
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  19. The "new" Prefab Sprout album, which is actually a reissue of an album recorded by Paddy McAloon when he was recovering from eye surgery. It is unlike any other Prefab Sprout album. Lots of lush strings and orchestral arrangements (with a few PS motifs and phrases) with a few tracks instrumental and a few with spoken words taken from listening to radio phone in shows. A beautiful album for listening to in the dark (does everyone do that or just me?!:)).
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  20. Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby McGee

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  21. Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show – Sylvia’s Mother

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  22. Radiohead - Creep

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  23. Pink Floyd – Mother

  24. An expensive trip to my audio dealer today. Listening to my current setup and then the next level amp with possible new speakers and such a big sound difference. Have signed up for the muscle upgrade and now need to select some new speakers - stand mounted reflecting the room size. The Dynaudio Contour 20 might be a bit much - will try the Special 40 and the ATC SCM11 (or 19) and see. All tof leave me with a happy smile on my face as I work my way through the many and various albums. Right now, it is Manu Chao playing Panic, Panic - one of the best bands to see live that I can recall.
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