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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Crossley, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. 'Puligny Montrachet' by Simon Loftus has recently been republished and it is available at quite cheaply - I picked up a copy on Amazon I think quite recently. Also another nod to Peter Stafford Bow. I am reading his latest book, 'Firing Blancs'. Good fun, and whilst clearly exaggerated they really quite accurately hit on the challenges faced by supermarket buyers.
  2. Just got an email re the newest addition to the Classic Wine Library series, "The Wines of South Africa" by Jim Clarke.Seriously considering it but I know many here are very much on top of the SA wine scene and may be able to answer a few questions to help me decide.

    I know nothing about Jim Clarke. Is he a good authority?
    Will he be on top of the new wave and natural wine scene as well as the classics (and new classics)? I mean I bought Skelton's book on UK wines in the same series, and also the book on Austria. Neither covered any of the new producers (I'm told Austria has made additions for its second edn). I just want an author with his or her finger on the pulse.

    I don't suppose anyone has bought and looked at this already, or has been given a Review Copy?

    Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. Drops of God editions 1 - 22 have been translated and are available free for amazon prime members. Hopefully they finish the job this time and don't leave me hanging again.
  4. Tom Cannavan

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    David, I for one have never heard of him, in either a UK or South African context, which is strange. Perhaps he is US based? Maybe someone else will know more than me.
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  5. I know him personally. He's based out of New York, and at least used to be the marketing manager for Wines of South Africa. His knowledge of wines has always come across as sound, and I imagine he would know South African wine pretty well (even though, strangely, we've never talked about SA wines on the occasions when we've met).
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  6. What's it like to read on kindle? I've enjoyed the first 2 volumes in paperback ages ago.
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  7. Works very well on kindle for me. I’m up to part 15 currently, I’m bored of Burgundy but otherwise it’s keeping me entertained.
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  8. Not sure how anyone could confuse Selosse and Billecart-Salmon!

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