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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Mansfield, May 19, 2019.

  1. That urge came upon me yesterday, but annoyingly the British clams that my fishmonger has been selling for the last several months have all increased in size and it's just not the same when they're big bruisers. Where have all the small clams gone? It was still a very tasty dish. IMG_0257.JPG
  2. I wish I could get acceptable fish around here.
  3. They've been egregiously overfished unfortunately Tom. I would hope that there are now quotas/controls that might allow them to recover as cod did.
  4. Good spot, he has, though via Broadstairs!

    I also have a pig one I like :)
  5. Similar here Richard, we had clams coming from Henderson’s and planned for spaghetti but they were far too large so we just steamed them in wine, garlic and shallots as a starter and grilled 2 spankingly fresh sole instead
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  6. bizarrely one of the benefits of this crisis is that a lot of fish stocks may well come back stronger, especially things like Scallops etc.
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  7. Having been mostly vegan for the last 4-5 years. I don't miss meat one bit, but I do miss fish and seafood, and I do occasionally allow myself to indulge, especially if on holiday. I was re watching Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli's Sicily Unpacked the other day, and found myself almost drooling at the pasta con le sarde!
  8. Not sure if it's that episode but that series pushed us to start going to Sicily in general and Da Vittorio in particular, for the last 5/6 years. Vittorio is the pony tailed chef with his shirt off and his place is supposedly Giorgio's favourite restaurant. Superb seafood, a good list, newly refurbished rooms and right on the beach at Porto Palo di Menfi for dips in the Med before breakfast! The Spaghetti con Ricci di Mare is the first thing I order.
  9. Such a great series, yes it was that episode. Does Vittorio's place still not have a written menu? Planning a Sicily trip next year if the COVID crisis has passed.
  10. Tian of asparagus mousse with crab and brown shrimp . Two beautiful (favourite) ingredients but am not convinced they are in harmony 7861CDE9-18AC-4737-B306-B667D1A90773.jpeg
  11. It does have a written menu but often best to ask what's best at first. So many highlights, but the raw red prawns, Gamberi rossi di Mazara, the carpaccios of tuna and swordfish, the fried sardines with raisins, pine nuts with a sharp vinegar dressing stand out just in the antipasti. We were due to arrive there next week for four nights followed by three nights in Randazzo, North Etna slopes. :(
  12. Bought some spider crabs from Budleigh Beach this morning. Very excited as they’re the first I’ve managed to snaffle for a few months. Question now is what wine to open.
  13. Intersting conversation with our local fishmonger in Deal this morning after a bag of sensational Clams last weekend, which sufficed for a seafood Paella on Saturday and then a chorizo, chick pea, tomato and clam starter on Sunday. They were the best we'd had in the UK (from Brixham, close to JB land, in fact), big, delicious, with large double valves protruding from the shell pre-cooking, just like the ones we buy in Portugal or Italy. Lo and behold, these clams are usually exported to Italy; more and other fab live shellfish due in this weekend. Every cloud...
  14. Taking back control of our clams
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  15. 67413479-A835-44E5-9152-301C6C9D7356.jpeg B037EE36-FFC9-44F7-A27A-0E319D7B62F3.png Some idea from these pics
  16. I'm a bit concerned you were on a call to your 3 wifes :D:p
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  17. Harrumph! not a lot of Neptune's bounty around here.
  18. Ah Jim you've reminded me of these stunning red prawns that we enjoyed at this unassuming place on Santorini! :D

    3002.jpg 3000.jpg
  19. Size isn't everything Andrew! :D

    In pure numerical terms I count 2 on your plate and 50 or so on mine! :p Yours do look tasty though
  20. 106ABA16-8237-4B51-B76A-66E3A98A9EC6.jpeg A couple of bags of these clams this morning from The Dorset Shellfish Company. Different source from last week. Spaghetti con Vongole tonight so fingers crossed they’re as good!
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  21. I can just about console myself with the thought that I prefer tiny clams with my spaghetti. I make do with Spaghetti senza Vongole- oil, garlic, fresh red chilli, white wine and a cloud of chopped parsley. It's not, of course, as good but it does serve as a reminder.
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  22. Almost exactly the ingredients I use for mine con Vongole, just a hint few scrapes of lemon zest as well. Time to get my 2019 olive oil from Andrea’s out, I think.
    We sometimes get those tiny, almost Rhomboid clams at our local Moxon’s and although authentic, I’d take the large Portuguese/Italian ones from last week pretty much every time!

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