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Discussion in 'UK Wine Forum' started by David Mansfield, May 19, 2019.

  1. Never actually thought about it before Jim, tend to go for mussels when buying bivalves in UK though.
  2. Sometimes a distinct urge for Spaghetti con Vongole takes over me! Mussels, wonderful as they can be, just don’t it on those occasions.
  3. It's a great dish, I try to make it here with the wide array of clams on offer.

    Butter or no butter though is a good question.
  4. Oooh, good one. Olive oil, no butter for me but happy to be persuaded otherwise. I happen to have some Beppino Occelli in the fridge too!
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  5. I really quite like it myself - but alongside not in place
    of olive oil.

    On some days without might also be the ticket! :)
  6. Any advice on how I could cook a smallish brill? Feel like some new ideas with this fish...
  7. Small fish to bake whole can be tricky , not much leeway on tim8ngs. I’d be tempted to filet it and
    Pan fry them.
  8. Thanks, David - filleting's out with my knife, though!
  9. I know what you mean about spaghetti con vongole. I did once have a superlative rendition of spaghetti with mussels at Corona Trattoria in Palermo but haven’t been able to replicate it successfully at home, possibly because their mussels were so good.
  10. True, but it is very easy to grill or fry whole small flatfish and the fillets tend to be disappointingly small. I tend always to feel that it is lese-majeste to fillet a fish given the choice, whole fish being my favourite thing to eat.
  11. This is why I like A whole skate so much. Flash fry either side and finish off in the oven.
  12. I eat it so rarely that I invariably poach it in vinegared court bouillon and finish with brown butter and capers. It has been several years, though, I don't know whether because a once cheap fish has become expensive or that it seems to be a threatened species.
  13. Thanks :) Looks like I may try pan-frying it whole - though probably won't need finishing in oven given the shape? Maybe about 5 mins each side?
  14. Any recommendations from the fish experts for cooking whiting?
  15. En Colere, just for fun and tradition's sake! Otherwise any way one cooks any other white fish, it can be very good indeed. If you have fillets from a decent sized fish they are terrific done a la meuniere. A whole fish is very nice steamed with ginger and dressed with spring onion, boiling oil and soy sauce in the cantonese manner.
    Not that I am a fish expert, though I want to be, I would eat fish every day if it weren't so difficult to get the good stuff.
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  16. Thanks Tom - I’ve only once had the whiting en colere and that was all the way back at university. I do remember it as delicious and striking particularly because it was served at breakfast!
  17. 31483292-125B-4EA2-AB33-124C76678D9E.jpeg 6FCF81AF-8D1F-4058-8B19-6D09A3586049.jpeg AD67E8D7-3289-4FCB-92FC-2C69C17DF777.jpeg Some amazing Sea Bass being landed currently - 4-6 Kg size fish and being sold as cheaply as £12kg. This dish by Nathan Outlaw is very worthy for fish of this quality. AD67E8D7-3289-4FCB-92FC-2C69C17DF777.jpeg
  18. Boy do I wish I lived in Aldeburgh during these times!
  19. I notice no-one has put any fishmongers in the independent food suppliers thread
  20. I thought I put Marrfish in. If not, I shall do!
  21. 6kg - wow. I’ve never seen a sea bass that big. I think 4kg is about the largest I’ve had. Big ones are wonderful. We can get wild ones up here, at over twice the price of farmed and well worth the extra, but rarely over 2kg, and not of the freshness of yours. It’s only when I go to a fishing port that I ever see properly big ones.
  22. indeed, bass used to be used for pot bait 40 years ago not really a commercial fish apart from Chinese buyers.
    Very rewarding , but a very short season. The ban only ended at the end of March, the big ones are about
    4 weeks mid April- May. Knowbody knows why, least of all the fishermen. The smaller bass then return ,Still it’s back to big Dover soles After this.
    The fish market is upside down at best fragmented currently. The boats here only have a third of their crab pots
    In , no restaurants or passing traffic. Lots of boats tied up around the country.

    if anyone is lucky enough to live in Chelsea, Rex Goldsmitth Cale st) always has a fine counter, but is being supplied with these Bass currently.
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  23. So how should one within striking distance of the East coast best get hold of such a beastie?
  24. 14E83986-B64A-4678-96A5-07962E6F8696.jpeg

    As I can only look on at all the lovely meat arriving from On the Pass I will have to make do with a few
    kilos of fresh blue crab. Delicious today.
  25. Good to see different produce ! I see Richard Bramble has made it to the Far East !
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