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  1. The livers are indeed lovely - a tip I picked up from Elizabeth David's French Provincial Cooking all those years ago. I've never heard it suggested that the rest of the guts should also be left in.
  2. EAFE26DB-08BB-42B5-88CC-226D19C099EF.jpeg 4kg Turbot- incredibly fresh - the gills are so red.
    I won’t be letting this age.....
  3. 58D55444-8A0A-4526-A8DF-1BB8F408F163.jpeg 4kg Halibut 2/3 the price of Turbot per KG
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  4. image.jpg Grand cock crabs will be paired with some v good white burgundy
  5. 74ABA32F-3205-4669-97F4-97B009041EE7.jpeg Live langoustines sent direct from the boat (Scotland) . Tails poached for 60 seconds and then tempura batter (tomorrow)
  6. Aldeburgh tomorrow. I’m bringing some bread and some Coteaux du Vernon.

    What’s the plan for the halibut?
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  7. David - this is exceptional work. I am drooling as I type!
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  8. jeez david, how many are you feeding????
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  9. Love a kipper for breakfast. Fantastic quality from Swallow fish , Seahouses Northumberland 886C7107-A835-4F44-BE94-D72FD6D93A0B.jpeg
  10. 40DBBB4F-BB80-4CD1-A164-5D46C4EDE9D8.jpeg D3CF9375-FEAE-41B5-AD27-000FF4231447.jpeg D3CF9375-FEAE-41B5-AD27-000FF4231447.jpeg 4kg Turbot baked whole with a sublime white wine cream shrimp sauce and croquette- by resident 80 year old chef Escoffier
  11. In my desperate desire for spaghetti alle vongole last night I bought some over-sized clams (against my better judgment) from the local fishmonger. They were disappointingly tasteless and chewy. I will wait until they have the smaller ones next time. Interestingly autocorrect changed vongole to congolese and that's about really how it tasted.
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  12. CC7E5FA2-2282-48BD-88CE-743F64B2A0AE.jpeg After eating the best clams from Northern Spain and from the Algarve, I find all British clams totally underwhelming- small miserable little creatures without those wonderful feet/legs? protruding from the shell and that intense clammy flavour( if you’ll excuse the expression), like the ones in the pic from Kaia Kepe couple of years ago. Can we get these in the UK? Are they an Iberian specific species?
  13. They do look VERY good Jim. Normally, the small British clams I buy are pretty tasty.
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  14. I agree with Richard, the small ones are both delicious and correct for spaghetti when one finds them, which seems increasingly less often. Cockles make a quite delicious dish too if one can find them alive.
  15. So where do you get these things? I've discovered I'm only an hour and a half from Aldeburgh now...
  16. Does anyone have recommendations for a good fishmonger in North London, particularly around Belsize Park and Hampstead?
  17. Our local Moxon’s( I know you’re not a massive fan) had both live clams and cockles last weekend. I bought the clams for a seafood pasta dish but after hours of rinsing out the sand with repeated changes of salty water, ended up with the rather miserable things I mentioned.
    Maybe I should try the cockles next time? They also get the little, almost triangular shaped live clams occasionally, which they’ve mentioned are traditional for Spaghetti con Vongole. Thoughts on this type?
  18. The one I used to use was Steve Hatt on Essex Road. Not that convenient for Belsize Park, it must be said!
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  19. Hampstead Seafoods on Hampstead High Street. It's basically a small seafood shack down a small alleyway between Waterstones and the Post Office. Quality is good here
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  20. I have become much more convinced recently, Jim, having had some really excellent fish from their South Kensington branch. My issue remains with some of their buying as clearly illustrated by your tale.
  21. Hi Jim,

    the structures you are referring to are two siphons, one for taking in water for filtering out suspended food particles as well as for breathing (both functions performed by paired gills) and the other for returning the filtered and deoxygenated water out from the shell again. You normally only find these siphons well developed in species that live buried in the bottom substrate. They differ in length between species depending on how deep into the substrate they normally live to be able to access clean water from the safety of their burrows.

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  22. Lovely info thanks Oskar, good to know. Have you seen any as in my picture, here in the UK?

  23. You won’t get Turbot in Aldeburgh, last one caught here was September !
    It’s fantastic here for soles, skate , crab lobster, May -November, winter is cod herring and Sprats. Sporadic bass.

    the fishingmonger in Essex Road is one of the best in the country , not the standard of which is quite frankly poor.
  24. Thank you for the recommendation. Had been thinking about trying HS (and will now!) having shopped at and liked Meat Naturally, the butcher next door.

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