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  1. Still agonising on whether I should do Sauce au Champagne or Sorrel (from the garden) sauce...
    The artichokes will be eaten raw though with olive oil, lemon rind and juice.
  2. I go to him rarely but had some amazing fish from Steve Hatt. One of the last things I cooked for my dear old dad was a whole sewin (his favourite fish)!from there which was altogether more memorable than the fairly senior Sancerre we had with it.
  3. The former surely?
  4. I don't really buy seafood in London because it's generally mediocre at the retail level, yet one will generally have much better odds at Chelsea Fishmonger than Steve Hatt or Moxon's.
  5. It's a lot worse than mediocre, Tom, but you are unfair to Hatt and Moxon's, I think, there is always something good to buy at both, though admittedly not always that much choice. Sadly, though, even supermarket fish on mainland Europe can be quite a lot better.
  6. [QUOTE="Thom Blach, post: 161473, member: 57 Sadly, though, even supermarket fish on mainland Europe can be quite a lot better.[/QUOTE]
    Sadly? Not when we stay in Burgundy! We are always pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fish, despite the distances it has to be transported. Ultimately, French supermarket shoppers are more demanding.
  7. Sadly for us left here, Mark!
  8. I've virtually given up on buying seafood in London as I can rarely find anything suitable. To be fair, haven't been by Hatt in years but I usually walk into Moxon's N1 shop and walk right out empty handed unless it is winter and they have Whitstable natives in. Chelsea Fishmonger is definitely better than the other two, but I rarely find myself in Chelsea and otherwise hold off buying seafood until we are back in San Sebastian, where there is one particularly excellent fishmonger.

    In 100+ Moxon's visits, can honestly say I have never seen a squid, langoustine, salmon, sole, or tuna I would buy. Could be worse, I lived in Toronto most of my life and even its best fishmongers would struggle to best Waitrose in London, sad but true.
  9. I loved my little fishmonger (big business small shop) in Broadstairs and the mix of local stuff and then brought in wider was top drawer.

    He got me anything i ever wanted with a couple days notice and i especially liked that he not only charged the same for sole/brill/turbot (11-12 per kilo) there was no surcharge for bigger fish so i regularly had 3kg turbot for about £35.

    He nearly threw me out the first time i went in the shop, took about 18 months to get a smile and meets me with an 'alright?' in my annual pilgrimage. But I think he likes me really. I think. :)
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  10. It could easily be that the SW7 branch is better with its cosmopolitan and very affluent clientele. I've seen good examples of all those at various times.
  11. Harrods fish counter remains excellent, if spectacularly priced!
  12. Although, last time I went, it was a shadow of its former self.

    There is an excellent fishmonger in Clitheroe, Wellgate Fisheries.
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  13. Sadly I don’t live nearer to Port Issac which has always given me outstandingly fresh fish. Birmingham fish market ironically is very good if you know which stalls to visit.
  14. Well I live only a couple of miles from the sea but struggle to get good fresh fish. The fishmongers in Southampton (those that are left) do not seem to have very good quality fish. The best in the area is probably a fish counter in a deli in the Test Valley, good quality, but very small selection.
  15. 8438897A-44A6-4A34-8FBF-CB9E186435B5.jpeg You can always visit Sri Lanka
  16. 687C2CB8-7961-4DFD-ACF2-B28BBC0A6221.jpeg FC791D36-4082-422C-BA01-6010FC57C55F.jpeg And if you are in Birmingham I can highly recommend Gaijin Sushi whose fish is sourced globally
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  17. 98CC2B23-AAF8-4DF8-B567-2FB695FB6F7D.jpeg And there is of course Araki!
  18. Lunch at La Residencia in Deia, Majorca this weekend - octopus and mash with a glass of Paco y Lola Albariño.

  19. I like the way this thread is going, disdain from the cognoscenti, food porn in photographic form and a list of possible suspects.....

    ..all we need now is recipes from the participants and some cooking techniques from Il Maestro!
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  20. I'm still trying to work this out, even after three years of access to Dovers landed an hour earlier. It seems to me that the trick to cooking them when they are very fresh might be to cook them to a higher temperature. Doing them 'medium rare' really doesn't seem to work most of the time but there are other variables at play.
  21. I lived in Amsterdam for a few years a while back. It always amazed me that a city on the edge of the North Sea, with a seafaring history had virtually nothing in the way of good fish at a retail level. Well except for Haring which was usually in good shape. They practically live in the sea......

    My parents live in Ballina in Australia. This town is famous for its prawning industry. So much so that in the Australian vernacular it (well until recently) had a giant concrete prawn as the symbol of the town. Last time I visited the seafood shops (the locals never refer to them as fishmongers) had only frozen prawns from Thailand for sale.
  22. Obviously never see them that fresh. Might have had some that came from Billingsgate an hour earlier!

    I have had them with rigor mortis a few times and the general rule seems to be that they need time to “mature” (mainly in order to be able to skin them I think). I presume that prior to the onset of rigor they should/would be better still? Or perhaps simply “different”....
  23. The skinning thing may be correct Mark as we tried to buy some spankingly fresh Sole from Loulé market recently and the guy refused to skin them for us, much to our bemusement. We bought Bass!
  24. It's the milkiness of the flesh in flatfish that is too freshly landed that is troublesome, Mark, it doesn't really set properly.
  25. Just back from a walking holiday in Lazio and Umbria, where fish is not prominent in restaurants. But on the shores of Lake Bolsena we had 3 courses of nothing but freshwater fish from the lake, of which the perch was memorable. And a superb cod dish at Vinovus in Orvieto, where we sheltered from the pouring rain.

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