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  1. NB re lobster South Coast Fisheries were selling 700g lobster at £15. I have bought quite a few recently.
  2. Very good. I've no idea what my actual mileage ended up as - everyone else did 37 but I had 3 loops of Exmouth on top after losing the family!
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  3. Hmmm. I’ve forgotten. As I do most things.

    I had to be reminded how to sex a crab this morning. Hilariously those in the trade just weigh em up in their hands anyway.

    A really lovely cock crab today. Brown meat went into a pre-existing tomato sauce and was served with some beautiful linguine for lunch. The white was divided into shell/legs and claw and served with a very thinned mayo (with a touch of Tabasco mixed in for the shell/leg) with baby tomatoes and buratta as a starter.

    Managed to bag a beautiful 1.5kg Dory. The carcass made into stock, reduced and mixed with cream, tarragon and skinned/deseeded chopped tomato and served with new potatoes and asparagus.

    8FCA6321-5158-4436-A699-5CB5287D00D9.jpeg 79844F5F-8191-4389-AEAA-AAFEEB88F894.jpeg

    Not very often I go for a restaurant style dish, but Saturday night is an occasional exception. From the photographs you can see why....

    Oh, wine was Gonon St Jo Blanc 2014. Nice match. Ready to go.
  4. Poor photo - apologies. Made a couple of the mackerel in to a tartare in the end too. Dill, chives, lemon juice, s&p, mustard. Lovely delicate fish when it's this fresh. My sister (who hates fish) even tried some and deemed it passable...
  5. You're making me homesick for Broadstairs Jim.

    Chandler and Dunn for Beef?

    And where did you 'score' the Asparagus?
  6. Beef is from Chilli Farm at Coldred via Lizzy at The Black Pig Butchers in Deal, who is magnificent, and the asparagus were from Macknade’s in Faversham, a wonderful mini food supermarket with the highest quality local produce but also brands such as Ortiz, Felicetti Pasta, Brindisa etc, so a great place for our weekly, main shop. I have used C&D in the past but Lizzy is better and three minutes walk from our house, one minute more than our fishmongers! Feeling very fortunate.
  7. Deus ex Macknade, Jim? Loved popping in there more regularly when the in-laws were in Faversham... They're hardly far away in Whitstable now but probably haven't set foot there in 5 years... :(

    Randomly recall it was one of the few places I've ever seen mushroom stock.
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  8. The other place we use for wonderful, local produce is The Goods Shed at Canterbury West station. Excellent butchery, fish, fruit &veg, cheese, wine and traiteur type stalls on the ground floor, with (normally) a very good restaurant using 95% ingredients from the shop, on a mezzanine level above.
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  9. The Garden of England :)
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  10. 49C7F79C-7352-4B19-94F8-88B0D19164A7.jpeg Unsung hero of the pescatarian world, the humble Kipper on our outside electric grill for breakfast today. These ones are from Loch Fyne but our fishmonger gets Manx ones too, slightly smaller and saltier, both lovely.
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  11. A summer treat for us Jim.

    Like you, on the outdoor grill only.....
  12. B2CCD1D1-3741-4632-8F46-195B7B323D0D.jpeg The neighbours aren’t too impressed but keeps SWMBO happy!
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  13. They’re just jealous Jim.
  14. I "scored" a 2.3 kg turbot today. When chatting with the fish guy, he said that the fishermen had somehow stopped catching the stuff that only restaurants are prepared to pay big money for (eg. John Dory). This looked good to me, though...
  15. That hake looks nice too Alex - with a nice bright eye.
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  16. Where do you find fish like that in Cambridgeshire Alex? My girlfriend lives in Cambridge and can’t find decent fish anywhere!
  17. Saffron Walden - Saffron Fish Co.
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  18. Visiting the Isle of Man a couple of years ago was interested to find the fish were all landed in Scotland, though processed on the Isle of Man...
    Best kippers I had recently were from Craster - bought direct while I was in the area.
  19. 040ABB8F-3C20-4048-93E2-350EEB935D81.jpeg Lovely wild Sea Trout this morning at our local fishmonger, just under 4lb gutted weight so should feed the six of us with plenty of Hollandaise!
  20. Nice one Jim. A regular summer treat for us.

    I normally poach such a fish in court bouillon. Bring up to simmer, insert fish, turn off gas, wait 14-16 minutes according to size, drain and hey presto. I go with the Hollandaise option too.

    Last of the asparagus and some new potatoes.....

    White Rhône to accompany?
  21. Definitely Jersy Royals and asparagus but as the kids, plus partners (all dustbins) are with us, probably stick to the half case of Sancerre rose in the fridge!
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  22. What a pleasure it is to cook for dustbins!
  23. Its their mysterious ability to be empty when they should be full that confounds me.
  24. Last night I made a very large pie filled with guinea fowl leftovers, reconstituted cep, mushrooms, onion and potato with a gravy made from the game stock. Topped by massive wodge of puff pastry that I’d made previously and frozen. A full third of this pie was served to each with a steaming pile of spinach.

    As we manfully struggled through this the Dustbin had consumed his third and the spinach and was up and away assembling “second dinner”. He returned with a pile of almonds, half a goat’s cheese, some pretzels, apple pieces, salt and vinegar peanuts and three slices of my bread thereby filling a large plate to the edges. This currently counts as normal behaviour at lunch and dinner. Breakfast is consumed bleary eyed and with resentment.
  25. Lockdown continues to drag out North of the border but one bright spot is the fact that our local fisherman cannot access their usual markets in Spain and France.
    Result is 2kgs of these beauties off the night boat in Pittenweem delivered to our door at 8.00am this morning for £12/kg. We also have one of the lobster boats in St Andrews taking orders on Facebook and you collect from the harbour at £10/lobster - £2 of which goes to the Seaman's Mission.
    It would be great if this continued even when their normal markets re-open.
    Oh and just to be clear these are fantastic!

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